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north-america-nebula-11655_640We open with the word Divine for you are all Divine, you are all Divinity.  Never before has humanity had the opportunity to connect with this aspect of themselves., not in this way, in this vibration of higher Light and Love.  All who aspire to reconnect with their Divinity will do so.  Those that are not so sure or that may be a little afraid of it will still be raised to a certain level of Love and light which will then allow them to reach that which lies within.  It may be that some choose to wait a little longer to do this as this was their choice before incarnating upon Earth.

You will all be raised up , how high is dependent upon you, your choices, your commitment to yourselves and your dedication to yourselves.  Never before have we been so excited.  There is a rumbling of excitement.  There is an expectancy being felt by all.  Many of you upon Earth are feeling this.  Many are feeling it and assuming it is an anxiety to something that has happened or not happened.  Go within dear ones, for you will find that this feeling of expectancy is felt by all.  We are all one so how could you not feel what we are feeling.  It is with much Love we share these feelings with you.

Our focus with you this night is to enlarge your perceptions.  In doing so we ask you to allow the energies you feel in the message to wash over you.  Feel the Love and the Light.  Feel this permeate every cell of your body.  Take a big breath of this Love and Light within your lungs and expand, expand and expand.  When you release your breath know that you have just shared this with others that would not normally be in the position to see, read or feel these messages.

Let us now ask that you imagine your limited consciousness, (which is not limited at all as this was a perception of yours), expand.  Imagine it as a sponge and the Love and the Light as a stream of water flowing freely over it.  As this Love and Light flows over your sponge imagine that it is filling every pore of that sponge with Love and Light.  Imagine it as colours of such shades you have not seen before, imagine it singing a chorus of harmonies not heard before.  Feel it fill, feel it expand.  Notice that even though it is filling and expanding it is becoming lighter and lighter.  It is not weighted in such a way as a normal sponge would be filled with water.  It is of such weightlessness it feels connected to everything.

It is connected to everything, to every cell in your body, to your DNA, to every process and every system within your body.  It is connected to the chair you sit upon, the bed you lie in the ground you walk upon.  It is connected to the wind, to the air, to the stars, the moon and the planets.  It is connected to the sun, to the galaxy, to the universe and omniverse.  Allow your sponge to fill and feel the omniverse within.  You are multidimensional beings having an Earth incarnation experience and you are now allowed to let your sponge fill with your multidimensionality.  You always have been allowed dear ones, however, your perceptions were such that you limited yourselves.  You limited yourselves in such a way the omniverse you are became a polar, dualistic aspect of yourself.

It is as the polar ends of the magnets which you call positive and negative.  Placing the ends of two magnets together can either attract or repel the opposing magnet.  Turn your magnets around for you are able to attract that multidimensional you.  No longer should you repel it.  Of course we acknowledge that you have free choice to do as you please and we do encourage you to attract rather than repel as the energies that are present within your galaxy and within the Earth are making it more and more difficult for you to repel.  It could be a bumpy ride as opposed to a smooth, free flowing ride of joy, peace and bliss.  It is your choice and we honour the choice you make.

We ask of you to now, with your expanded sponge, feel the energies we speak of.  Close your eyes a moment and feel these energies that are creating the smooth, blissful ride you are all experiencing.  It is only your perceptions, dear ones, that lead you to believe that your ride is less than smooth and blissful.  We ask you to see yourself and the ride you are upon from a different vantage point.

Imagine if you will, with your expanded sponge, that you are on the biggest ride within the greatest amusement park the Earth has ever seen.  There are so many creative rides you can choose to get on, however, we are going to ask you to board the longest, highest, bumpiest roller coaster there is.  Imagine now that in the middle of the amusement park there is a tower and high up in that tower that overlooks every ride within the park you get a birdseye view of the rollercoaster track through the security monitors.

So, with your expanded sponge mind we have you sitting in the car awaiting the roller coaster ride to start and we have a higher aspect of you sitting in the watchtower, the security tower, high above the ride with the cameras on you.  Secure you, the one that knows what turns the roller coaster ride has, sees that the ride is about to start.  You press the record button on the monitors.

The you with the expanded sponge/mind sits in the car with mixed feelings.  Is it fear?  Is it anxiety?  Is it expectancy?  You run these feelings through your mind, over and over and because your mind is so expanded and full of Love and Light you feel at peace.  You feel the joy wash over you and you do not know why.  Normally you would feel a little nervous, a little full of fear. You are about to embark on a roller coaster ride that has many bumps and turns along the path but you feel so calm and blissful.  Why is that?

It is because high within the security tower, the watchtower, the higher aspect of yourself is letting you know that the bumps and turns you are feeling are safely executed and it is even giving you pre-warnings as to when a sudden turn might come up or when the next big bump might happen.  And you know what?  You can actually hear your higher aspect in the security tower because your transmitter is turned on, the expanded sponge/mind, your expanded consciousness.

You, your higher aspect/s of yourselves are with you always, able to see what lies before you.  Ask it to guide you over the smoothest tracks or ask it to advise you of upcoming turbulence.  It is the security you have longed for, the secure you in the security tower/watchtower that you have yearned to get in touch with.  Every day, every moment of every day, you are with you.  Expand your consciousness to allow this Love and Light that you are to be soaked up.  When you allow yourself to soak up this Love and Light and accept this expanded awareness of the self you will realise that this expanded self is at peace, blissful and balanced.  You are able to be balanced in every aspect of your life.  It is your birth right and it is your Divine heritage to balance all of you, the Feminine you and the Masculine you.  The overly ecstatic you and the despondent you, the over exerted you and the lazy, depressed you.  Bring this all into balance so both sides of your sponge/mind, your left or right brain hemispheres, are balanced, filled with Divine Love and Light, and blissful.

The higher aspect of yourself awaits your permission to be in communication with you at all times.  We encourage you all the start listening, really listening to your own harmonies.  You can ask yourself anything and you will know the correct answer because you have the birdseye view.

If it feels appropriate, open your heart now to feel the you that has been waiting so long to connect with and communicate with you.  Feel the Love you have for you.  This is what is meant by loving yourself.  Change your perceptions and you will see a different experience.

Feel the love that you have for you as you are starting to expand your consciousness.  This allows us all to be able to communicate with you.  You all have this ability, claim it now.

In much Love and Light we open our arms to you all so we can share with you what it is we feel.

And so it is…


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