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Only now are you beginning to realise the extent of what has been said over and over these last few of your Earthly months.  We have been saying to you that the unrest, the chaos, the disharmony is due to the clearing of the old energies to make way for the new.  The Earth is purging all that does not resonate with the new crystalline matrix and so too are you as human bodies, clearing out that which no longer resonates with the new crystalline bodies.  Much has needed to be cleared and the week prior to, the event of, and this week after the Equinox, Solar eclipse, Super new moon, has been and will be an intense clearing time for all.

Just when you thought that you had worked through most of your stuff, so to speak, something seems to jump up and bite you on the nose.  It is not what presents itself to you dear ones it is how you respond and react to that which presents itself.  Do you lash out with anger?  Do you yell back at another in retaliation?  Do you take it with bowed head knowing you are wrong?  We ask you to look at how you react and respond to that which presents itself for clearing and ask yourself if you have held within your heart in that moment of love?  Did you react and respond with love?  Did you retaliate at all or hold yourself back from retaliating holding love in your heart and knowing that all is well and as it should be.

These are intense emotional, mental and physical times dear ones and it has taken many of you upon a rollercoaster with many twists and turns.  Does your body feel as though it has run a marathon without any preconditioned training?  Do you have crazy thoughts and think you are going mad?  Do you cry at the drop of a hat and not know why?  All of these questions we have asked, if answered with a yes, are conducive to the extent of the energies that are showering upon you at this time.  These will continue into April and May, however, we say to you that the more you consciously choose to clear or transmute the easier it will be to navigate these waves of frequencies.

Many light codes that sit within your energy field have been triggered and many more will do so over the up and coming months.  These triggers allow for the physical bodies to adapt to these higher frequencies and it also allows you to awaken within the remembrance of who you are.  Your levels of awareness will increase and you will begin to seek more and more wisdom.  There are many that channel many master, archangels and Beings of Light that can assist you on your awakening journey, however, we say to you that there is no other soul more wise than yourself.  You will read and read and read many channelled messages and get what it is you need from them, however, a time will come when even they do not sate your appetite for knowledge and wisdom.  That is appropriate as it is the knowledge and wisdom you hold within your own being that you seek.  It is the reason for being here upon Earth in these evolving times that you seek, your purpose.

It is important for you all to realise how very crucial it is to your transforming selves that you go within and connect more deeply with the self.  Some may ask ‘how can this be done’?  Some may say they are too busy and do not have the time.  We say to you that it matters not that you spend 2 hours in meditation or 2 minutes in meditation.  It is the quality of the meditation that is most important.  If you can relax the mind, breathe deeply, relax all parts of the body and allow yourself to be and allow the higher aspect of you, your Divine I Am, to be present in that moment, then that is a quality 2 minute meditation.  Please be aware that your Divine I Am, your higher self are never separate from you.  They are always present, however, if you consciously allow and consciously receive ‘you’ then that is what makes it quality not quantity.

We understand that many are busy in your Earthly careers etc., however, there are always ways that you can connect with you.  Driving in your vehicle is one way to breathe deeply and consciously choose to, even if you say out loud, connect with you.  You may think this notion a little funny, however, we say to you that there is no greater force than that of loving intent.  If you lovingly choose to connect with you you will be surprised at the mountains you can move.  The mountains are metaphoric and can represent many things in one’s life.  It can be a mountain of paperwork upon ones desk at work.  Suddenly you have the energy and drive to complete it.  It can be a mountain of emotional baggage you have carried for years.  Suddenly it is as if someone has cleaned out your baggage and made it lighter for you – that somebody is you.  It may be a mountain of housework that seems to keep piling up.  All of a sudden you find yourself energised to get through it all.  You find you put the music on and dance your way through it enjoying it without even realising it.

Loving intent is one of the greatest forces that bring about manifestation of that which one desires.  If one is in a balanced state and one is able to lovingly intend for that which one desires, one will be surprised at how quickly this will manifest.    We repeat that one will be surprised at how quickly it will manifest.  We ask you to be aware that only those desires that have loving intent behind them will manifest in the highest and best way.  Should you choose to manifest negativity then that also will transpire quickly?  If you choose to manifest ill will toward another then, dear ones, that will be reflected back to the self as that wavelength of frequency is not one of love.  In these new energies the choice to wish another harm or ill-will will only cause much turmoil within the self of those that attempt to send that ill will to another.

Be mindful of your thoughts, actions, deeds and words as these are forms of energy that can either envelope another with love or can be deflected from another’s energy sheath to bounce back upon the self.  As each and every one of you are becoming more aligned with the higher aspect of the self the stronger your energy field, the stronger and more powerful you are.  Self-empowerment is what we refer to here and when you can align with this self-empowerment and feel this from within you will be able to walk tall with your heads held high knowing that you are so much more connected with you, with the knowledge and wisdom that you have been so intent on finding.  As the self is love when you walk in this place of self-empowerment you will literally be walking in love.  It will be that a bubble of love surrounds you and this will extend out from you, walking with you everywhere you go, talking with you every word you speak, thinking with you every thought you have.

Consciously choosing this and consciously being aware of this is allowing the master within to express without.  You are all masters and we rejoice knowing that many of you are quickly beginning to realise this.  A master is one that walks upon the earth in balance.  Allow the balance of the left and right brain hemispheres.  Allow the balance of the Divine masculine and Divine feminine.  Feel this balance and know that you can walk in the same shooes as the masters before you.  You are all masters and now is the time for all to realise this.  You have many who wish to be of service to you and we wait patiently for your requests for help.  We love you and offer to you our support at all times.

Feel our loving embrace as you walk upon the planet in Grace.

And so it is…..


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