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We welcome humanity into the fifth dimension.  We welcome Gaia into the fifth dimension and it is a wonderful, colourful display of light that we see from our vantage point.  There has never been a more radiant time upon Earth since the descension into duality.  You rise up not only your light frequencies but also your harmonic tonal resonances.  It is as if a harp has been plucked in alignment with the celestial beings of light.  You may think that this is merely a descriptive notion we share with you and yes, although it is metaphor, it is truth.  Each and every one of you has a unique resonance, much like your own choir, which reverberates from deep within your cells.  The harmonics are beautiful and the tones magical.  When you are ready to hear the tone of your own light you will be in awe of the beauty of the self.

Many of you are ready to take another step up on the ladder of ascension.  We use this metaphor only so the linear mind can perceive that which we are trying to get across.  You see, ascension is not a climbing up from the Earth to the Heavens.  It is rather like a coming down from the Heavens to the Earth.  The Higher aspects of the self begin to merge and descend, come down, to integrate with the self upon the ground to create an expanded state of consciousness in a balanced form.  That form is the matter energy body of the physical expression you walk around in.  The higher aspect of the self is the light body merging with the physical matter body so the body holds more of this light at all times.

There have been many times that you have allowed yourselves to receive more light whilst incarnate upon the Earth, however, within some of these incarnations you have held the light for short periods of time only.  The reason for this is the depth of sorrow, despair, unworthiness, hatred, etc., etc., that you succumb to and so it is you lose the ability to retain the higher levels of light.  We find it a little difficult to phrase that which we wish to say and higher levels of light does not exactly give a comprehensive model of the light.  Higher means that you vibrate at a higher rate of intensity and this is a basic form of explanation so you may grasp the extent of that which we mean.

In all experiences of ascension you traversed many ups and downs, many highs and lows, many crests and troughs and when you are able to move into a place of balance you are able to hold this light for longer and longer until you get to the stage where you no longer need to hold it, you are it.  That is what ascension is, returning the light of your truth, to the truth of your light.  The truth of your light is creation, it is source energy, it is all that is.  It is the Divine in you that seeks the light of the Divine.  Like attracts like and there you have it.

We speak now of the balance that is required for you to come to this place of peace, this place of being able to retain this Divine light, this place of being a light being whilst in physical form upon the planet.  When the truth of who you are was created it was created wholly, in perfect balance and in alignment with Father/Mother God, Source, the Divine Creator of all that is.  As the Creator of all that is has both the masculine and feminine energy components, energy light filaments, energetic signature resonances, you too have the same, unique to you.  So your masculine and feminine components, light filaments and energetic resonances are a unique blend that is your own Godself, your own Divine I am.  It is the masculine and feminine counterparts that are to come into balance and alignment that enable one to merge fully with the whole self, the multidimensional self, the Christed Consciousness self, the Divine I am.

In order to balance these energies within one must be prepared to look at one’s self and be willing to change that which no longer serves one or that prevents one from alignment.  The planet herself has needed to cleanse a very heavy overload of masculine energies and now with the influx of the Divine Feminine energies, which are pouring into your sphere, Gaia, is now able to balance these energetic components within.  Much of this occurs because you, humanity, come into balance.  As you walk upon the Earth in an unbalanced state, Gaia reflects this and she also travels the planetary pathway out of balance.  With each and every one of you choosing to balance that which is out of balance Gaia will be able to take her place in the higher octaves of planetary ascension.  This is already happening, however, more and more of you are returning to balance, holding more light and therefore offering Gaia a leg up, if you will, to her next position within the stars.

Please understand that we use metaphor as the way in which to explain this as there are no words in your English language that can truthfully explain the magnitude of what occurs.  Some have been able to give wonderful, and very close examples of what occurs, however, the truth of it is musical harmonics, light and love.  If the harp could play all three of these then you could listen and understand as it would resonate deeply within.  Imagine that the harp can play musical tones, harmonics, light and love.  How would that sound?  How would that feel?  How would that look?  It would be magical would it not?

Now is the time to work toward balance, to stand in balance, to be balance, to walk with balance, to engage in balance and to own balance.  Balance is your birthright.  We ask you to claim this now and trust and know that all that is out of balance will be revealed to you so you may clear it from the path you are walking.  This can be quite an affronting situation for many, however, trust and know that you are supported in this.  Ask for assistance and we will help in any way we can, however, we ask that you be aware that we will not do it all for you.  This is for you to experience.  We shall never go against your free will and the choices you made before coming to earth, to reside upon earth in your current incarnations at this very profound time.

Those that are able to come into balance, that walk as balance are the way showers, the light workers.  When one is in balance one is then able to assist others and so it is you may be called upon to do so.  Remember like attracts like and those that require the level of light or the resonance of light that you have may be attracted to you.  For what purpose then becomes your journey together and what a beautiful journey it can be.  Or not.  It is your choice as to how you perceive this.  When you meet with someone it may not be very pleasant.  Do not see this as a negative thing, see it as a mirror reflecting to you that which needs to come into balance.  When you meet someone it may be that you feel as though you have known them forever and we say to you that this is truth.  For in truth you have known each other for all time and between time.

Enjoy your journey.  Look for the magical ways in which to create balance.  Have fun with it.  Never forget that a balanced person is always happy.  A balanced person is always smiling and this smile comes from deep within.  It is not an illusory smile to have you believe they are happy.  It is who they are.  They are balanced, they are love, joy, peace, bliss, harmony etc. etc.  Wonderful things are there for you to experience and many more wonderful things are coming your way.  You have a choice to accept them or turn them away.  We wish to thank you for choosing to accept them for it gives us great pleasure to offer them to you and have them accepted by you.

We are forever your friends, your loving companions of light.  And so it is…


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