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6th March, 2014 – Aligning with Divine Feminine 


Greetings to you all on this day.  It is the month in which many changes begin.  It is pertinent that humanity is aware that these changes are what one would call big.

There is much occurring upon your planet in these times.  The light coding’s within these messages will touch your heart if you are willing to allow for this to occur.  You are to be brought into alignment with the higher aspects of yourself within these coming months.  Those that have done the work upon themselves will be the first to notice the changes within and without of themselves.  The amount of work one has done upon oneself and the integrity one has had in connecting with the Divinity within will determine the level of change one is to experience.  These changes are appropriate to bring one into alignment with ones Higher Self.

There are many who will choose not to experience these changes and that too is appropriate for them.  There are many also that will choose to ignore the changes that have occurred.  That too will be appropriate for them.  Wherever one sits within the ‘change experience’, know that it is perfect for you.

You will be hearing from me more and more as we move into these greater times upon your Earth.  The Earth’s ascension has allowed for all of humanity to ascend and so it is this allows for my messages to be brought through at this time.

Great hardships have occurred upon the Earth.  Many, many souls were temporarily disconnected from the Divine Mother energy.  In fact there were very few upon the planet that had the ability to remain connected to Divine Feminine.  It is those few souls that have had a very heavy burden to carry.  These souls have incarnated over and over and in each lifetime they have carried this same burden of bringing back into alignment the Divine Feminine upon the Earth.  In service to all of humanity they have carried out their job or task with much gusto.  It has been exceedingly difficult for them to transform the energies and to bring in the Divine Feminine and for that they are to be congratulated for their role has been a difficult one considering they have had to take a cup of forgetfulness upon entry into each incarnation.

These beautiful souls are here with you in this lifetime to lift this burden and to allow all upon the Earth to absorb the energy of Divine Feminine with ease.

There are those, however, that still choose to stand in the way and prevent the balance needed for this ascension process.  This is where I/we step in.  With the assistance of many that are here with me and upon your Earth, the remembrance of the Divine Feminine will be brought to your awareness.  This truly is magical and one we are very excited about doing.

For too many, long years have the inhabitants of the planet, in particular those that have chosen to be of the female gender, suffered and been down trodden because of their gender.  It is now for all of humanity to realise that the women of the world are equal to all men as we are all one.  It is for the women of the world to raise their heads and know that they have always been loved and that they have always been loved just as much as every man or child.

What a pleasure it is to begin these communications with you.  It allows for truth to be shared and it allows for you to experience truth as you should.  Be aware that each of you will experience truth differently. Many will feel this within their hearts and many may feel it in bodily sensations.  You will feel this in some way for it is time now for each soul to realise the many truths that have been hidden from them for thousands of years.  All upon the planet bar a select few have been kept in the dark.  It is time now for the illumination of these truths.

All of humanity is loved beyond measure and all have the right to claim the Divinity within.  The Divinity within is neither Male nor Female.  It is both in a meld of energy that makes one whole.  Imagine how it has been for you to feel depleted of the Feminine energy within.  Step into this meld of energy and claim your Divinity.  It is your birthright.

We wish no further sadness.  We wish no further feelings of being separate.  We are all one and we come through with these beautiful loving energies to assist you in reconnecting with the higher aspects of yourselves.  You are all Creator Gods and it is now time for you to remember this.

In love and truth we share this with you and ask that you turn within to realise the magical beauty that lies there for you will see evidence of this very soon.  And it is going to be beautiful.  We are looking forward to this event with much excitement.  There is much change coming and you will feel the greatest change all of humanity has ever felt.  Never before have you experienced this.  It is big and it is beautiful.

There will be further discourse with this channel and we look forward to these moments we can share truth.  As Lord Metatron’s twin flame I wish you all much happiness and enlightenment in these times ahead.  We work closely with you and we are never apart from you.  We are in love with All of humanity.

Thank you for sharing in this, the beginning of many truths.

Much love to All.  And so it is…….

Namaste!  (Acknowledging the Divinity in you)



Fiona M White, 6th March, 2014. We offer these messages as a gift to be shared freely with copyright credit and without alterations. © All Rights Reserved 2014.