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water-256198_640 The question we have for you all is “Do you understand the concept of integration?”, the integration of the self with the self.  This is a process in which many are experiencing in higher patterns.  To understand “integration” one must first comprehend what is meant by this.  “Integration” is the bringing together of the pieces and parts of oneself into the whole.  The whole of one’s self is  balanced aspects of all pieces and parts.  It is this balance that you must strive to attain.

Balance is key to the process of integration.  By being balanced in mind, body and soul one is then able to allow the melding of the higher vibrational aspects of the self to interplay with the self that walks upon the Earth in the physical.  You have all heard that balance is a state of being.  This being said is much easier than being understood.  It is the process of being balanced that some are finding difficult.

Many of us are tired of being told that balance is required when you are doing everything necessary to balance and yet you feel as though you are not achieving your desired outcome.  Balance is being able to release all that no longer represents who you are, who you are becoming.  In this sense we speak of who you are as the true authentic self and who you are becoming as the integrated physical, emotional, mental you with the true authentic you.  Many have been working diligently on releasing these no longer needed pieces and parts of the self only to find they keep popping up.  Why is it that this is occurring?

Dear ones to release something is to let it go for all time and between time.  We use these references to time for your linear mind benefit.  There is no time in the sense we speak of, however, in order for you to understand, it is to release something in its entirety for ever.  There are many reasons why one is unable to release something completely and these are varied depending upon the person’s beliefs and limiting structures.  Ones fear of lack may be reason enough to find it difficult to completely release.  There are many reasons dear ones that you are unable to release these pieces and parts that no longer serve you.

We must be mindful not to re-lease these pieces and parts of the self.  To define lease – it is the contract giving possession of something for a definite period in return for a valued amount.  When you value that which you attempt to release, when you feel it serves you, you may very well re-lease it.  It is important to discern if that is the case because all the work you do releasing something may be in vain if you contractually choose to re-lease it because of its value to you.

This has been difficult for many to see.  One must ask if it truly is something you are lovingly and willingly able to release before releasing it.  If one finds they are unable to answer that with a definite ‘yes I am willing to release it’ then one must look deeper to find the reason you place value in it.

There are no words to describe the feelings one will have when one is freed from the lease/s they have agreed to.  Liberation is the result dear ones.

Balance is inevitable when you are freed from contracts and limiting structures.  Balance then allows for the integration of the self with the self.  Again it is difficult to grasp the concept of the self with the self.  You choose to come to this beautiful planet to experience an expression of the self.  You have been here before, some many, many times.  In each expression you have your desire is to reunite the self with the self.  It may take many lives to actually succeed in doing this or it may take few.

Never before has humanity had the opportunity it has now.  Never before have the energies upon the planet allowed for you to integrate with such ease.  The energies raising the planet into fifth dimension crystalline light body is enabling you all to release the miscreations of the illusory self with ease and Grace.  It is these energies that are refining your bodies, that are refining your crystalline light structure, allowing for the density of the old energy to dissolve.

If we talk quantum physics how many would truly understand and grasp the quantumness in the physics.  It is much easier for you to grasp that your consciousness is quantum.  To define quantum – a quantity or amount , discrete quantities of energy of electromagnetic radiation – and so on.  In simple terms we could say that your consciousness is energy of such proportions it is vast.

When one is able to tap into the vastness of the energy of their consciousness one is reunited with the wholeness of who they are.  They are quantum, they are vast. This energy is allowing you all to integrate the vastness of the you you are when you haven’t stepped down in vibration to experience life in the expression that you are in here on Earth.  Bridging what you have felt is a gap between yourself and your true authentic self is what you have come here to do.  There is no gap dear ones.  There is a momentary lapse in your conscious understanding of it.  How can there be gaps when we are all connected to the Divine Source of All That Is?  How can there be a lapse in conscious understanding when your consciousness is quantum and vast?

Grasp what is being said here today.  How can you bridge the perceived gap.  What is it you need to do to walk the bridge to greet the true you?  Not only will you find yourself standing on the other side of the bridge with open arms you will find many standing behind you awaiting your return and you will be greeted with open arms, to hold you and to share love.  It will be a memorable reunion. This reunion is imminent for those that choose it.  It will happen and it will happen in the most appropriate way and moment for you.

You are all unique and each and every one of you will experience this in your own light.    The illumination of your divine light is for you to see.  We already see the light of who you truly are.  We are in awe of the light of your transcendental self.  You will be too.

With open arms many await to greet you on the other side of the bridge if you choose to walk across it.  I

And so it is…


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