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We endeavour to bring your awareness to the planetary shifts and changes that are occurring now upon the surface of the Earth.  Many may notice that they are experiencing a cleansing of sorts.  This is occurring in many different ways and some are feeling this within their physical body as toxins are released and ailments lifting.  Some are feeling this within their emotional bodies and finding they are crying for no reason whatsoever, that their moods swing from highs to lows in matters of seconds.  Some are feeling this within the mental body where old belief structures, programs and doctrines are being released.  Some are feeling this within the subtle bodies of the Etheric field, the Aura.  Some are also experiencing this in a cleansing of their environment whether that be within the household or within the community.

Much is changing and in order for these changes to occur the old energies have to be released to make way for the new.  Do not despair about the current events you find on the news that seem to be doom and gloom.  It may appear that way at the moment, however, we assure you this is the cleansing process the Earth is experiencing in order for the New Golden Age to emerge.  You are all experiencing this shift to some degree and finding that many things are happening rapidly, many doorways of opportunity are opening and change is a must in order to remain in the light stream of Divine flow.

Do not be concerned as to which doorway to walk through as your higher self will guide you to be where you need to be and with the people you need to be with.  Trust in this and go with the flow.  Allow yourself to be swept away by the synchronicity of it all.  You sit upon your own Divine council and assist in the daily workings of your own life.  This is what is meant by being a co-creator.  Start aligning with this synchronicity and you will be swept off your feet with the possibilities before you.  It is your birthright to be Divinely guided so we ask you to allow the you that is so vast and multidimensional to guide you upon your journey and we shall be with you all the way.

Expansion is occurring.  That is what these shifts are, expansion into higher frequencies, expansion of Light, colours and harmonies.  Every cell within your body is filled with Light, Love and an Angelic symphony of harmonies and colours.  It brings to light the wonderful movie called ‘Fantasia’ where the light, colour and orchestrated musical notes reverberate to create a vision of splendour.  This is what occurs within every cell of your body and the more in alignment with the Divine Light of your truth the more you will hear your own soul song.  The more depth you have within the notes of your soul song, the more light you carry, the higher the resonance and the more amplified you will feel.

It is this vibrational frequency that you can feel within another that carries much light.  It is as a room full of tuning forks.  If one of those forks is struck all will begin to resonate and vibrate to the same frequencies.  And so we say to you it is important to be discerning of those energies that are around you.  Begin to notice the harmonies that lie within the light of the people you are spending your time with.  Begin to feel if you should be allowing your harmonies to be dulled by the lower vibrational frequencies of those that reside upon the lower octaves.  We say lower octaves not to undermine any person, place or thing, we say lower octaves referring to the frequencies that are carried by that person, place or thing.

Many of you have felt the energies become dense and even cold when walking into a room that is of such a vibration.  You will feel it as the hair on the back of your neck stands.  This is your innate body, your innate wisdom, your intuition, telling you that it does not wish to be there.  We ask that you begin to tune into this innate voice that resides within.  It is a feeling that you will get that tells you in absolute truth what is for your highest and best.  Trust in this voice, dear ones for it is your guiding light.

Propulsion, energetically, into morphogenetic fields of light is what occurs when your vibrational frequencies reach certain levels.  Many are experiencing these morphogenetic fields of light and some are feeling these quite intensely.  It has been for so long upon your world that the energies have been so dense that it has been a true slog wading through the swamps and marshes of old 3dimensional energies.  These morphogenetic fields of light are propelling many into multidimensional parallels.

It is much like the Angry Birds phone app that many have upon their mobile phones.  The birds sit within the rubber bands and are flung to their targets.  They get points for knocking specific targets down etc.  The density of the energies that you have had to wade through is like pulling the rubber band back.  It is quite an effort, however, when you reach a certain point you are unable to pull back no more.  With a flick of the wrist, so to speak, the bird is flung out following a line of trajectory toward the chosen target.  This is the propulsion we refer to and your target, dear ones, is your Divine I Am.  It is through these morphogenetic fields of light that you pick up your points, your gifts and abilities.  Each level of the game, each level of light, enables you to gather more points taking you to higher heights.

This propulsion you are experiencing will be determined by what level you are at.  The more light you carry the lighter you are.  The lighter you are the further you are propelled and so on.  We bring your attention to this as many will experience things they have not previously experienced.  This can cause quite a bit of fear within and we ask that you trust and listen to that innate voice, your intuition as it will tell you there is nothing to fear.  It will tell you that you are just passing through the differing levels of the game so you are prepared for the challenges of the next level.  We could feel as we said that many are grimacing at the thought of having to go through more challenges when many have already had to endure many hardships.  We refer to challenges not as hardships, rather happenings that will enable you to see clearly that which no longer serves you.  These challenges are gifts not hardships.  If you think of them as gifts, they will be.  If you think of them as hardships, they will be.  The choice is yours.

These gifts are for you, from you.  Your higher self will offer these gifts to you so you are able to advance into levels upon levels of your own Divine light fields.  Accept these gifts with much love and gratitude for the you that is the vast, multidimensional version sees all and knows what is for your highest and best.  Trust in you, trust in your truth.

We wish to embrace you all in our loving arms and ask that you receive the love we have to share.  Feel our embrace not your own feelings of disgrace.  Lift your face and be filled with Grace.

And so it is….


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