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For aeons of time the Divine Feminine Love has been neglected upon the planet.  There have been those in power that have deliberately withheld knowledge about how important it is to reconnect with the Divine Feminine within.  When one takes the qualities of the Divine Father and combines it with the qualities of the Divine Mother you have absolution, completion you have Love of such power.  And that is what has been kept from humanity, the knowledge of this power that resides within all of you.  For how else could the few control the masses, but by taking away their knowledge of the innate power that resides within.

It is time now for you all to become inherently aware of your own power.  There is not one soul who does not have the ability to connect with this Divine energy, this Divine power, this Love.  The most powerful force in the world, in all of existence, is Love.  It is time now for you to reconnect with the Love within, to acknowledge this Love, to share this Love.  In order to share this Love one must first realise they themselves are Love, to accept the Love within the self, for one is unable to share what one does not have.

It is time now for all to reach deep within and rediscover who they are.  The energy portals of the 11/11 (11th November) and 12/12 (12th December) allow for you all to strip away all remaining belief structures, limiting patters, all self-loathing, all self-pity and all burdens you have placed upon yourself.  You may say that others have placed many things upon you and that it is not your doing that you do not love yourself.  Dear ones if you could truly see the beauty that you are, the magnitude of your light within, then you would understand how very beautiful you are.  There is no thing, no person, no event that can take that from you.  The Light and Love of who you truly are is there within you at all times.  It may have been clouded over, it may have been blocked, however, is it safe to say that it has been blocked by the self to prevent the self from being hurt.

Shine your light every day.  Shine it a little more each day and you will soon see that the limitations and blockages you placed upon yourself will lift.  Be strong and hold onto the belief that there is so much more to you.  You are a Divine being of Light and Love and although you are here upon Earth to have a human experience, the Soul within will always shine brightly if you allow it.

Again we tell you that you are not alone.  All of your cares, your worries, your concerns and stresses can be given to us and we shall assist you in releasing them.  We are but waiting to be invited to do so.  Now is the time for these limitations to be lifted from your hearts.  We would like to share with you a visualisation you could use to assist in the lifting of these burdens, limitations and blockages.


Take 3 of your big long breaths in, pause at the height of the breath, then slowly release it.  Do this three times and feel or imagine yourself drop into the centre of your sacred heart.  This sacred heart can be felt/imagined as though it sits very closely behind your own physical heart.  Imagine it is a crystalline heart of light.  Drop into the centre of this heart knowing that you are connecting with the higher aspect of yourself, with you Divine I Am presence.  Take a moment to feel/imagine your own loving arms wrap around you in an embrace of Love you have not previously felt.  Feel this Love wash over you as do the waves wash over the sand.   

Feel/imagine now that all of your cares, worries, burdens, limitations be gathered into a pile.  Imagine that you are taking these cares, worries etc. from your physical, mental and emotional bodies and gathering them up into a pile.  You have many options now as to how you are able to deal with this pile you have gathered.  You are able to see the Divine Violet Flame of transmutation engulfing this pile and completely dissolving it.  You can gather this pile in your arms and hand it all over to your Angels/Guides and ask for their assistance in transmuting it.  You are able to obliterate this pile with laser beams coming from your eyes.  You are so creative you are able to create whatever scenario works for you and when this is done in the highest and best way you will fell very much more liberated.  You will feel so much lighter and freer.   

Thank yourself and your Angels/Guides for their assistance.  Whatever you feel needs to be released can be done in this way.  It really is quite simple, however, it does require the belief that it is possible.  If you require assistance in believing it to be possible then you can ask Your Divine I Am presence to teach you how to believe in this.  You are the creators of your own.  Be responsible for the life you choose to lead.  Take back your power, claim it now.  You have permission to do so.   

When you have finished with the clearing exercise return to crystalline heart centre and take 3 of your deep breaths.  Feel/imagine your feet planted firmly upon the ground, you can even send roots out into the ground to help you stay grounded.  Know that you are now able to release all that no longer serves you just by doing this simple exercise. 


There are many things you can create for you truly are the creators of your own world.  Each of you has the ability to imagine.  All it takes is a little imagination and the intent to do so and you will be surprised at what transpires in these coming days.  The energy upon the planet enables you to create in an instant so be very mindful of your thoughts.  Keep all thoughts positive and happy for if you focus on what is wrong in your world then these will be enhanced tenfold.

You are all beings of Divine Love and Light.  Claim your power now and allow yourself to create the happiness, the joy, the abundance, the Love you long for.  You are your own creators, you are all co-creators.  It is so very important to realise that the power of your thoughts are so very powerful.  Be true to the Love and the Light within and bring to you the positive things you choose rather than the negative things.

We can assist you and we are here to do so, however, we cannot change your thoughts.  We can assist you to think more positively if given permission to do so, however, we cannot plant a thought in your mind for you.  We can nudge you, we can Love you, we can communicate with you and have dialogue with you, however, you are the creator of your own thoughts.  Create the peace, the Love, the harmony and joy that you desire.  We are with you always.

In Love, Light and Grace it is you we embrace.


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