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The world, as we know it, may appear chaotic at the moment, however, it is this chaos, this turbulent energy that helps to reveal the true jewels in the sludge.  It is like sifting for gold using a sieve.  The finer waste deposits, usually a gray liquid sludge, is laden with toxins such as cyanide and heavy metals and can be detrimental to our health.  This slurry (chaos) can be used to hide the true gems (the truth) within situations, and it is this truth that some are choosing to keep from us.


There are multiple reasons this has been happening and one of them is to prevent us from moving into Unity Consciousness.  Unity Consciousness is a Law of One principle, and states that every being is a sovereign expression of The One, of Source, of The Creator, of God (or whatever label you choose to use).  Through experience we give expression to Creator/Source, and it is through experience that we can embody our highest divine eternal nature.


When spiritually inclined to seek truth, to understand the truth of who you/we are we begin to see that we are connected to all and everything.  Standing in our truth and sovereignty, we become aligned to our inner power.  Our true inner power can not easily be controlled or manipulated.  And when we stand in unison with the many others that are awakening to their truth and inner power this power is multiplied ten-fold, and beyond.


As we connect with this inner power, this inner truth, this spiritual inclination, we become aware of the differences in realities, that of matter (earth, body, form), and that of anti-matter (spirit).  Becoming aware of this and moving toward re-uniting these differences/truths is our sovereign right, and can free us to see with clarity, with new eyes, so the choices we make are aligned with our inner truth compass.


Meditating, going within, praying, and whatever other form of devotion you may have, enables us to access our inner truth, our inner council, our inner guidance system, our intuitive higher eternal self.  It is this higher guidance surveillance that pilots us through our life experiences, challenges and spiritual growth and expansion.  Divine inspiration (Creator/Spirit) can be accessed to offer guidance, healing, wisdom and higher light frequencies to shine the light on any lies and deceptions that are being used as divide and conquer tactics.


This is so prevalent at the moment so it was no wonder when I was guided to retrieve, from the archives, this message I had received in 2014, from my own highest guidance team/council.  I have left this as raw as possible to ensure the integrity of the information received.



5th Jan, 2014 – Unity consciousness.


We wish to speak with you this day about unity consciousness.  It is that many upon earth are just awakening to higher truths.  They feel a stirring within and they are not sure what it is.  The Divine Law of Free Will, Free Choice is experiencing transfiguration into unity consciousness and many are feeling this.  It is creating within an inner turmoil if you will, an inner chaos, an imbalance.  To the many it appears that nothing is changing however they are unable to place a finger on the feeling they feel within.  This is because the Divine Will of the Supreme Oneness has allowed for humanity to move into a higher refined state of awareness and with this comes a more conscious trend toward unity consciousness.


For aeons it has always been about you.  Most of humanity has lived in their own little bubble and made choices that best suits their survival needs.  This was appropriate and many learned many valuable lessons (or experiences) from it.  Your role as an incarnate human being was always to experience life, to experience the self, within that incarnation, on a deeper level.  Instead of resonating with the 3-dimensional survival instincts it was always intended that humanity would be given the opportunity to grow and learn and reconnect, or shall we say, remember who you truly are on a deeper more profound level of consciousness.


Over the many years some have walked this beautiful planet knowing that that was their role, to remember the truth of who they were.  Many, many more remained in total forgetfulness, choosing instead to remain in the 3-dimensional concept of separation.  This of course could never be the case because you can never be separate from Source, however, you can forget that you are connected at all times giving the illusion of separation.  This is what you have lived with, within yourself, within you family units, within your communities, your countries, your world.  It is all an illusion.


Unity consciousness is a move back into the higher refined energies that allow one to remember their truth, to remember their connection to family, to community, to country, to all upon the Earth plane including the animal kingdoms and the elemental and their higher spiritual kingdoms, and to all beyond the matter realm.


Due to the survival mode instincts of humanity change has always been a difficult process for one to integrate and that is occurring within many upon Earth in these changing times.  The energies that have been filtering through over the last couple of your Earthly years, especially 2012-2014 and into this present moment, have been quite intense, to say the least.  It is these influxes of energies, these changes to the normal vibrational frequencies that many are feeling and they do not like the feeling.  Although they do not, on a conscious level, understand what it is they are feeling they know that something is changing and they don’t know how to deal with it.


Balance is the key to allowing these energies to integrate and many will need assistance with balancing.  Re-calibration to these higher frequencies occurs as a natural progression, however, one can certainly integrate and synthesise these energies with much greater ease should one choose consciously to re-calibrate to these higher frequencies.


When balance is restored the inner turmoil, the inner chaos, goes from a bubbling pool to a tranquil pond.  If one were to place one’s head in a bubbling pool of water one would be hard pressed to see clearly before them, other than the bubbles and churning waters.  As this is all they see they focus upon this and it seems to intensify the inner turmoil.  When one is balanced one can see clearly what is out there lying beneath the surface of the pond for the waters have settled and are crystal clear.  One is then able to see that what is before them is not that scary after all.   It is that one may see beneath the surface of the pond that there are others lolling in the waters giving them an opportunity to meet and greet, to form gatherings, to create together and be united in consciousness, unity consciousness.


Take 5 of your minutes each day to stop, to remember your connection to all and to allow yourself to balance.  Breathe in the sweet breath of your truth and allow yourself to integrate, synthesise and to re-calibrate to these higher refined energies.  By doing this for yourself you are remembering your truth and in doing so you are remembering that you have always been connected, each and every one of you.  You are all one.


Embrace this energy, embrace the ‘yoU’ in Union.


And so, it is….


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