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It is a frequently asked question “When will I….?”  The answer to this is of course, “When you are ready.”

Understand that “you will” when you will.  For aeons of time we, as humanity have asked this and the answer is still the same now as it was many, many years ago.  There are many upon our world still asking this question and some of humanity is still waiting for things to be done for them.

There are many that have offered to assist humanity but do not encroach upon humanities free will unless permission to do so has been given.  Be as close with them, if you choose, as they are with us.

How is it that when some of us are presented with truth you ignore it regardless of the feelings within that tell you to believe, that tell you to listen.  The old paradigm, the old energy, has little hold over you now that change is imminent.  Why is it you still cling to that which you know is not of truth?  Why is it you hold onto that which prevents you from allowing your divinity to shine forth for all to see?  It is fear, dear ones.  And sometimes it is the fear of living without fear.  How does one live without fear when fear has created the survival mode one has needed to get by in this very dense world of duality?  Survival is a myth dear ones.  How can you fight for something you fear you will lose when the very thing you fight for is inevitable when you are Divine Beings of Light that are eternal?

It has been difficult for you to grasp the concept of eternity as this has been shielded from you for many of your earthly lives.  There is an enactment, a role you play every life experience you have.  You keep coming back to play a different role each time.  You know that this life experience you are having upon Earth at this time is not going to be your last.  You have spent aeons of time preparing yourself and this world for the advancement into the cosmic galactic family it is part of.  You have been here so many times as ground crew preparing for this moment and you are not going to want to stop here.  With the Earth moving into the new paradigm you will want to experience life upon this planet in a whole new light.

Drop the survival fears, drop the fears of living free from all fears and enjoy what you have come here to do, to live on/in a world of enlightenment.  Welcome into your being the freedom you deserve.  To be free of fear, to be free of doubt, quilt, shame, resentment, and all other limiting shackles you have placed upon yourself will enable you to bring so much light into and upon your world you will be in awe of the changes you see manifesting before your very eyes.  Many are already seeing these changes.  Many of your young are more aware than you can imagine.  It is important you are able to get your selves to a place where you are able to encourage and nurture these young ones as they grow into the Divine Beings they are.  To show them your light, to shine your light upon a path that allows them to see the unity in light you have created is one of the reasons you have come here.  Many lightworkers are here forging a path already, many are still asleep.  Be patient and allow others to awaken at their appropriate time.  All is divinely ordered and so it is we must allow another to walk the path they have chosen at the pace they choose.  There is no finish line, dear ones.  It makes no difference how fast or how slow you go for there is no end to your eternal light.

Many have been concerned with that which we have just spoken of.  “Why is it that…?”.  “When will I…..?”  There is no finish line so the answer to those questions lies within each of you.  There are many potentials you can experience.  Again it is through your choice as to which potential path you experience.  The obstacles you may face upon your chosen path are not because someone has put them there to prevent you from whatever it is you are walking towards.  That is an old survival mode instinct.  The obstacles upon the pathway have been chosen by your higher aspect of yourself to assist you in learning the lesson within that experience that which will enable you to draw closer to your self and to the Divinity that lies within.  It is through these experiences that you can become the inbreath, the outbreath, the stillness, the oneness.  When you can experience this it is then that your light will shine so brightly creating this new world you are now moving within.

Collectively, we have reached a level of light that enables us all to drop that which no longer serves us.  We have reached a level where the balance within is re-aligned and re-harmonised.  We have reached a level where you are now able to move into these higher aspects of self with much ease and Grace.  Ask for assistance to transform/transmute all remaining limitations and miscreated structures so you may reconnect with more facets of your divine diamond.

As light is refracted out, so too are you refracted out to experience and to create.  The light fractal that you are as you walk upon the planet is in and of itself whole.  It is not a piece of light.  You cannot have a piece of light.  Light is all encompassing, it is whole.  The light that you are, is not only whole, in and of itself, it is of the Whole.  You come from the One Source, the One Light.  This light can not be apportioned out in pieces and parts.  This Light is Whole, therefore you are of the Whole and so too is the next person which makes you all of One Light.  You are One.  It is necessary now for you to understand and grasp the concept of this for in this new age, this new paradigm, you will see how important it is to have this understanding.

Love of your self and of each other is of utmost importance.  When you accept yourself and love yourself wholly, and completely, you are then able to love all.  Your new world asks that you realise within how important this is.  To walk a path of enlightenment, to shine your light is your greatest potential.  Share this with the world, the whole world. When you share this light with the whole world, we also share our light with the rays you have created and the intensity and the beauty of this is of such that one would be in awe.

Thank you for the Beings that you are, the Light Beings that you are.  Love and light illuminate that which you have not yet seen so you may choose to experience that which you came to experience. Love and Light is the experience you have chosen. Create that which you believe is the most appropriate for you.

And so it is….


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