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The radiance of the full moon has offered us all the opportunity to recognise that which may have been held within the shadows.  Illumination via the light of the moon has highlighted a collective field of energy that has kept many in the belief patterns and structures of a sense of being less than, a sense of not being good enough.


However this presents or plays out in each individual’s life, within their energetic sphere, within their quantum field, it will be unique to them.  If we are ready to look deeper through the illumined filaments of lunar light we may actually see that what binds us with these patterns of imperfection are just an energetic construct which can in fact be changed, transformed, and altered alchemically to patterns of perfection.


These higher refined cosmic radiations of lunar light have shone the light brightly for all to see these distorted patterns held within our own field.


It may be that you have worked upon the self to bring these patterns of imperfection into harmonious balance and yet you feel as though you are back to where you started.  As though all the work you have done upon the self does not seem to have stuck.


Taking a moment to connect with the True Divine Self can help us to see if there is something within that requires further exploration, further enquiry, or if it is the collective energy field that is being felt.  If it is a collective field energy we are sensing then we are able to assist with the integration of this by shining a light upon what has been reflected as an opportunity for growth and expansion.


Assisting others to recognise these distorted patterns is only helpful if they choose to be assisted.  The convoluted energy created by assuming another needs helps, that another may need fixing, can often create within the individual trying to help them the sense of not being good enough when the desired outcome for fixing them has not been attained.  This can set the distorted patterns back into a limiting configuration within the individual energy/quantum field.



These patterns can often feel sticky, as though one is stuck in old patterns, is stuck in old ways, old energy.  A technique that can assist is to imagine that these light filaments of distortion, of imperfection are lifted from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and entire light body complex as though lifting sticky cobwebs from the skin.  When these sticky filaments are lifted hold them to the organic crystalline light of the sun/the great central sun, to be cleansed, to be transformed into filaments of congruent crystalline lattice light and then imagine them assimilated in a cohesive pattern of perfection within the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and entire light body complex.  Take these filaments down to anchor them into the earth, connecting them to the organic crystalline matrix, to assist in alchemically transforming the collective energy field into higher light.  As more and more of us do this we each assist in lifting the adhesiveness of these distorted patterns, creating a higher light template for all to align with.


As we move through the embodiment phase, many patterns of imperfection, of distortion, will become illuminated.  Embodiment cannot occur if we are stuck in a warped web of falsehood.  By consciously choosing to integrate/assimilate new patterns and aligning with the crystalline heartbeat of Mother Nature/Earth/Gaia, we align to a new configuration, a recalibration with our own individuated organic crystalline matrix.


Be the illumined light of change by holding your light high to offer Earth/Gaia and the entire collective field new patterns of perfections and feel the reciprocation of love and light from Mother Nature herself.


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