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Galactic brothers and sisters, we are one. We are all galactic brothers and sisters and we share a deep bond with you all.  You are galactic as you reside within the Milky Way Galaxy, within the Nebadon local universe.  You place names and labels upon such things and we are here to tell you that although you have labelled planets, star systems, galaxies etc. there are many more out there that you have not named due to the lack of awareness and understanding, and not to mention the lack of technology.  (This is not an admonishment on our lack of understanding it was said with love and in a matter of fact truthful way).

It is true that you have also been kept from the truth of your galactic origins and for that matter we wish for you to be aware that the truth is to be revealed to all of humanity. Many will go into fear about this and many will become unstuck, so to speak.  All that held their world together, all their beliefs and structures will come unstuck and they will find that much of what they held dear to their hearts will crumble away around them.  You see many of you believe that you are the only living planet, the only living humanoid form within the vastness of the cosmos.  You have no understanding of how vast the cosmos is and you are yet to realise that you are but one of many humanoid forms within the cosmos.

Are you familiar with the hidden agenda? We call this the hidden agenda for it has been hidden from you for aeons and aeons.  You see you are part of the whole and planet Earth, Gaia, is but one of many ascending planets within the many universes.  The ascension of one planet affects all.  What is ascension you may ask?  Ascension is the raising of vibrational frequency of any given thing.  Now we say thing for it can be a planet or person or consciousness, collective or singular.  When one moves from one octave of frequency to a higher octave one ascends up the scale so to speak.  Earth herself is ascending and has reached what many have termed the fifth dimensional frequency.  We say to you that indeed she is reaching much higher than that due to the many light workers that are focusing their attention on love, peace and unity consciousness.

The Earth, Gaia, has a resonant energy field around it called the Schumann resonance. It has increased in hertz and your scientists are beginning to realise this.  They are wondering if global warming is in fact a cyclical thing which may have something to do with the higher frequency energies.  There is much information one can read about this Schumann resonance because it is actually evident to many within the scientific field.

With this energetic increase in frequential waves humanity is being affected on a cellular level. Gaia is being showered with many varying radiations, cosmic rays and sacred light geometries that are assisting in this ascension process.  This is affecting every person on the planet in some way and many of you will be looking around you wondering what is going on.  Those that are of such a low level of light will feel an inner turmoil and this turmoil can present in many outwardly chaotic ways.  Many that are of a higher light frequency will feel this within their body forms and experience many of the, what are labelled as, ascension symptoms.  These ascension symptoms are varied and allow one to experience through the physical form.

The DNA is being shifted into 12 strand DNA and although initially the change in DNA will not be seen under the microscope it will indeed be evident in many years to come. The 2 strand DNA allowed the humanoid form to experience within the dark matter universe and it was through contrast, the polarity and duality, that one could move through karmic cycles.  These karmic cycles were the result of what is termed ‘the fall’ and through the fall humanity dropped down into the lower dimensional holographic structure of the third dimension.  (“The fall” occurred in the time of Atlantis around 17,500 BC when humanity began to connect more deeply with materialistic desire rather than maintain their connection to spiritual self and Source).

This holographic illusion allowed humanity to experience the choices they made through the divine gift of free will. Although it is hard for humanity to realise that they have created this illusion through the free choices and conscious awareness we say to you that this is now changing.  The light is being turned on within many and humanity is realising that there is so much more to who they are.  They are seeking truth and they are becoming dedicated to finding that truth.  Be aware that the truth one seeks is within and not outside of one’s self.

You are all shining, divine beings of light experiencing a humanoid expression upon Gaia, a planet that is undergoing a massive shift in dimensional frequencies. Gaia herself is a divine sentient being and she is asking that if it is within you to assist her you can do so just by turning your own inner light on.  As soon as one turns on their inner light they ignite within others the passion of true expression.  True expression for each and every one of us, regardless of what galactic origin, is to eloquently hold, express and share the divine love, light and compassion of our Source, our Creator of All that is.

In truth there is only one frequency, one light, however there are many varied octaves within this one frequency. Much like the rainbow you see in the sky.  You may only see the one rainbow, however, within that one rainbow there are many variations, colours, light prisms, reflections, particles of mist and many more.  Now sometimes you may even see a double rainbow and quite often the colours within the second rainbow are different to the main rainbow.  If you could actually stand within the rainbow you would feel that the energies within the colours would be different for it is in truth that there are many rays of creations, many light rays of many colours of creations and each of these has a different feel, a different vibratory rate.  So too do each of you have a specific energetic signature of colour, rays, sound harmonics, love, light and compassion, and so much more.  Your energetic signature is beautiful, majestic, mystical and angelic.  If you connect deeply with your heart centre you may even here the magical tones within.

We applaud you for the work you have done to assist Gaia in her ascension process. Due to the many that have chosen to expand their conscious awareness she is now able to forge ahead in leaps and bounds.  There will be much change occurring within this year and some of you are seeing that within the family, friends and communities around you.  There are people moving into completely different career paths, people leaving their jobs to embark on a new project, people within marriages going their own separate ways, people relocating to new geographical locations and even people leaving the planet.  All of this is in alignment with the changes they are experiencing and if one can step out of the way to see these changes from a different perspective one may see the many doorways of opportunity before them.

Oh there are many doorways opening for you all. Be ready to walk through them for you are guiding yourself to them.  You are not to be concerned if you miss a doorway as it will eventually open up somewhere else.  All is well and monitored by, not only your own higher self, but also your collective council of Angels, guides, teachers.  Open your arms to allow them in, allow them to guide you through the many doorways and you will be amazed at the many wonderful opportunities presented to you.  Stay positive and focus on the good and the light.  Do not be caught up in the fear based illusions.  If one gets caught up in the fear based frequencies one can miss seeing the doorways as they will not shine as brightly for you to see.  These doorways resonate at a higher frequency and when you lower your own frequencies through fear, through drama, through external pleasures such as drugs and alcohol and other false stimuli you will not be able to see them clearly.  Not to worry though as they are still there.  Align yourself with your own inner light and you will begin to see more clearly the path that best suits you.

Each and every one of you will walk your own unique path. If you choose to be jealous of another’s path or hold anger, frustration, fear or any other lower vibrational emotion you will not see the doorways.  Be tolerant of another’s path; be tolerant of your own journey.  Allow yourself to deviate from the path without the emotional attachments of guilt, failure or discontent with self.  Love the path you walk, love the path another walks and you will find that all can walk in harmony not only with each other but also with Gaia.

Enjoy your journey along your path and you shall find that there will be many pleasant surprises along the way. Be grateful and there will be embellishments along the way.  Gratitude will enable you to skip lightly along your path instead of trudging your way through the muck, through the obstacles and ups and downs.

We are all ready to walk silently with you, however, you are all able to speak with us, hear our replies and commune with us telepathically. Whatever your choice we are with you and if you give permission we can become more proactive within your life whilst you take your journey along your own unique pathway.  We have only love for you all and for Gaia and hope that you are willing to receive it.

In love, light and grace we hold you in our embrace.

Thank you and Namaste.

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