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With many hearts feeling heavy it is hard to imagine that there is Light at the end of the tunnel.  There is Light at the end of the tunnel and we wish for all of you to be aware that the more you focus upon that Light, regardless of how distant it may appear to you, it is there and it will become bigger and bigger.  It may appear as a pin point of light, however, if you focus upon this you will notice that it will grow and grow and the more of you that do that the more it will grow.

Do not be disheartened by that which you hear or read in the news.  It is only to provoke you into a false sense of fear.  There is nothing to fear dear ones as that which you read about or see upon your news is part of the process of uncovering and luring out those that are not of the Light.  That is why we ask all of you to focus intently upon the Light and the Love.  Spread this with your thoughts to all of those in need, to all countries, to all peoples, even those that have a diminished Light.  It is important to realise that even those that are attempting to create fear among the masses are indeed seeking this Love and Light.  Although, on some level, they are aware of this, externally they will put up a front and say that that is definitely not what they want.

You are all brothers and sisters and it is important to remember that unity in Love and Light will help that pin point of Light become as a huge sun in dark forests.

Many of you have chosen a path of Light.  We ask that you now shine your Light for others to see so that you may lead the way.  It is as they say, “a Lighthouse always leads ships to safe harbour”.  This is true of you.  Be that lighthouse, be that beacon of Light.  Without it many may not see clearly the path before them.  Assist and desist.  Assist those that choose to walk this path and desist judging those that choose not to.

It is important that all judgement be released, all judgement.  That includes those you see upon your television screens for although you may feel that they will not feel the ramifications of your judgement upon them, they do.  Thoughts are very powerful and travel across what you deem distance and time.  Each thought instantaneously has cause and effect.  Monitor all thoughts and ensure they are coming from the Light within.  This Light will then enable you to see clearly all thoughts before having them.  This may not make sense to some, however, if you look closely at the words spoken, “the Light within” will always ensure that you monitor your thoughts if you choose to do so.

We move into much change upon the planet.  Mother Earth is becoming aligned with the higher frequential energies, which is allowing for all discordant, inharmonious energies to be balanced and realigned.  Balance is key to remaining in the light.  With the re-aligning of the planet comes too the re-aligning of the self.  The left and right brain hemispheres are being balanced and this for some is quite unsettling.  Those that are of a very analytical mindset are finding it difficult to re-align these energies.  We ask that you not fight against the energies within, rather to flow with them.  Just be open to that which may flow through you.  Accept it, allow it and let it flow.  Be open to new ideas, be open to new concepts.  Who knows, if you are open you may receive the next new invention, or become the next great artist.  It is all there for you to have if you accept and allow.

Balancing the left and right brain hemispheres enables you to balance the masculine and feminine energies within and without.  It is not that you will appear feminine if you are in male form, or masculine if you are in female form.  It is that the love and compassion is balance with the will and the action and that enables you to step more fully into the Light and the Love that you are.  It allows for the integration of the Light body, it allows for the integration into the Adam/Eve Kadmon divine blueprint.  Donning the garment of Light raises you above the cause and effect of the matter realm into the higher Light dimensions.

It is these higher Light dimensions that Mother Earth is moving into and so it is important to realise that if she moves into these higher dimensions you will also.  If you are prepared and balanced then the ride will be joyous.  If not aligned and balanced then expect a bumpy ride.  We offer to you all the support and assistance you need to help you come into balance.  Ask and you shall receive.  We are unable to assist unless we have been asked to do so.  The energies are such that we are closer to you on all levels.  Some are seeing this in the literal sense.  The veil, if you will, is lifting.  There are some that are experiencing many visions.  Quite unsettling if one is not balanced and aligned with the Love and the Light that is within.

We wish for all of you to be aware that when you are aligned with the Light and the Love within you are aligned with the Light and the Love of the Divine Source.  This then means that we are all aligned with each other, we are One.  This feeling of unity of all is beyond words dear ones.  We wish we could portray to you this sensation, however, it is beyond explanation.  It is felt in every fibre of your being and it is experienced.  This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and we wish for you to know that we are here to help you receive it.

Feel the Love we have for you.  Experience this Love.  Take a moment and feel this wash over you, through you.  Feel it settle within your heart space.  Breathe it in and let it expand.  Let it expand out from you.  Allow it to touch those within your family unit.  Allow to extend out beyond your family unit to those in the community.  Expand further to those, to all, that walk their path upon Mother Earth.  You have no idea how this will be seen from above.  It will be as if the whole planet will glow from within.

See this and feel this and you will know that what we say is truth.  This will be experienced by all and for that we thank you.



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