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We have for you today an interesting look at that which makes up the energetic signatures of the human that walks upon the Earth.  Although one may be incarnated as a male, in the male gender one is in fact both masculine and feminine in energetics.  The Supreme Creator of All That Is is in fact balance which is both masculine and feminine attributes, qualities and elements.  Creation itself is balance and therefore you also are balance, both masculine and feminine.

For eons of your time the masculine energy component within the male gender incarnated upon the earth became very dominant and controlling.  The feminine aspect was shunned, was pushed down within those that encompassed the male gender and this began a male dominant society ruled by power over others, ego, greed etc.  The divine feminine within was overridden so to speak in the pursuit for power over others, power over situations, and power over themselves.  Ego became extremely inflated and it has been difficult for men to bring themselves back into balance.

Since the 2005 Venus Transit which brought cosmic waves of feminine energies there has been a slight shift in the acceptance of the feminine within.  Many of your societal beliefs shunned those that have come out and stated that they are homosexual, or in your terms, gay.  More and more have accepted their feminine counterpart within and although many have come out not all are in balance.

Regardless of gender, regardless of the male or female form you walk the Earth in it is important for all to bring the masculine and feminine energies into balance.  It is not just the males upon the earth that have an extremely dominant masculine energy.  There are many females that also carry this masculine dominance within their energetic bodies.  Balance is key to becoming aligned with the truth of your being.  Balance is key to ascension and for those that choose to bring themselves to a place of Divine masculine and Divine feminine balance they will be surprised at what will be available to them.

Those that choose balance choose alignment with the higher aspects of the self.  When this is done intentionally, to align with the higher self, then ones inherent latent gifts and abilities begin to surface.  Many will be presented with situations that enable them to balance all unbalanced emotions, thoughts, feelings etc. clear a pathway for the brighter, lighter you to emerge.  It is the light within that will shine through and this light, when unbalanced will shine dimly, however, when brought into balance this light will shine so brightly one will be as a lighthouse.  All lighthouses guide ships to safe harbour and those of you that are able to stand as the balanced lighthouse will indeed bring many ships to safe harbour.  This is metaphor, although a very good one, that sets a fine example that when one shines brightly from within others will be interested in what it is that causes this balance within.  They too will want what you have and so it is you lead by example, or to lead others to safe harbour.  The safe harbour is indeed the sacred heart within and when one is balanced one is easily able to align with their sacred heart, sacred mind and the universal mind of one.

All of this is available to all of you and it is an opportune time to reach within and ask the self if one chooses to walk the same path they have been or choose balance instead.  When the choice is balance all that is required is the intent to come into balance.  Your higher self will then provide the opportunities for this to occur and although you may question what is presented we ask that you look beyond the superficial outer layers of what has been presented and see the underlying opportunity to release, to align and to balance.

Because of this unbalanced domination of masculine energies many have felt they are victim to other people’s authority, to situations, to family demographics etc.  You are victim only when you choose to be so.  Bringing the self into balance negates victimhood and one need only choose not to be the victim, feel victimised, accept victimisation and walk around as the victim.  Choosing the ‘oh poor me’ mentality puts you in alignment with the victim archetype.  Remaining in the ‘oh poor me’ archetype will magnetise to you more and more situations that reflect and mirror that energy.  Only you can change how you perceive yourself in all situations.  If you perceive yourself as the victim then you will indeed feel that.  If you perceive yourself as the victor then that too can bring with it unbalanced energies of the perception of being better than another, stronger than another or being the winner.  Societal perceptions indicate that whilst there is a winner there also is a loser.  When one thinks one reign’s supreme over the loser one is out of balance.

To balance the self one must be mindful of all thought processes and so when a situation occurs that presents to you an opportunity of balancing the ‘oh poor me’ archetype it is a much grounded and balanced approach to accept the situation, acknowledge that which presents itself and does so with an opportunity for balance, and allow that which to unfold to unfold without any need to reign supreme or without any need to be the victim.  Remaining neutral, remaining detached to the emotional, mental, physical conflicts one is presented with can bring one into balance much quicker than if one is to become analytical over their response mechanisms.  Do not judge the self harshly for the way you react to situations.  Be gentle with yourself and know that over time balance will occur and slowly and subtly you will notice much change within.

We bring this to your attention this day as this is what is occurring all over the planet. Many of you are experiencing situations and events in your life that are causing much chaos and mayhem.  There are many that are experiencing many arduous health journeys and they are in fact finding that they are too tired to fight the dis-ease within.  Many are experiencing the sudden loss of loved ones.  Many are experiencing much upheaval financially and within family units.  All of these energetic presentations are coming up so one can turn within and find balance.  Many are seeking out those that can help, many are working upon themselves, many also are choosing not to address any of these issues as they themselves are not aware of the imbalance within.

Those that choose to shine their light, bring into balance that which is out of balance and will be the lighthouse that will be the shining examples for others to follow.  Those that are still not aware and choose not to address, to consciously address that which is imbalanced within will take notice eventually of those that shine brightly.  It is those that shine brightly that assist in raising the energetic frequencies of those around them.  This will then create the ripple effect and without even knowing it those that are choosing to remain unconscious will in fact be triggered into conscious awareness.  All of you that choose the awakening path of conscious awareness will be able to guide others if that is your wish, you choice.

When the guitar string of one guitar within a room of many guitars is plucked then the harmonics and resonance of that guitar string will bring the other guitars into alignment with it and so their string will also hum and vibrate.  The human being is the same for we are all energy and the humanoid template is designed that way.  The humanoid divine blueprint, the divine template, is to be re-set and re-balanced.  Do you choose to awaken or do you choose to remain asleep?  You are so much more than what you have been led to believe.  We ask you to get in touch with the greater, expanded, awake light being that you are, balanced, aligned with Divine mind and ever so bright.

We are here to assist if you so choose this.  We are ever ready to assist in the maintenance required to keep the lighthouse light shining bright.  We are here to help prevent it from ever dimming again.  You have your own spiritual guide set, your own spiritual council upon which you, your higher self, sits.  Call upon us, your spiritual guides, teachers and helpers as we are just waiting, ever so patiently, for you to call.  In love we trust.  We holding you in our loving arms and ask that you trust that all is as should be.  And so it is…


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