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With the increasing energies there comes a dispensation to align one’s self with the sacred union of self. Now many will not understand what that means and we would like to allow for you all to understand.  Many will understand and how they perceive it is appropriate for them.  There is no right or wrong way to receive this message, or any message for that matter.  It is your own unique system, your own individual comprehension of what is presented that allows you to process and integrate what you have read, received and allowed.

As you are aware we are moving into higher light frequencies. That not only goes for all upon Earth it also applies to the many galaxies and universes for one cannot be unaffected if there is an ascension taking place.  As these higher energies are taken within, and they are even if you are not fully aware of it, they allow you to align with the many aspects of self and with one’s own divine truth.  It is through this alignment with the truth of the self that sacred union occurs and it alignment of truth occurs when one experiences sacred union.  It is both and so one cannot happen without the other.  Whilst many sit back and wait for something to happen many are proactive with their approach to this and choose to have a conscious awareness of it and to consciously work toward this goal.  Those that choose to consciously be aware and to consciously work toward such union will be taken into greater awareness and expansion before those that wait patiently.  Again there is no right or wrong way to approach this.  All is well with whatever choice you make and it will be intuitively known by you which way to go.

With many working consciously toward this goal they will begin to see a familiar pattern happening within them. This patterning will be one of being presented with situations that allow for awareness of that which is to be cleared, transformed or transmuted.  When things wriggle their way to the surface that requires you to address them they are giving you the opportunity to clear them.  When fears surface you are being given an opportunity to release them and love them free.  Many do not understand these things, events, situations to be blessings in disguise rather they prefer to see them as dramatic and traumatic experiences that happen to them because they are unlucky.

We have mentioned many times before that your thoughts create your world and any thoughts that keep you locked in drama and traumatic experiences will continue to recycle or resurface only to play over and over again and again until the expanded understanding of what has just happened is comprehended, much like the hamster on the wheel. He runs and runs and runs and wears himself out trying to get further and further ahead only to realise that he is still where he started from and doing the same thing, running on the spot.  When the karmic wheel keeps you running on the spot it is time to take a closer look at why and allow yourself to see this from a different perspective.  It is not until you are able to allow yourselves to look closely at yourselves and the situations you find yourself in and ask what it is you can learn from the experience will you be able to get off the wheel and reach your destination.

Every now and then you will be able to see clearly and every now and again you will be unable to see at all. Most of the time the reason you are unable to see at all is due to fears that have kept you shrouded in darkness and these fears, unless they are allowed to surface and be seen in truth, will keep you under the blanket of the lower dimensions.  It is not difficult to clear these fears at all as some of you wold believe.  It is in fact much easier now than it was even five of your years ago.  The reason it is not difficult is due to the many energetic downloads humanity has received.  Not to mention the many Divine Mother love washes that the Earth has experienced.  You have all heard of the tsunami of love and if you have not it is nothing more than great waves of love that have washed over, through and around the planet and over, through and around every man, woman and child upon the planet.  All of the animals and elementals have also received these love washes and there have been many.

These love washes have allowed humanity to open their heart portals to allow more love to flow not only in but outwardly as well. Once must realise that just as the breath goes in it also flows out and that is the same as these love washes.  The love flows in and whilst it is in there, in you, it is activating sacred geometries, templates and cellular changes creating a platform for the new human, the new body, the crystalline silicon based body.  As the love flows out it is melting away conflicts, balancing emotions, illuminating truth.  You have all heard the expression ‘it melts the heart’ and that is in fact a great analogy for what occurs when one is bathed in the tsunamis of love.  It melts away the hard crust that has covered many hearts and you will find that family units begin to harmonise better and internal struggles and conflicts are melted away.  When one is able to look at this as a blessing and to allow that which needs melting to melt one is then able to see what truly lies beneath.  And we tell you dear hearts that what lies beneath is the truth of which you are, the shining example of the expression of love in a human form walking upon the planet having a human experience.

You are love and you are light. The truth of who you are is ready to shine freely out into the world to create in a multitude of ways.  When ones creations are expressed through and with love then the new Earth will emerge.  The new Earth is one of harmony, balance, peace, compassion and love and all of you who are consciously working upon yourself to align with these qualities within and without will indeed be walking within the new world.  Your world is your own creative expression and when one expresses love one lives a life of love.  Energy out is energy back as they say.  When one transforms ones fears, limiting structures and that which binds them to the lower frequencies one will move from the karmic wheel into the wheel of love.

We bring these words through to you this day so that you may focus more upon love. One cannot evolve without love.  Love of self is to be fully realised in order to fully love another.  And you might say ‘how do I love myself when I have been told all my life that to love myself is being selfish’?  It is not selfish to look deeply within the self and to discover hidden truths that reveal greater wisdom and expanded awareness.  It is not selfish to clear unwanted energies and the baggage you have carried for aeons.  It is not selfish to love the fact that you are consciously being aware of that which you create, that which you think and that which you manifest.  It is your birthright and as we have said many times before ‘claim your birthright now’.  All of you are able to claim your birthright now and all of you will be given the opportunity to experience love on such a scale you have never felt before.

We ask you now to sit and hold out your hands and ask that you be given two balls of energy, the size of an orange, one in each hand.  We ask that you imagine that you hold these balls of energy underneath the running waters, the flowing light fields of love that stream from the cosmic love tap.  This love tap can be regulated to the stream flow you choose and it may be that you fill the balls of energy in your hands to the top or to half way.  Whatever is appropriate for you is perfect.  When these balls of love are filled to the level you have chosen we ask that you send to these balls of energy an intention.  Place one intention inside one of the balls of energy and the other intention inside the other.  Your intention may be that ‘with this love I melt all hatred within my heart’ or it may that ‘with this love I open to receive more of the truth of who I am’.  It can be whatever intention you like so be creative.  Now with one of your hands hold that ball of energy high and offer it to Source, Divine Mother/Divine Father and ask that they enhance the love quotient that allow you to achieve your intent.  Very slowly place that ball within your heart centre and feel the love enter into every cell and space between the cells.  This love will automatically spread out for it seems to multiply within the body.  It expands and expands and fills every cell and every space between the cells.  It is as if you feel the bubbles of love within you.  It is exciting and so it is you look forward to now holding up the other ball of love energy and asking that Divine Mother/Divine Father enhance this ball of love energy to the highest quotient appropriate for you.  Take this ball now and place it into your heart and when you do again you will feel it fill the cells and spaces, spreading out and expanding to fill the entire body,  much like the fizziness of champagne bubbles in a wine glass.  Thank not only Divine Mother/Father but also yourself for enhancing your love quotient.  This is what loving the self is all about.

This little exercise can be done at any time and different intents can be used each time you do it. There are no rules to this, there is no specific doctrine to follow it is merely a visualisation or imagination exercise that can be done to allow you to open your heart centre to receive more love.  And as we have said before the more love you receive the more you can share.  We offer this to you with love and we ask that you feel our love as we envelope you in our arms.  Be open to receive and you will be amazed at the changes that occur in your life.  We thank you for loving the self for when you do you shine a light and when you shine your light it affects all of us.  We are all connected through love for love is all there is.  And so it is….


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