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We sit with you in the energy of The One. What does that mean?  It is the energy you all sit within however you do not fully recognise it.  The energy of The One is always there and you always sit within it.  Recognition of this is difficult for many as you sit beneath the energy grid work or matrix of the third/fourth dimensional construct.  There are moments when you may feel the energy of The One and yet you may just as easily dismiss it as a coincidence, a weird feeling, or completely disregard it.  The energy of The One is just that, The Oneness, it is consciousness, it is light and it is all encompassing love.  It is all that is, ever was, ever will be and we use this in linear terms for you to better grasp.  There is no past, or future per se there is only now.  Right now you are one with The One, with the One light, with the One love, for you are One and you are lovelight.

Many of you find comfort in the arms of another. Many of you find comfort having a pet in your arms.  Many of you find comfort comforting a child.  Not many of you find comfort in your own self, in your own beingness.  This shift is occurring now and many are seeking to find comfort however they are unsure as to where to find it.  Comfort lies within in the arms of the grander self.  The grander self finds comfort in knowing it is one with the energy of The Oneness, of the One light and One love.  Your grander self, your soul self,  is already aware of this and can share this awareness with you if you will allow it.

Beingness is the recognition you are one with The Oneness. Beingness is walking upon the Earth in the vessel of your current incarnation knowing that you are Source.  Beingness is speaking, acting, sharing, caring, and loving from a place of knowing within that you are Source.  Can you image what a wonderful world it would be if each of you recognised you are Source.  The Masters that walked upon Gaia shared this information with you and still yet many are unwilling to hear the message.  This is not to say that you are grander than Source.  This is not to say that you created all.  This is a recognition that you come from and through the love and the light of the Creator of All that is.  You are the energy of Source, you are the light and the love of creation.  You are the same as all other beings and yet you are unique.  Loved into creation from the One source, from father/mother God (or any other interpretation you choose), you are all equal and yet hold your own unique energetic signature.

Recognising you are Source is recognising your truth. The light of your truth, your highest soul self, is the same light of the Oneness and yet it has its own unique vibration and harmonics.  The song of your soul was sung into creation through the dimensions and you hold all dimensions within you.  You have chosen to step down the vibrational frequencies within to experience in a polarised world upon a planet that has been under the hegemony of those that have chosen a power over others influence.  Those that have chosen to influence in this manner have chosen to forget that they are Source and have chosen to dim their light.  They have chosen instead to have others see them as a God and to dominate upon the materialistic duality worlds.

By choosing to remember that you are of The One light you raise your vibrational frequency into a new paradigm that cannot be affected by those that choose to dim their light and remain in the ‘power over others’ charge. Recognise that you are of much light and that your light shines brightly for all to see.  When others see the light in you they will be triggered into shining their light which will free them from the control milieu.

What does it mean to shine your light? It means to begin to recognise that you are more than you ever thought you were.  When you formulate this in your mind and question “Who am I” you will activate within you the keys and codes that will trigger your ascension process.  The ascension process is a remembrance of your truth.   To remember your truth you may have to release that which has hidden it from you.  You may even have to release those that choose to keep you bound in bandages of victimhood that hide the light within.  You may find that you will experience much change and yet all of this change will be directed by your grander self, the light of your truth if you allow it.  Let the star guide you home, your soul star.  Let your soul star shine the light on what you can release and transform.  Let your soul star shine the light on where to go, what to read, what to eat and how to act.  Let your soul star become the voice of reason within.  Let your soul star shine the light of your truth from within.

This is ascension and you are all on this path however some have chosen not to recognise it. Offer yourself the grandest gift you will ever receive, the gift of light, your true light, your soul song.  When you do you will feel the love you have for yourself.  You will feel the love within these words.  You will sit within the energy and light and love of The One and you will feel it now.  And so it is….


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