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In light of what is occurring upon the planet we could say that there is a personal and global reset taking place.  This is a process of grand mass awakening.  There are many that are taking the opportunity to use the ‘behind closed doors’ directive as an opportunity to go deeper within.  It is of paramount importance to do this, to go deeper, to connect with that inner bliss state, to sit within the inner Zen garden and meditate, take the self-enquiry route and enjoy what this pathway presents to you.



Many questions are being asked.  Many conspiracy theories are being thrown around, also many false truths and distorted conjectures as to the origins of such virus and as to the reasons why.  Fear and chaos amongst the masses can be witnessed across the globe.  Be discerning and pass all information you receive through your heart filter and own truth discernment monitor.  Take only what resonates with you and leave the rest.


Moving energy through the emotional filters of anger, hate, fear etc. only gives momentum to the denser heavier energy.  Whilst we sit within the heavy dense energy of fear, worry, despair etc. and place our focus upon the virus, we are unable to recognise that there is a wave of love, support, dedication and commitment that is raising the vibratory frequency into higher expressions of light.


This new level of light was not predicted and it is this unified field of light that will ensure the masses endure this.  There may be difficulties and hard times ahead, however if we band together and hold the light high the dark/heavy energetics will not be able to take the foothold that some had predicted.  Although distancing prevents us from hugging, from holding another’s hand, we can still reach out lovingly to support each other through these difficult times.


When we stand in a unified field of light, light from all directions, from all curves and corners, where nothing can be hidden or in shadow, then truth will be revealed.


This is a global awakening on a scale that has not happened before.  More and more people are beginning to realise that they want answers, that they want to know the truth, and that they no longer wish to be puppetised.  It is as if many of you have felt the strings of manipulation attached to you.  Many are hearing, from many differing sources, the not so positive information about chemtrails, 5G, vaccinations, scalar sound waves, etc., and are beginning to seek more knowledge and information.  This global awakening is occurring and each and every one of you has the right to know the truth.  The truth will set you free.



A puppet on a string is someone that moves, performs, acts, and speaks for and on behalf of the one in control of the strings.  There are many that are puppets and sharing information that they feel is truth, however they themselves are unaware they are puppets.  There is no pointing of the finger or blaming.  Each of us is awakening to greater mysteries at varying rates and levels.  Your level of understanding, awareness etc. determines what you will be presented with, and when.  There is a global shift occurring and if we could say the reset button has been pushed this would be an apt analogy.


When the reset button is pushed it can trigger an energetic polarity push pull and you may feel as though you are being pulled one way and then another, much like being in a washing machine.  There may be turbulence around you and you feel as though this unsettling turbulence is pulling and pushing you and you find yourself in the current of confusion.



Do your own research; listen to your own moral and spiritual compass.  Trust that your highest guide/s of the highest resonance is you and heed the intuitive advice you receive rather than succumbing to the puppeteering racket.


When we choose to let loose the strings of influence and manipulation then the answers to questions will present themselves in ways we had not previously considered.  Seeking truth may, or may not, incite feelings of anger, hopelessness or even despair.  There are many that can assist with guidance, support, healing etc. that are standing by just waiting for the opportunity to share, to teach, to love and to embrace.


Many of those that are here to assist may find themselves moving through a PURGE.  There is a great surge in energy that is causing, on a higher level, a PURGE that is affected through many layers and densities, swirling us through differing gradations of release.  This great PURGE that is occurring is having a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effect upon many that are here to hold the light and love.



Physically the vessel may literally cleanse from the inside out.  We may find that what we previously desired to eat has changed and our diets have become cleaner and greener.  Toxins may be released through the bowels, the skin, the sinuses, lungs etc. and may be mistaken for viral symptoms.  Cellular integrity is being reset.  Epsom or Himalayan salt baths are a wonderful way to assist in releasing toxins.  Vitamins can be a wonderful supplement if appropriate for you to take to support the immune system.  Find what works for you to hold immune integrity.


Emotionally we may find that the waterworks turn on at the most bizarre times and for the pettiest of reasons.  The crystalline structure of the water molecules is drawing out toxins.  Allow the waterworks to flow with love, acceptance and gratitude and notice how the crystalline structure alchemically changes the toxic residue.


Mentally you may be tapping into the collective consciousness of fear, doubt, stress, anxiety etc. and this energy holds fast within the electromagnetic field in, around and through the body.  Stay centred, grounded and connect to the organic technology of the heartbeat of Gaia, of the sun, and of your own organic template.


Be consciously aware of your thoughts and recognise that your thoughts are not you.  The aware witness and observer of your thoughts is the eternal true self.  Connect more with this greater aspect of self to lift you from the denseness of the collective consciousness fear and panic.


Spiritually the opportunity to embody more of our true light is available as we go deeper and deeper within.  Meditation, self-enquiry, shadow work are gifts that can help you to understand more about yourself.  Commit to a grander connection with the true divine self and find harmonious flow in your life.



This PURGE process is not new and those that know they are here to hold the light (light workers), which are all those that choose to awaken, may have been experiencing this at intervals for a while now.  This PURGE process is occurring globally and also on a level that you are not fully aware of.  Those that are the dream walkers, lucid dreamers and the remote viewers know that the light workers are eliminating, removing, and expunging toxins from the collective fields and densities.


We are experiencing a global and personal reset, and upgrade.  Our future will look bright if we hold a positive unified field of light and bleak if we do not.


Let us all love one another, support each other through these tumultuous times, share and care so that we can fortify and strengthen the brightness of our future.


And so it is…


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