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There is a movement taking place and as you know this movement is being enlightened shall we say. The movement we speak of is not only within many realms it is also within.  This is an epic journey you/we are one and we have worked diligently with you to bring more light into our being.  This light you receive is being infused with the light we receive.  As you evolve we evolve and vice versa.

We give you the following metaphor.


This is a many way street and it is as though there is a street intersection, all converging into one busy juncture. This intersection has many vehicles passing through it and these vehicles are the physical expression you have had upon Gaia.  This is a metaphor we would like to share with you.  You have many incarnations across many timelines and these expressions of self are coming to the intersection to merge and meet.  When this intersection is full of the incarnated selves you have had it will feel a little congested shall we say.  There will be metaphoric vehicles going left, right and centre.  These vehicles could be cars, trucks, motorbikes or even bicycles.  Not one of these vehicles will crash into another as there seems to be an organised chaos.  The vehicles may even appear to be translucent and will merge with another as they pass simultaneously.  The radiance of the vehicles seems to interchange and move in through and around each other as though they are one, for indeed they are.  As they merge in the central point of the intersection it is as though they represent one vehicle rather than hundreds.  They appear superimposed one upon the other like a holographic image.  The central point is the current incarnated self you are expressing now.  Ascension is the merging of these holographic expressions into the now and doing so consciously.  It is a merging of timelines and of self/selves.  Each of you is experiencing this in some way and it is not going to be recognised by some for quite some time.  Those that are aware are already experiencing the remembrance of life expressions.

The life expressions you have had will come into focus and this may be fleetingly or it may be an experience like the intersection where you have many experiences at once. This may come in many different ways or formats.  For some they may experience a great desire to change their diet and eat a specific way in alignment with a life expression or expressions they have had in another country.  It may be that some may be interested in a creative activity like dance or painting.  Each of these will be something you have experienced in another expression of self and you are feeling the merge of this within you.  Some may have a strong desire to assist in the conservation and preservation of forests, animals, waterways etc., aligning with the life expressions that held your passion in those areas.  Some of you may indeed experience visual dreams or holographic images where you see clearly in a dream or in your mind’s eye a person wearing a particular style of clothing from a certain era.

All of this can be quite confusing to those that are not aware of what is taking place. For those that are aware and have experienced this we ask that you assist those that are unaware.  Tell them of your experiences and explain to them that they are not going crazy and that it is a necessary part of their ascension process.  For those that choose not to ascend that is their choice and one to be respected.

There is a greater influx of energy and some of you can feel the shifts occurring within. These shifts will be in alignment with where your energy is at and you will experience only that which you are able to cope with.  For those of you that have chosen to be here upon Gaia at this time you are all capable of tolerating a great deal in the way of energy shifts.  Your choice to be here was because you were strong enough and powerful enough to tolerate the incoming gamma waves and light codes, the white light diamond crystalline codes.  These gamma waves and light codes trigger the neural pathways and Kundalini awakening within activating the new you, the Christed consciousness you.

The white light diamond crystalline codes are carried throughout blood vessels of the body like coral spawn is carried upon the ocean currents. The keys and codes activate birthing the new within just as the coral spawn gametes birth the new coral reefs.


You will align with the highest resonant frequency appropriate for you in the now moment. This is a most astounding synchronistic event.  Shift, or birthing the new, occurs all the time and if you look at it from a linear perspective what is appropriate for you now may not be appropriate for you in a month’s time.  It is all relevant to where your frequency levels are now.

Can you hear the whisperings of your heart? We ask you to stop, take a moment and feel, hear or sense the whisperings of your heart.  Your heart will guide you.  Your heart is your compass.  We speak not only of the physical heart but of the sacred heart, the high heart.  This heart opening has already occurred for many however there are many experiencing this daily.  Be conscious of the feelings and emotions you are experiencing.  If you feel like you want to cry for no apparent reason then we say to you that your heart is releasing what no longer serves it.  Place your hands over your heart and allow the emotions to release.  Smile as you let go of what no longer resonates with you.  Do not judge what you feel nor try to analyse it.  Be in the moment with the feelings, sensations and emotions of it.  As you smile imagine that you are bringing balance back in at a deeper level.  You will find with practice that you are much more blissfully content.

All that we speak of is truth, however, it may not be your truth and that is fine. We encourage you to listen to your truth and take only what resonates for you and leave the rest.  We are not here to try to convert you or to push anything upon you.  We are here to allow you make a choice as to what you feel aligned with and in doing so we are strengthening your discernment gauge.  We promote discernment and ask that you become more aware of what does not ring true for you.  If anger rises in you about something you are watching on your television then ask yourself what the anger is showing you.  It may just be that what you are viewing is not your truth.  You have a choice to continue watching and to continue with the feeling of anger or you can turn the TV off and release the anger knowing that it does not serve you.

If you are in a conversation with someone and they are pushing their beliefs upon you and you feel a resistance to it, or maybe a sense of irritation, then discern where this feeling is coming from or why you feel irritated. Rather than debate with this person or get in to a heated discussion it would serve you well to either change the subject or explain that you have to hurry away as you need to be elsewhere.  Being tolerant of what another may deem as their truth can be a difficult thing at first.  Understanding that what they perceive as their truth may not be your truth and by allowing them to experience their truth without opposition is one of the greatest gifts you can give to another.

Being true to you, is being true to all. And so it is…

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