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In loving memory of my Grandfather

In loving memory of my Grandfather

There are wondrous things happening upon the Earth at this time, however, most of humanity are unaware of that which is occurring.  You have within your media stories much doom, gloom, disaster and negativity and that appears to be what most people choose to watch and believe.  We address this situation now as much of what is upon your news stories are there to specifically create fear and doubt within the minds of you all.  Beneath all that you see there is a truth and it is time for each and every one of you to become more discerning of truth.

There is not one person upon the planet that will have their own frequency of truth.  What is true for you may not be true for another, however, you are unable to be discerning of this if you do not feel it within.  You must feel the truth of all situations within the very cells of your body.  It can be felt in many ways such as goose bumps, tingles, having to take a deep breath, watery eyes, emotional responses etc.  This truth that speaks to you is what is known as the language of light and it is now more important for all to become aware of this.  By being consciously aware that the tingles one feel may mean that what has been said to you, that which has been read by you, that which occurred to you, is your truth, then this will gradually increase and your connection to your truth will become much stronger.

With that in mind we ask that you look upon this message and feel the truth it speaks and should you not feel it, or know it, then we ask that you take from this message that which you choose to and leave that which you choose not to.  Each and every one of you are at your own level of understanding and it may be that what is read today may trigger within you something that comes into recognition many weeks, months or even years later.  You, your higher self, know truth and you will receive the light message within when most appropriate.

We look now at the beautiful things occurring upon your Earth, your Terra Gaia.  Many have noticed the beautiful skies appearing in the sunrises and sunsets.  The colours seem to have changed and are much more vibrant.  The warmth and the love that you feel whilst looking upon your sunsets or sunrises bring tingles which is expressing the truth of the love and beauty you feel whilst looking at them.  The moon seems much brighter, Venus, appears to be a light beacon in the sky radiating more light than usual.  All of this is actually happening as there is more and more light being showered upon you, upon the Earth, which then reflects back out into the galaxy and universe.  If you were to sit upon Venus herself and look down upon the Earth you would see how brightly she shines.  Gaia is a planetary beacon becoming more radiant and illuminated every day.

The illumination of the planet is caused by the increasing light quotient within each and every person upon the planet.  Even those you term as dark are realising that the slight spark of light within themselves seems to be radiating more light.  This is throwing many of them into chaos and imbalance and although what you read as doom and gloom is in actual fact a great illumination of love and light.  It will be some time for some of these dear souls to accept this increased level of light, however, some of them are accepting this light with open arms.  They are the ones that will pave the way for many more to accept the light.

So from our point of view, our bird’s eye view, your light is shining ever so brightly.  Terra Gaia is shining ever so brightly and more and more of her despair and sadness is being transformed into love through the loving compassion of all upon the Earth.

We look now to the 100 years of your Gallipoli event and we say to you that the love and the compassion that is being shared by all on this day is beyond words.  For the souls that have stopped to take a minute to share their love, to the souls that have ventured out in the early hours of this morn, to the souls that remember lost loved ones, to the souls that were involved in the happenings on those days, the love that is shared between you, amongst you and within you is beyond your imagining.  It is like a cloud of love and light that has settled upon the lands that were involved.

We ask you to be mindful that whilst many souls suffered upon the shores of Gallipoli, regardless of what country one resided in, and many loved ones at home suffered, the beautiful soul of the Earth, Gaia, suffered much pain and anguish, sadness and despair.  These emotions felt by humanity in these times were also felt by Terra Gaia and it would be a beautiful thing to consciously be aware of the energy she must have endured during this time.  Through loving intent we can send her love and compassion, light and grace and you will find that there will be much healing not only to the Earth herself but also to all of humanity for you/we are all connected.  The love and compassion you feel for all souls involved in the ceremonies of remembrance can be felt by Terra Gaia.  This is enhancing the amplification of the light emanations coming from her.  She is a shining star, a shining body of light and through these loving compassionate events she shines ever more brightly.

If this feels to be your truth, take a moment now and breath in a big deep breath, pause at the height of the breath and release it.  Take another big deep breath and imagine sending Terra Gaia much love, much light and compassion to assist her in healing her cuts, her wounds, her sadness, anguish, and despair.  Consciously ask that she be showered with love and light and if appropriate to you ask that each and every person involved be showered with love and light.

This can be done for all catastrophic events that have taken place upon your Earth.  It is through our choice to do something consciously that expands the amount of love and light within and upon the planet.  Expand to your greatest capacity dear ones, for you are love and you are light.

We feel and see the love that has been shared this day and so it is we share much love and light with you all as well.  And so it is….

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