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Today we welcome you in this pulsating light. This light is pulsating in and around you and it is recognised by you as you are feeling this within.  We welcome you into our circle and we love all that you do.  We would like to share with you an excerpt from the book of self if we may.  What does that mean?  It is within your knowledge and within your DNA for that is the book of self.  Your DNA is your book, it is your manuscript, it is you.  The DNA is being revolutionised and the new divine blueprint is being rewoven.  The light filaments that weave in through and around your DNA are being rewoven to the new pattern for the new human vehicle.  This new human vehicle is about to come online for many of you star seeds and those that are just awakening are preparing to receive this new interdimensional multi-lace.  Let us look at this for a moment if we may.  Thank you.

There is a tapestry of design that this local universe was interwoven around. This is the universal blueprint and this universal blueprint is reweaving its fabric around the current ascension status of your planet and all humanity.  As each of you have the new lace light filaments woven into, through and around your DNA to create the new crystalline organic human you are creating a template that can be used by universal systems elsewhere.

It is much like an embroiderer receiving a design from a client and this design is entered into the computerised machines so that a stitch file can be created. This stitch file is digitised and entered into the computerised machine then the process of embroidering takes place.  When this embroidering finishes the design on the garment is the same as the design of the template.  Yet even though there is a template original from which many garments can be embroidered we say to you that because of who you are, because of the co-creator abilities of the new human you are able to tweak your design and take it into higher light.  Even though you have an original template to work from you are able to redesign, if you will, the specifics of your DNA so that your organic bodies can hold more of your own higher dimensional light within.  You are tweaking the original design a little.

This could be likened to replacing the yellow thread in the embroidered pattern with gold thread and the white thread with opalescent crystalline/metallic thread. This will give off what is called a shot look where the different coloured threads pick up the light and reflects the light giving it a shimmered effect.

We would like to return now to the DNA. As humanity redefines their own DNA structure within the overlay of the universal blueprint you will create the woven bridge into the higher dimensions.  Some may refer to this bridge as the rainbow bridge.  This is the bridge that reaches out from you across dimensions so that you may traverse the higher light filaments and weave your own tapestry.  You will be able to bypass the quagmire of the lower dimensions, freeing yourselves from the loops that keep you bound to the old fashioned loom that recycles the old fabric design.  This recycled fabric design is the 3rd dimensional incarnational self.  You will then be able to weave your own interdimensional ornamentation allowing you to step fully into the higher dimensions or should we say able to allow the higher dimensional you to be fully interlaced into the organic body.

It is important that you understand that this new human, this new you, will require a lot of clearing and cleansing. If we liken this to a tapestry or fabric that has been sown and you realise that you have made an error.  You can correct this error by unpicking the stiches, removing the excess thread and starting again.  You can easily quick unpick your heaviness, your burdens, and your denseness so that you can revert back to the correct alignment of the pattern of perfection.  It is up to you how you choose to unstitch your imperfections, there is no right or wrong.

You are redesigning yourselves. You are setting yourself free from the heavy threads that bind you to the same loop of consciousness taking you into the ascended loom of consciousness.  As you do this you are being monitored shall we say?  Each of you holds a certain amount of light and those that are able to hold more light will create a new thread in which others can use to weave into their ascension process.  As more of you hold more light these threads will interlace with Gaia’s garments of light and Gaia’s garments of light will interlace with the galactic garments of light and so on.

It is important for you all to recognise that you are experiencing some form of change in your life. This experience may be financially, geographically, health or family oriented but there will be some form of change occurring.  This shift is creating all of you with an opportunity to see clearly the dense threads that keep you attached to that which no longer resonates with the new you.  Some of you will not even notice that change is occurring and put it down to what you perceive as bad stuff happening to you.  We ask those of you that are aware to assist those that are just awakening and help them to see that there is a shift occurring.  This shift is preparing you for what is to come.  And what is to come is going to require you to cope with the light of our true essence self.  It is also preparing you to cope with that which has kept you bound to the lower dimensional light filaments and why you have kept re-weaving these denser light filaments into your divine design.

A revelation is in the air and you are all preparing for it now. This revelation will enable you to go back to the drawing board and arrange your own ornamentation so that you can embody and interweave the new you as you walk upon Gaia.  Rather than plodding upon the surface of the Earth you will be gliding across her surface and she is preparing the way for you.  Take yourselves out upon the surface of the Earth and sit in gratitude for all she has done for you.  Sit with her in nature and allow the DNA light filaments from the Sun to scintillate your own DNA light filament threads.  Be consciously aware when you do this and allow for the alterations to your garments.  Be consciously aware of the changes occurring in and around you.  Be consciously aware of the new you for you are conscious beings of divine light.  And so it is…

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