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pink candle

Many warm greetings to you all as we embark upon the energies of the Wesak Full Moon.  The energies are extremely high at this point with the acknowledgement of the Divine Mother on the Sunday, what you call your Mothers’ Day, and now with these even more refined energies presented with this full moon we move into an absolving stage.

All that you thought you were, all that you think you are, is nothing in comparison to all that you truly are.  The Divine light that shines within all of you is becoming more noticeable as the lower vibrational energies are transmuted from the core of your beings.  The belief structures that have held you in place for so long are being transmuted in the highest and best way thanks to the Divine Violet Flame of transmutation.

The planetary transmutation of energies that are out of alignment with the Divine I AM within all of you and within the planet herself is occurring now, and has been for some time.  It is important to note that because of the intensities of these energies you may be experiencing certain shifts within your energy fields.  This is appropriate and it is for you to connect with your higher Divine I AM presence and assist in the cleansing of these energies.  Each and every one of you will be experiencing this to some degree.  Depending upon ones willingness to change,, one will move into a higher vibrational frequency.  This will be in alignment with the ascension into 5th dimensional lightbody.

Be mindful that some are unaware of that which is occurring and so it is we must assist those that are not yet in alignment with these awakening energies.  It is for you, lightworker, to guide others to that which may help them to understand what it is they are experiencing.  There are some that will choose to put their head in the sand and so it is that that is appropriate for them.  Many upon the planet may choose this option and it is for all to allow them to experience this how they so choose.  It is the planet of free will and that is what makes this process so special.

All have the right to choose or not to choose how they respond or react to these higher vibrational frequencies.  All will receive them, it is how they respond to them that remains their free choice.

The impact the Divine Feminine energies of Mothers’ Day had upon your planet has been incredible to say the least.  More and more of you are beginning to feel the ignition of the Divine Feminine light within.  It is as a soft glowing candle burning ever so gently and slowly awakening within the remembrance of your birthright.  Claim this Divine energy for it is your birthright.   Feel the love and the warmth of this ever so gentle candle and when others seem to be having a rough day be willing to pass the light of your candle on to them.

This candle, once ignited will never go out.  It may dim a little if that is what you choose, however, it will remain glowing and no amount of wind, no amount of stormy seas will put that candle out.    Breathing in the energy of the Divine Mother will enlarge the flame and with every breath it will glow a little brighter.  It is as if it fills your chest to the brim with love so grand that one feels as if one could pop like a balloon.

With the energies of the Divine Feminine, Divine Mother, comes a balance of Father/Mother God within.  It is this balance you seek and so it is now time for you to claim this balance.  What a beautiful time for all upon Earth.  You have all been preparing for these times for many sojourns.  The culmination of these experiences lie in these coming times.  It is a time to celebrate for there will be much love, much compassion, much joy, peace and tolerance shared by all.

Steps are being followed that will enable much change to occur in regards to alignment with the higher aspect of yourself, your Divine I Am.  There will be, in the coming days, an opportunity to connect more deeply with you.  This is not to be feared.  This is to be celebrated and we ask that each of you look within and ask if there is fear there, for if there is, now is the time to transmute this with the Divine Violet Flame of transmutation.  It is your gift to you.

Remain open to receive these energies and know that you are not alone.  You are bathed in these higher light frequencies, a perfect time for that which can be transmuted to be illuminated.  You have the free choice to do with that which is illuminated how you wish.  Trust and know that you have assistance with this and assistance will be given should you ask for it.

We thank you for the work you do and we ask that you feel, truly feel that you are never alone.  We await the call to be of assistance.  We have so much love for all of humanity for to place yourself in this density of duality has been an extremely difficult time.  Imagine, if you will, that there is a firefly, an insect that illuminates a beautiful light from its being, and that all of a sudden it loses its light.  It would feel it was all alone in the dark.  This is how many of you feel when you step down your vibrations to walk upon this planet of duality.  As Earth is now moving into 5th dimensional lightbody this feeling of being alone, separated and in the dark is being lifted.  Feel this and know this to be true.  You have so much support and love.  Trust in this.

And so it is.


Fiona M White, 2014. We offer these messages as a gift to be shared freely with copyright credit, without alterations and reference made to © All Rights Reserved 2014.