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We sit within a vector of unchanging love.  As we bring forth the new world, the crystalline matrix, the diamond crystalline matrix, the energies are being amped up.  Higher light bandwidths are beaming down upon you and disrupting what one perceives as normal.  There is no longer a normal for you dear ones as the change you are experiencing is forever evolving.  There is no constant, no static, there is only creation and this is forever evolving, it is like a revolving door going round and round.  Be ever present in the moment, experience each moment for what it is and it will help to lessen the centrifugal force of the energies of the revolving door you have stepped into.

We would dearly love to address the experience of the now moment.  Many have found it difficult to understand, however, it is a rather simple understanding.  Each moment of each day that you have can be experienced in many different ways.  This experience can differ depending upon the emotional state one is in, the survival state one is in or even the physical state one is in.  It matters not what state one is in it matters only that each moment be accepted, acknowledged and experienced.  Now this may not make sense to you, however, we say to you, that regardless of what one may be experiencing and what emotional turmoil one is going through, when one stops and takes a moment to consider that which is occurring, one is present in the moment.  It is then, after one realises what is happening in the moment, one can then choose to add to it.

When one chooses to add to the experience of that realisation within that moment the outcome of that moment can differ considerably.  It is difficult to explain without using some type of metaphor and so we give you the following metaphor to assist in the explanation and understanding of this.

Dear ones, consider if you will you are experiencing, in the moment, a conversation with your beloved husband and in that conversation you are told that he no longer wishes to be with you.  One is able to react to this information in many different ways and this, dear ones, is by choice.  It may be that due to the financial stress one is currently experiencing that the knowledge of this break up hits them quite hard as they immediately go into panic mode and fear of what the future may bring or not bring.

It may be that one may chooses to be in a jealous mode when receiving this information and go into a rage about another in your husband’s life.  It may be that one could be in such a state of depression that one withdraws from life and becomes much like a deflated hermit.

Or, dear ones, one could choose to listen to the words of the conversion your husband has with you, take a moment to be in the experience of it, to consider what has been said and react from a state of higher consciousness.  To react from a higher state of consciousness is to connect with the higher self and listen, react and speak from this vantage point, for it is a vantage point dear ones.  When one chooses to react from this vantage point one has no need to attach drama to the situation, one has no need to react from any place other than a place of love.  It is within this place of love that one can have a civil conversation and have a better understanding of the situation.

One may even be able to see that one is quite at peace with the situation of the husband leaving as one realises that deep down their love for each other had waned.  One may even see that one may be able to learn how to be strong and courageous on one’s own.  One may even see that the job offer that one received for that job out of town can now be pursued as before the husband had no intent of letting you pursue your desired career path.

We ask you all to be in the present moment and to come from that higher vantage point so that you are then able to see every situation from a different perspective.  When one is in a place of love and connectedness there is no situation one is unable to handle.  It matters not what the situation is, it matters only how you react to it.  To come from this place of love is to come from the master within you.  You are all masters walking upon the Earth, it is just a matter of realising this in an easy to understand kind of way.  Being a master is exactly that, coming from a place of love in each moment of each day.

All of you are capable of doing this, it just may take a little time to strengthen the love muscle, to strengthen the heart.  There are many that have very sad hearts, even broken hearts.  If this resonates with you, if you feel sadness from within the heart centre, the core of your being, we ask you to take a moment to go within to see what it is that makes you so sad.  You may find or feel that there are many things that make you sad, however, we ask you to lift the layers and you will see beneath them all that the sadness comes from your deep desire to be closer and more connected to the truth of who you are.  Dear one this sadness runs deep within the core of many of you for it is the separation of the self with the multidimensional self, the Divine I am self, and that causes this deep sadness.

Look no further as you are now able to lift the layers and ask that they be transmuted in the highest and best way so you are able to once again hold within your arms the very core of your being.  It may be that this process may take a little while to clear the layers, to lift the layers.  It may also happen overnight.  Be patient with the self and trust that the very Oneness of who you are will guide you in the highest and best way.

We ask you to look within a mirror and ask yourself who it is you see.  Look deeply into your eyes and ask yourself, “Who am I?”  You are a Divine being of light and you are Love.  Allow yourself to feel this love that you have for yourself.  Allow yourself to be in the moment with your love, with your heart, with your light.  We offer to you an opportunity to connect more deeply with your higher self, your Divine I am.  Take this opportunity dear ones as you will be forever changed by it.  You will find in these coming days that much will change.  Your reaction to each situation will come from a deeper understanding, from a higher perspective and within that place you will find peace, you will find balance.

You are all offered this opportunity.  Are you willing to take up this opportunity and become the master that you already are?  We are all here to assist you, your angels, your guides, your teachers, your galactic brothers and sisters and we offer our love to you.  We ask that you take a moment to feel this love within the very core of your being, feel it as it washes over and through you.  Feel this love as you take each breath, feel it fill your lungs, your cells, your DNA.  Feel your cells expand with the light of love, feel your DNA being activated and illuminated.  Reverse the aging process by accepting and allowing as much of this light and love that you can possibly handle.  Bring it into your waking moments, into each moment and each situation, and you will certainly rise up.  You will rise above the drama, you will rise above the survival mode and you will rise above the need for revenge, for violence, for hatred, for resentment.  You will move into the higher vibrations of your higher self and when this happens you will be astonished at the changes that will happen within your life.

We are love, we are light and we share this with you, it is your birthright.  In a loving embrace, we shower you with Grace.  And so it is…



 A Poem – We question, don’t we?


We wonder at what she has that makes her so bright.

We question that which we see, her light.


We look to her and we see her strength and courage.

We want what she has so we seek and we forage.


All that she has we seem to evade.

Oh she is gifted we say, the way she was made.


It is not fair, she seems to have it all.

She looks so fair as she walks tall.


Her elegance, her grace,

I want to embrace.


But how do I get it, I am not good enough.

This life is so hard, and oh so tough.


What can I do to be more like her?

All that she is I discourage and deter.


Give me the strength to walk in her shoes.

Give me the tools to release my blues.


Surely there is more to me, more to my life.

I am not just a mum, a sister a wife.


I am not here to be a slave to doctrines, beliefs and limitations.

I am not here to suffer judgements and condemnations.


What is it about her that makes me question, makes me ponder?

Why is it I see in her such joy and such wonder?

How is it that my heart feels a flutter?

Many feelings and words I cannot utter.


What is this that is stirring within?

My heart races with adrenalin.


I see her looking at me with a smile.

She has such grace, such class and style.


She reminds of someone, who can it be?

I look back in the mirror and see that it’s me.


I am courageous and strong.

My heart can’t be wrong.


I am so bright and full of light.

I am gifted and worthy of such might.


I am a wife, a sister and a mother.

Of this I am sure, there is no other.


This is my life and there is more to see.

I don’t question now – what I seek is ME!


fionawhite©copyright, 2014

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