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Higher consciousness is a state of being; it is not a final resting place as one’s consciousness is in a continual mode of expansion. Whilst you are entering into these higher vibrational frequencies upon the Earth you have the opportunity to expand your awareness and to engage in your conscious expression on a much more refined wavelength.  Everything is energy and wavelengths of energy determine density or lightness.  The density you live within is a reality created to offer the opportunity to express the self and extend one’s self to transcend the confines of limitation and perceived separation.  Whilst many of you still place yourselves in categorical boxes of limitation you will find it difficult to let go and allow the boxes to disintegrate into the light of the new you and new Earth.

New Earth, the ascension process Gaia (Earth) is experiencing, is an octave up from where you have been (dimensionally) and although we say an octave we do not intentionally place a limitation on this. The expression ‘an octave’ was used for the linear mind to grasp that you are moving up in vibrational frequency however there are many wavelengths being realised.  When we speak of wavelengths we speak of dimensions for in truth the reference to dimensions is reference to the varying wavelengths of frequency, light, harmonics, sound, colour, sacred geometries etc.

Each attribute within dimensions, for there are many, has varying overtones to it. There literally is note upon note, harmonies upon harmonies, music upon music, colours upon colours, and sound upon sound and so on.  It is infinite and ongoing, spiralling out, in and through all of creation for creation itself is a continuous spiralling field of light, love, harmonics, music, colours, etc.  Each spiral has a counter balancing spiral in which expansion occurs on such a grand scale.  Not only are you, humanity, expanding from within your galaxy is also experiencing grand expansion.  As above, so below.  The spiralling vortices within are tuning into the galactic spiralling movements.  How humanity as a race responds to this will affect all within the local universe for as the galaxy expands so too does our local universe and this then affects universes upon universes and so on.

The more light you hold within will be what you express outwardly and love is the catalyst for the change from the dark to light within. Yes we are divine beings of light however as you have chosen to experience, for the greater expansive awareness of self, a very dense world to live upon many of you are finding it difficult to transform the darkness into light.  When we say darkness we do not necessarily refer to evil.  Darkness is found when there is an absence of light.  There is light in all things however the magnitude of emanations of light depends upon the amount of love one has opened their heart to.

Love is the catalyst and love will change you. Love is the flashlight that shines so brightly so that one can see clearly and all shall certainly notice it.  Love light is the balance that one seeks within.  Love is the balance that can be sought by all and when one sees that you are in balance, and in love, then they too will want what you have.  Love will guide you and love will allow you to make choices in alignment with the highest and best for all.  Many of you are afraid of love due to the conditional programming of it throughout the ages.  There are no conditions placed upon divine love.  Love is creation, love is light, love, is all there is.  Are you ready to receive more love?

Many of you feel unloved and because of this many do not know how to love. Allow the love, the divine, unconditional love to alchemically transform any darkness within.

Not all darkness is what you term evil. Darkness can be an absence of self-love and therefor instead of shining brightly one shines dimly.  One is not necessarily evil because one lacks self-love.  If you allow for your heart to open and expand to take in more love-light then you will create an alchemical process of transfiguration within.  You are unable to share what you do not have, or perceive you do not have.  Perceiving that you lack in love, or anything for that matter, places yourself in a box of limitation.  You all have unlimited unconditional love-light available at all times and in all ways.  Open to receive this now.

Surrender to the love-light and claim your birth right. Your birth right is the right to be the shining example of love-light.  Your birth right is the divine self merging with the you that is the boots on the ground version of you.  You have chosen to be the representative of your divine love-light, your soul self, to experience the illusion of separation.  You chose this so you could transcend this illusion to set a design, a template, a blueprint for other worlds within alternate universes.  By achieving this within you are assisting all planetary systems, galaxies, universes etc.  Transcending limitation and the illusion of separation enables you to move into the higher dimensions.

As you move into the higher dimensional body of self, the multidimensional you, you lift Gaia (Earth) into her higher dimensional body. She too is a divine sentient being and through her service to the love-light she has allowed you to do to her what was necessary to have the most comprehensive experience within the physical expression you are currently having.  Although assisted not only from above by many she is assisted from within by many.  Disclosure of the many that we speak of will indeed occur within your new timeline of now.  When the alignment of energies is most appropriate disclosure of much of what has been kept hidden from humanity will allow you all to make choices of where best you can assist with the ascension process you are going through.

These are such exciting times and you are all in the midst of great change within and without. Many are experiencing shifts within and many are experiencing shifts externally in the way of new jobs, careers, locations etc.  Allow the love-light to fill your hearts and allow it to shine brightly on where it is you feel drawn to and what it is that fills your hearts with passion.

We are with you always and support whatever choices you make regardless of how aligned with the love-light they are. You will find though that in these coming days of higher frequencies you will not want to be anything other than aligned with the love-light.  Allow this love-light to cleanse your sphere of light and allow it to flow in, through and around you so you may share it with others.  Open now to feel our love.  Allow us to hold your hearts in our hands and feel our embrace as we inundate you with grace.  Namaste dear hearts, Namaste.

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