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Well before this era upon Earth humanity lived in fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies and even into seventh dimensional frequencies.  The awareness upon the planet at that time was such that humanity was knowingly functioning at higher DNA percentage.  It is within your DNA to return to this higher level of functioning and, currently upon your beautiful planet, humanity is processing the changes necessary to get you there.

The gifts of the few such as telepathy, teleportation, levitation etc. were the norm back then. It shall be the norm again for all of humanity, however, it is not until one awakens to a certain level of awareness that these gifts shall be brought forth from the Akashic Records, from within.  Many on the planet are now awakening to higher levels of awareness and in these times it shall be that those that are receptive of these will be able to assist others in their growth and change.

To form these gifts, to bring them into manifestation one must be committed to bring about the changes necessary to allow them.  Commitment to ones path of enlightenment is sometimes seen as hard work.  And sometimes dear ones it is a little hard.  We say to you that it is only hard when your perspective sees it that way.  It is only hard when you are unable to lift yourself from the quagmire into the trees above and see from a bird’s eye perspective, a higher angle, that that which is happening may in fact be a beautiful gift.

The death of a loved one can often bring much confusion and sadness causing feelings of anger and frustration.  When one is able to see from a higher perspective that those dear soles that choose to leave regardless of the way they leave do so so they can move into the next role, the next life sojourn.  It is difficult for some to understand and this is what is meant by seeing from a bird’s eye perspective.

Incidents where one seems to have suffered deeply from many tragic events can also be looked at from on high.  It may be that in order for that sole to reconnect with their Divinity they have chosen to experience these hardships so it takes them to that trigger point that brings them to awakening consciousness.

This is where many of you are upon the planet and this is why it is important for those that are awakened to assist those that have just begun.  Be mindful though that one must allow another to walk their path into awakening consciousness how they choose to walk it.  If that dear soul chooses that what you have to say does not resonate with them then allow them to find those that do resonate with them.  This is unconditional love in its glory.

To be tolerant of another’s choices, another’s actions without attaching emotional judgements to them is the greatest gift you can give to them.  Let them walk their path dear ones and be there for them if they turn to you for support.  Do not force this upon them.  Let it evolve in the highest and best way for all.  You are all walking together.  Some are walking a much heavier track, some are walking the middle road.  It matters not what road you walk, it matters only that you walk it.  Do stop along the way to smell the roses though for they are the most beautiful roses you will ever see.

Lavish yourself with self-love and self-respect.  Know that you deserve it.  Begin to awaken to the stirrings within the heart.  Begin to see things from a different perspective and you will be amazed what presents itself to you.  When all of humanity can do this, imagine how much of a pristine world you will live upon.  It is coming dear ones, it takes a little more commitment to the self though.

Wondrous things will begin to occur, not only individually but within the masses.  There will be events that will cause stirrings within nations, within cultures, within groups and when humanity begins to resonate on the same frequential wave bands the harmonics will be beautiful.  Imagine celestial harps playing music not yet heard before, music that stirs the deep seated remembrance.  The celestial choir will join in and the vibrational frequency of the tones will radiate from the core of your being out to the world.

It is hard to imagine that this change, this shift, will occur when so much that is discordant and inharmonious is occurring across the globe.  There is a shake-up of energies that has to occur in order to be released.  Once released it enables the energies of the awakened ones to replace it.  It is as if one is cleaning out the cupboard.  It is not until the old clothes are tossed out that one can get new garments to replace them.  These energies that are being released, these heavy energies will be replaced with garments of light and the change will be wonderful.  It will happen, it may just take some time.

Energetically your structures are changing.  The old carbon based bodies are being transformed into crystalline based bodies.  Much has been spoken of about this.  The awareness of this is building and many are experiencing the physical symptoms this metamorphosis is causing.  You are morphing into lighter beings where it will be possible to walk upon the planet in physical form and then by choice switch to lighter body form.  Hard to imagine?  Yes, but only when you limit yourself by thinking that it is hard to imagine.  Imagine if you will you have a spotlight within you.  This spotlight can be turned on only by you.  You are the controller of the switch and it is by choice that you turn it on.  Your awareness will enable you to understand that there will be some that will not be able to cope with the intensity of the light that you emit.  And so it is you may need to adjust the dimmer dial.

It is happening now that there are some that are already moving into this light form.  Does this make them any more special?  No.  There is no one individual who is better than the next.  You all, we all, have a role to play and without each other we are unable to play it.  It is more than just pieces of the jigsaw that creates the whole picture.  The analogy of the soup that has been used before by many is more easily understood.  You are unable to take out the salt or the pepper from the soup, for once the soup is made every ingredient is integral to the taste of it.

The analogy of the tapestry is also used often.  Without each individual stitch one would not be able to finish the tapestry without holes, or pieces missing.  You are all important to the fibres of the fabric of the cosmos.  It is only the lower base ego mind that makes you believe that you are more important than another or that another is more important than you.  Align the ego mind with the Divine mind and your evolutionary path into higher awareness will be so much easier.  We can assist you with this, however, not until asked.  It is understanding, becoming aware of the little idiosyncrasies of the ego mind that enable you to see that which needs balancing.  Align with the Divine.

We await your permission to assist you to see things through our eyes.  We do not have to wait to love you, we already do that and we ask that you feel the love we have for you.  Regardless of whether or not you call upon us for help, we love you.  Still your mind for a moment and feel this love.  Feel it within every fibre of the cosmos of your body.  When you do give permission for us to help there will be a love blast you will not be able to ignore.  We thank you in anticipation.


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