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Many are very despondent in these times for time is speeding up as you know.  Those of you who are aware that time itself is changing are a little more understanding.  Those that are not aware are finding themselves a little out of kilter.  It is for those in the know to assist those that are not.  Explain to them that as the Earth ascends and moves into the higher dimensional frequencies, time itself is beginning to drop away.  Time was necessary in the 3 dimensional illusion that you have been living.  It is now time to realise that this is just that, an illusion.

As Earth moves into these higher frequencies, your perception of time will alter dramatically.  You will find yourself not having enough time, then, suddenly having too much time on your hands.  You are the creator of your reality and you are able to choose how long, or how little time something should take.  Be assured that you are able to firmly create and manifest into form that which you desire.  You are Co-Creator Gods and for so many aeons of time you have chosen to step down out of that reality into this 3 dimensional reality upon Earth.  As Co-Creator Gods it is time now to connect with those higher aspects of self and create that which you desire in your life.

Many are withstanding much turmoil in their lives.  Learn to balance and align the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies bringing them into light.  With this balance comes peace within and it is from this position that one is able to connect more fully with the Christ Oversoul Self.

Balance is the key to moving into higher levels of love and light.  When you are able to unburden yourselves of all the limiting structures you have placed before you, you will find that balance occurs with ease and Grace.  Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of self is the absolute gateway to union of self.  It is as a portal home so to speak.  When one steps into this divine union one can truly be at one with all.

There is much confusion over how to balance the masculine and feminine aspects.  There is much misunderstanding of what this actually means.  It is important to remember that you already know how to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of self as you have done it before, many times.  It is the willingness to surrender the ego and to connect more fully with your soul aspect and live each day connected with the soul.  When this is done and you are in alignment with your oversoul self, you align more fully with your Christos oversoul self and your I Am presence.  The intent to balance the masculine and feminine is all that is required to get the ball rolling so to speak.

For too long now the Divine Feminine within has been overshadowed by the masculine energies.  It is time now to allow the Divine Feminine to shine from within and as you do ask that they, the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies be brought into balance.  You, your higher self, know what to do from here.  Trust in the process of this and allow this to happen.

Acknowledge that you are a vast multidimensional being and you are here on earth to bring this into your physical form.  Many upon the planet are starting to feel these multidimensional frequencies within.  Many are starting to get glimpses of the multidimensional realities they are currently residing within.  Those that choose to connect with the vastness of light that you are will begin to receive the gifts of love from your self.

You are never alone.  You are never apart or separated from Source.  You are loved, always were and always will be.  For all of humanity is gifted with ability to remember who they are.  With your intent to remember, it shall be so.

And so it is.

Fiona M White, 2014. We offer these messages as a gift to be shared freely with copyright credit, without alterations and reference made to © All Rights Reserved 2014.