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When you are ready to take the quantum leap you will be given every opportunity to do so. Every person upon the planet will be given, is given, and has been given every opportunity appropriate for them to take a leap of faith.  It matters not how that is presented it matters only that it is recognised as such, and if one chooses to they can act upon it.  We are at a juncture in time and we reference time for it is changing.  The time as you know it through your linear lens is melting away.  It is dissolving at a rate of knots and those that are bound by time will be finding themselves in little pockets here and there where they feel stuck.  Step yourselves out of time and allow yourselves to go with the flow of the new time, which is no time, which is the moment of now.

Whenever you are prepared to take the quantum leap, and we refer to it as being quantum for indeed it is, you will be shown how. Now do not perceive this to be in the physical sense where someone knocks on our door and says “righto, get your gear, we are going for a leap”.  It is that you will be shown either through the work you do upon the self, or an opportune doorway will open within the career sector, or a moment of clarity will occur.  There are myriad ways in which you will be shown, however, you must be open to receive them and see them.  Trust that the you, the higher aspect of you, on the other side of the veil knows what is the best way to present these opportunities to you.  Know also that the veil that the higher aspect of you is on the other side of is dissolving also.  There is no other side per se, there is only oneness and the you that you perceive outside of yourself on the other side of the veil is actually within.  It is that time is collapsing in on itself rather than dissolving.  Now this takes us into another level of understanding so for the purposes of today’s communication we shall say that there is a sense that the veil is dissolving and that time is melting.

There are many communications that come from those that are of pure heart and there are also many communications upon the internet that do not come from a place of pureness. It is important that you look within and discern what is true to you for what is true to you may not be true for another.  You will find that you will feel truth if you allow that pureness, that spoken love and light, to enter your own heart and be seen, heard or felt for what it is.  Trust that you heart will guide you to your truth.  Do not get caught up in the impure.  Do not attach yourself emotionally and mentally to the misunderstandings others may have.  Trust only in what you feel is your truth for there are many that choose to knock down the tall poppy as they say.

Being true to you is the most important thing for you to do in these changing energies. Those that seek out others that offer spiritual guidance, we ask that you be discerning of what they offer.  If they offer for you to be true to you and offer you assistance in remembering the connection you have to your divine self then they come from a pure heart.  Those that ask you to follow their ways and ask that you follow certain programs that say you will only be a master if you do this or that may not be coming from a place of pure heart.  Be discerning and trust in the guidance you, the higher you, gives to you.  It is most important now for those that are seeking a spiritual path be guided to the remembrance of their own divinity.  Each and every one of you is equal regardless of who has been doing spiritual work and who hasn’t and who has been doing it the longest.  We are all individuated aspects of the One light and we are all in this together.  Yes there are some that have attained a high level of light within their physical structure and they are able to shine brightly.  These are the ones that can allow you to navigate a safe path through rocky roads.  Trust that your own light will guide you to those that can assist you through the rocky terrain.

Be kind to yourselves and be gentle as you move through the terrain. Sometimes where you place your feet, as you walk forward into the light of your truth, can be imbalanced underfoot causing you to wobble and fall.  Know that there are those beautiful bright souls that offer an open hand to help you stand again and it is the ones that allow you to stand in your own true light that will lift you higher and higher.  You will always come across those that have their own agenda.  Some of you are beginning to realise that those that you thought were friends no longer seem to resonate to your new level of light.  Indeed there are those that seem to have helped you to fall over, or even pushed you over.  As much as we would like to place blame upon another for the soreness, the pain, the emotional hurt, we feel when we fall over it is important to realise that you allowed yourselves to be pushed over.

There are many limiting beliefs and structures set in place that prevent you from seeing your own light and prevent you from believing in the strength of your own light. Ask yourself “Am I a pushover”?  Are you?  You can only fall over if you do not stand tall in your light, in your divine light of truth.  It is your own divine light that will brace you from falling and will hold you erect.

A simple tool we would like to share with you is to imagine you are standing tall in a column of light that has expanded from the column of light in your spine and it goes out into the Omniverse connecting with Source, father/mother God, and anchors down into the ground all the way to the crystalline heart of mother Earth, Gaia. Imagine that the column, although it is light, has firm walls and there is no room for you to be pushed over in.  Imagine that if you teetered to the left or right you would be held upright by the strength of your own light, the walls of the column.  Of course we say to you that these walls are permeable and fluid however for this exercise they can become firm to hold you firm.

To release the belief “I am a pushover” we ask you to take a big deep breath as you stand in your column of light and as you breathe out you imagine the actual words aligned in the sentence “I am a pushover” are being breathed out in the form of the entire sentence. As you imagine this sentence coming out from you and whether it be through the nose or through the mouth or through the skin it matters not.  Imagine that as it comes out of you into your column of light it is transmuted into light, it fuses with your light, and it no longer exists in a structured format.

Imagine that when you breathe in you are replacing that structured belief with the divine light of your truth, which is in fact the One light, the light of Source, the light of mother/father God, which is LOVE. As you breathe this in pause at the height of the breath and allow that moment of pause to instil the new light, this love, within every cell and cell memory, within every molecule, within every atom and subatomic particle.  You are now infused with more with more of your own divine light and love and more of the divine love and light of Source, mother/father God.

The more you practice this simple technique the more you will find that you will be standing firm and no-one, or no-thing can push you over. This can be used for all self-imposed limitations.  You are the light of truth.  Shine brightly for all to see and as more and more of you are true to your light then your light will expand from within touching all in its path.

It is important for you all to realise that you are all of such light and until you do, until you have that cognitive understanding of this, you will find yourselves in situations where the road beneath you is still quite rocky. If it suits you to find another that can assist you on your path then trust that the higher aspect of you will guide you to those that would be of the most suitable resonance for you.  You are your greatest guides so ask the guiding light that you are to over light you on your path, pointing you in the direction to find those that can assist you.

You all have many that surround you each and every day. There is no veil that separates us from you, it is an illusory veil.  We will assist you to stand up if you fall and we will assist you to stand tall in your own divine light and love.  We offer our hands, our love, to each of you and if you choose to take our hands then trust that you will not be giving yourself away to someone else for we are all in this together, we are all of One light and never separate from you.  And so it is…


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