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The image of the cross/crosses our conduit was given represents resurrection. We refer to a rebirth and renewal.  It represents the birthing into the new you.  All of humanity will achieve this at some stage however there are many of you that have chosen to assist by showing the way, by lighting the path for others.  Resurrection takes you into a higher refined energy of self and when you are lifted into this energy your life as you know it will never be the same.  Although this may sound intense we would like to emphasise that when you hold more of the light of your true essence self you cannot and never will feel the same.  In truth you are the essence love, created in, through and out of love and love has a lightness to it that has eluded you for aeons.

There are many that will fear this and we say to you that there is nothing to fear for you are being lifted into the truth of who you are. The fears and doubts are attachments to the illusion of separation, the third/fourth dimensional energies.  When one can openly and consciously choose resurrection knowing what they are getting themselves in for (alignment with higher/multidimensional self) they will transition in the most appropriate and easeful way.  When one has done the clearing and grounding, balancing and loving, work upon the self they will transition with greater ease.  All of you are able to, through resurrection; ascend into the light of your truth.   This is the embodiment of what is termed Christ Consciousness.

Christ consciousness is holding the golden light mean, the golden octave, and the golden antiquities. You are the golden ones, here to assist Gaia in her resurrection, and as such you will be noticed.  Do you fear this?  Do you fear shining your light so brightly that others may notice?  Do you fear what others may say to you or about you behind your back?  Do you fear being different?  Define different!

All of you hold the golden antiquities within. The golden antiquities are the gifts from father/mother, God/One.  They are the ancient keys and codes.  They are the doorways to time immemorial.  They are the golden gifts of the new divine blueprint.  They are the golden chalice, the arc of the covenant, the rite of passage to the interdimensional you.

Alignment is penetrating your being. The very keys and codes of the golden antiquities are being illumined now.  Feel these and feel the change to the body vehicle.  Notice the lightness; notice the shift in structure and form.  Notice the elevated awareness, the expanded consciousness.  Notice the higher dimensional energies.  All of this is who you are.  Do you accept this now?  Open your heart to receive the golden antiquities and allow assimilation and synthesis of these golden light codes.

Let us take you on a journey of sorts. Imagine you are sitting atop a very tall pole.  This pole can be a totem pole. Imagine you are a conduit and you are like the lightning rod that attracts the electrical surges from a thunderstorm.  You open to receive these electrical, cosmic surges and although it feels as though the energy of these surges is hitting you quite fiercely you remain still and soak them up.  You hold steady throughout this thunderstorm and with arms outstretched you lift your head to the heavens and smile.  You are the conduit for many as you have chosen to synthesise the golden light codes that are triggered from the solar cosmic light surges and for that we thank you.  By choosing to illuminate these light codes you lay down the template for all of humanity.

This is why we emphasise the need to ensure that the body elements are cleared and balanced. Imagine if your vessel was heavy?  Do you think that you would be able to hold the higher levels of light within?  No.  You would feel great discomfort.  By clearing and bringing into alignment with love the imbalances and discordant energies you are creating space within to hold and retain these golden antiquities.  You are going through a major upheaval, shift and transformation.  These solar cosmic/electrical surges are transfiguring your body vehicle.  Your meridians and nadi’s are being inter-dimensionally woven into a new tapestry of creation.  You are weaving the very sought after golden lace that adorns the finest garments of creation.  These garments are the new golden Christed consciousness gossamers adorned by the human body vehicle.

Dress yourselves up for there will be a resurrection celebration and we will be attending. And so it is…


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