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Being aligned with truth is not one specific pathway for all.  Alignment with truth is to be aligned with the self, the truth of your being, the truth of who you are.  Being aligned with truth is specific to you and your alignment to/with truth will be different to that of another.  There are specific truths that just are and these are the Universal Laws of Creation.  Your truth, however, is your truth.

We speak of this today to remind you that it does not matter where you are upon your spiritual journey.  Where you are is appropriate for you.  Where another is upon their path is appropriate for them.  It is when one chooses to try to mirror another, copy another or use another’s pattern that one steps out of alignment with their truth.  Yes there are many that are providing wonderful tools that assist you in your ascension process, however, we ask that you find a tool that is appropriate for you, use it until you are comfortable with the process and then structure your own truth from what you have learnt or received from that tool.  All tools are wonderful starting points, however, as you progress along your spiritual journey you may find that the tool you chose no longer resonates with you and this appropriate.

You will be able to recognise when this tool no longer meets with your truth for you will automatically move away from it, or even change it up to suit you.  This we encourage as you are aligning with your truth by doing so, by recognising that it no longer serves you and by moving into that which does.  You will find that your truth will speak to you and this has been mentioned before.  It speaks in a language of light codes and triggers that allow the very fabric of your being to feel it.  It is not something that one can hear audibly, however, there are some that can here the resonant frequencies of this light infused language.  The saying “listen to your heart” is what will allow you to hear, feel, know that this language is speaking to you.

Opening our heart centre will allow these frequencies to apply the necessary triggers to the already present light codes and geometries and these will be activated in the most appropriate way.  All of you have within your light body these codes and geometries etc. specific to you, specific to the truth of who you are.  They are your truth.

What another does with their choices is appropriate for them and it is in alignment with their truth.  In order to be in alignment with your own truth you must give others the opportunity to experience without placing judgement upon them.  We are all one and in order for us to fully grasp the concept of this we must understand that in when we judge another we are in fact judging ourselves.  Be considerate of another’s truth and another’s free will choices allow them to experience that which is appropriate for them.

Judgement of another, of situations, and even outcomes, will place you out of alignment with your truth.  Your truth is inherently love and there is not one person upon this planet that is not of love.  All that you are is love.  We ask now – Is all that you do of love?  Does love judge another?  Does love blame another?  Does love put down another or ridicule another?  How many of you are responsible for forgetting that you are love?  We ask you now to remember the truth of who you are.  That truth is LOVE.  When all upon the planet are able to see this, to understand this, to know this, then you will be raising the planet to her greatest heights.

You are all connected to the Earth grids/matrixes and the love she has had, and held within her, for all of humanity will be felt when you consciously choose to make your decisions based on love.  Open the heart chakra to allow the remembrance of who you are to filter through and to allow the flow of love to take its natural course.  Love flows throughout the universe, love is the universe, love is the life force energy and when you allow this flow to flow in, through and around you you will see miraculous changes occur within your sphere of life.  When you are able to receive this love, unconditionally, you are then able to share this love unconditionally and this dear ones is your truth.

Love is the true you, embrace it, feel it, allow it, be it, share it, expand it, know it..  We share it with you every day and yet some of you do not know that we do for you have chosen to keep your heart centres closed.  We ask you now to open these centres to receive this love, to receive the truth of your being.  You will be surprised at how your life will change when you do.  Do not fear this love, do not push it away.   It is who you are and when you are able to accept this, without conditions, you will be the light that you are.

In loving embrace we shower you with grace.  And so it is….

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