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There is a great deal of anticipation in the air as we move into the refined frequencies that are streaming forth at this present time. It is as if a stream of anticipation heads the way for all of you upon the planet.  Many are feeling that the coming eclipses are to bring much enlightenment and will allow one to step more fully into the integrated aspects of the multi-dimensional self.  There are those that are still without the guiding light, so to speak, and choose to prevent or make it difficult for others to move into their higher states of awareness.  The evolution of the spiritual awakening upon Earth will happen regardless of what others do to prevent it.  It is important to trust in the self and to follow ones’ heart for then one will truly feel blessed.

Often times are not so pleasant happenings in your daily lives. There are moments when all seems so hard.  There are moments when the fear overloads you and you get yourselves so worked up you are unable to see clearly what next to do.  We have said many times before, and many others have told you, to reconnect with the self.  It is of utmost importance that you all begin to reconnect with the self.  Not knowing how, wondering if you are doing it incorrectly are all attempts of the ego to prevent you from doing so.  It does come back to self-worth and self-love and the ego will do much to prevent you from coming into a place of balanced alignment with the self.

Please understand that we do not repeat these things over and over for we feel you are incompetent or do not get it. We repeat these things so it places within your thinking structure a little reminder that, although you may not be aware, the ego may strike at any time.  It is necessary to understand that the ego has been one of your greatest teachers and to be thankful for the lessons you have learnt from it allows for the alignment of the ego with the Divine will of your I am presence with much more ease.  There will always be moments that it presents itself, and rather than hating the self or admonishing the self for letting it present itself, look at what is presented and work to clear it, to balance it, to shed yourself of that little shadow that still remains.

It is so much easier for you all to work through the multitude of miscreations that are not in alignment with your true essence. With this collective consciousness awakening the energies allow for one to be able to release that which no longer serves with more ease.  Although for those beginning their awakening journey it helps to have a linearised method to follow to release that which no longer serves it is now that one is able to release without having to follow protocols.  Just the intent for it to be released, the actual witnessing of it released and the knowing it is released for all time and between times is all that is required.  You, your Divine highest soul self, your Divine I am, knows what is needed and does so with your intent.  Giving yourself permission to do so is what intent is.

Many will be concerned as to how to witness that it is gone, that what you intended to release has actually been released. How do I witness it, with my eyes?  To witness something is the act of seeing it happen according to many of your dictionaries.  How does that apply to a blind person?  A blind person cannot witness that which has taken place visually.  A blind person can sense that something has happened, a blind person can hear that something has happened, a blind person can actually feel that something has happened.  It may not be that you are able to actually see that which you choose to release actually be released.  It may be that something within you feels different, lighter somehow.  It may be that you feel a dropping within the self.  It may be that you hear a whooshing sound or it may be that you just know.  One must trust in the self and know that what you feel, sense, or know is your intuition letting you know that your intent has come to fruition.

This will assist in reconnecting with and re-igniting your intuitive abilities and aspects. So many disregard the messages your intuitive self, your higher self, gives you.  It is time to reconnect with your intuitive self.  Listen, feel, sense, see and know the intuitive messages you are receiving.  Trust in them and believe that you are capable of being your own guide.  You are your own guide.  Many look outside of the self for their spirit guide their spiritual teacher.  Many would be shocked to discover that it is actually your multifaceted self that is your greatest guide, your greatest teacher.  Reconnect with the you that is within, not without.

When you do this dear ones you will begin to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of self love, a sense of self-worth. You are going to be amazed at how much stronger the connection will be.  In these changing energies upon the planet many will have profound experiences of their reconnections with the self.  Many will be changed instantly as the profundity of the reconnection has such an impact upon them.  You may even see this in people you know.  You are all moving into the energies for change.  How much you wish to change is your free choice.  You must be mindful that if someone chooses profound change and you don’t you must allow them to be free to do so without judgement of them or placing restrictions upon them.  It is also that the ego can bring forth feelings of jealousy.  Instead of being caught in the drama of the jealousy ask what it is that is being presented to you so you can clear it.  Allowing another to walk their spiritual path, regardless of how they choose to, is the greatest gift you can give.  Being jealous of their progress and wallowing in self-pity etc. will lower your vibrational frequencies.  It will not affect them, it will only diminish your own light.

Do not diminish your own light by wishing you were someone else, by wishing you had what others have. You have all you need and it is within you.  Delve deeply into the love that you are and look at what you already have.  Be grateful for all that you have and see all that you have, or all that has happened, as a gift of opportunity to grow and learn.  Awaken the Divine consciousness, reconnect with the self and you will find your days being filled with so much love.  You have much support from your spiritual family and friends and they offer you their assistance with all that you do.  Give yourself permission to receive their love and support, their guidance and direction.  Allow them to enter into your daily routine.

We love and support you and can assist you in all ways, given that we receive the permission to do so. We can be with you as you ride these waves of intense energies upon the Earth’s surface.  Respect yourself enough to allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate if that is what is required.  You will know what it is you need as you have reconnected with the multidimensional you, the higher aspect of you and your relationship is growing stronger every day, trust in this, dear ones.  We look forward to our renewed relationship with you.  Hold steady in these coming days, stay balanced and centred.

In love, light and Grace it is you we embrace…….


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