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We are moving into a new world with all upon Earth.  This new world is as you know resonating at higher vibrational frequencies.  It is the frequencies of Love, compassion, joy, abundance and many of you will begin to see the many changes within your own sphere of life.  Many old, worn-out energies that feel as if they are moving beneath the surface of the skin are in fact dislodging themselves from the foundations that kept them in place.  This is causing much unsettlement within many and it is as if all you have done in the way of work upon yourself is slowly unravelling and being undone.

This is not the case.  In fact these energies that you feel slithering beneath the surface of the skin are in fact gathering or magnetising to a specific point to enable the release of them.  You are able to release these by imagining they have gathered, wherever you feel appropriate, within the body and then see them being extracted out through the skin via the use of a giant magnet that is held just above the surface of the skin.  These old energies, beliefs, fears, etc that are magnetised to the magnet can then be placed within the light stream of the Supreme Oneness to be transformed in the highest and best way.  Step your whole being into the light stream of Creator light and allow yourself to be given a Divine Love and Light wash.

You have been given many opportunities in this new energy and one is the ability to release that which is no longer appropriate for you.  When you ask to be aligned with your Divine Purpose you will recognise that you have many gifts available to you.  More and more of you are reaping the rewards for your dedication to the light.  It is a wondrous time for all upon the Earth.

The collective purpose of all upon Earth are to walk, grounded upon the Earth, whilst encapsulating the Divine Light of our Creator.  To be an enlightened human, to walk as a chalice and conduit for the Divine Light of the One and to emanate this light, to share this light with all who happen to come your way is what you are all designed for.  That is why the human vessel is undergoing many changes in this current influx of energies so it can hold more of the higher emanations of light frequencies.  Do not make this a competition as to how much light you can hold and whether you hold more than your fellow man/woman.  It is about holding the light appropriate for you and sharing your light for all to see for when others see your light they too will want their light to shine just as brightly.  It is about working in unity to create a unified field of light that assists the planetary evolution into higher planes of existence.

Would you not agree that light attracts light?  Yes it does, it magnetises to itself.  Light upon light upon light and so on.  The more refined you can make your physical vessels the more light you can hold, the more light you can hold refines your physical vessel, the more refined your physical vessel the more light it can hold and so on.  It is a never ending cycle of evolution, of pulsations of the in and out breath of the Supreme Creator.

How blessed all of you are to have this opportunity to feel, to see, to recognise the changes that are occurring worldwide.  Many will disagree and that the changes that are happening are not for the highest and best, however, we say to you that the Earth herself is experiencing the old energies of hatred, vengeance, control etc. as though it is crawling beneath the surface of her skin.  Imagine if you will a giant magnet in space pulling from the surface of the Earth all of these old energies that no longer serve the evolving humanity and evolving planet.  See them being magnetised so they can be transformed in the highest and best way in the light stream of the Supreme Oneness.  In doing this mini meditation you are assisting all of humanity and in doing that you are raising your own level of light.  In doing that, raising your own level of light, you are raising the vibrational patterns of light upon the Earth, light upon light etc.  It is a win, win situation for all.  Not that there is a winner or loser it is just that the feeling of winning something lifts the energies of one.  It is as though it is an   uplift, uplift situation for all.

Walking the Earth as a chalice, a vessel, for the Divine Light is what the masters do and have done for aeons.  The balance within enables one to raise the light quotient within.  Balance is the key to self-mastery.  It is important that one be aware that balance on all levels is required to become a master of self.  By doing the work upon the self, by balancing and transforming the energies that are no longer of use to the growing light within you, you are able to walk upon the Earth emanating the light from within.  As Jesus said “You are all made in the image of the Father” he referred to the light that dwells within each of you.

Give yourselves permission to shine.  Do not fear others seeing the brightness of your light for now is the time that it is needed.  Light upon light.  Walk tall knowing that you are a Divine emanation of the Supreme Creator.  Know that as you do you will attract many for they will be drawn to you as moths to a lightbulb.

Shine bright dear ones.  In Love, Light and Grace it is you we embrace.



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