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In the divine light of The One Source we sit with you this day and welcome the new. Energy is always in flux and there are components of and to energy that continue to spiral and ascend.  You are spiralling and ascending and this is a universal energetic dance across the cosmos.  This dance will take you out onto the dance floor to have you twirl and waltz, two step and fox trot your way through the trials and tribulations of your daily situations, events and happenings.  If one can dance through these trials and tribulations with such grace and ease then the dance itself becomes so much more.

Many of you are struggling with the trials and tribulations you are experiencing and you are finding it extremely difficult to remain in balance. It takes but five minutes of your day to sit with yourself and allow the divine in you, the divine you, to be present with your acknowledgement and acceptance.  It takes but five minutes to give yourself the treat you deserve and that is a moment with that higher aspect of self.  Breathe into the self that is the divine you and allow.  Breathe deeply not only into your lungs but also into the knowing that as you give intent to sit within the energy of the divine you it will enable you to let go of cares and worries that the trials and tribulations presented to you.  Breathe in divinity and breathe out adversity.  Breathe in divine light and breathe out unsettling plight.  It takes but five minutes and you will begin to feel a difference in your countenance.

The divine light within is seeking your attention. It is doing what it feels necessary to get your attention.  The divine light in you, the higher self/soul self, is alerting you to the imbalance within so you can bring the energy of balance and integration into the energetic dance you having.  We think that the divine light, the higher self/soul self is without trying to get our attention from outside of yourself when in fact it is tapping lightly upon the doorway to your heart within.  This doorway is closed still in many of you.  Practice the art of opening your inner heart doorway.  This doorway will take you into a light so bright it will be an emotional homecoming.  The light behind this doorway is the divine light of your true essence self.

Expose your heart. Open up and expose your heart physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You may ask how to do that so we offer to you some tools that will assist you to get familiar with the energy of exposing, or shall we say opening to self-discovery.


Whilst taking the five minutes of your day breathing and letting go of you can give intent for the emotional heart to open up to you and show you what hurts it is still holding onto so these hurts can be balanced and integrated.  Give intent for your brain and thoughts to align with your heart-brain and allow this to show you what may still be out of alignment.  Open your physical heart space by finding a suitable yoga pose.  (Please be mindful of any back injuries if you choose to try this and only do what you are able).  Imagine you are standing in your column or pillar of light and see the pillar connected to the spiritual soul self and grounded down into the heart of Mother Earth/Gaia.  Breathe in the delight of this alignment and let go of that which no longer resonates with you.  The more you do it the more you will let go of, if that is what you give intent for.  The more you practice this the more aligned you will be with the divine light within.

The divinity within, the higher self/soul self is trying to get your attention. Many of you seek advice from others and this is perfectly fine, however have you ever considered that your higher self may already know the advice you seek.  You do not have to seek elsewhere.  You are the guru you seek.  You are your own motivational and inspirational speaker.


Imagine if you will that you are sitting in a conference. Upon the stage there is a motivational and inspirational speaker.  The speaker can be either male or female, the choice is yours.  This speaker talks about many things that pertain to energy, light, higher self/soul self, DNA, and the Divine Blueprint.   

person-695654__340This speaker goes on and on and you notice the many confused looks upon the faces of those around you. There are some that appear to be neutral and have no emotion or connection to what is being said.  You look around with a smile on your face as you understand what the speaker is saying but you also realise that there are many that do not.  Do you think that the speaker should dumb down what he/she is saying so that he/she may engage the audience? 

No the speaker should not dumb down what he/she is saying as it will trigger keys and codes within all regardless of whether or not they understand at the time. The speaker however could engage the audience in some way so as not to lose their attention.  How would the speaker engage the audience even though he speaks about stuff they do not understand?  The answer to this is through metaphor.  And so we shall offer to you a metaphor that may (or may not) help you to understand. 

We shall take the floor now and be the speaker upon the stage and ask that you sit and listen to us. Allow what is said to come through and trust in what the speaker on the stage is telling you, for the speaker is you.  Enjoy the company of others as you sit there.  Let us welcome you into our vector of love/light as we act as the motivational speaker:- 

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you this night into this unique blend of energy. There are many here that have come to be enlightened and there are many that are nay Sayers and doubters.  That is ok.  We share with you truth, our truth and we ask that you allow that which is to be spoken of, and about, to be done so with respect and allowance.   

There is a shift occurring not only upon the planet but also within. All of you are experiencing some form of energetic shift.  This is in alignment with the activation of the higher light codes that you hold within your DNA.  The DNA holds the blueprint for the new human when in fact it is the old blueprint, the original blueprint.  So you are going back to the original to activate the new.  Many of you are feeling the tropism, the pull toward something and many of you are unaware that you are being pulled.  The pull is more of magnetism rather than the sensation of being pulled.  You are being magnetised to a higher refined matrix, a higher resonant light that is your own divine body of light.  You sit within this body of light and it represents as a matrix around you.  This matrix, webbing, design, tapestry, (whatever you wish to call it), is who you are.  It is your true light, your divine light, and it is your own unique energetic signature.   

We share this with you as the speaker introducing what they are addressing whilst upon the stage. The introduction is a short but simple one and one that many of you will understand.  The speaker will now alter the course of the material he/she is addressing.    

Imagine that you sit within this energy and the speaker does not utter any words that you understand. Imagine that you come from a different country to the speaker and you speak a different language.  There is no translator so you have no idea what is being said.  However we say to you that your DNA does know.  You have had incarnations where you lived in the country the speaker comes from so that language is not new to you.  Your Akashic record and your DNA holds the memory of this language and fully understands what is being said.  We now choose to take this metaphor to another level.   

You sit there understanding on a deeper level what is being said even though you do not physically and cognitively understand the actual language. Your DNA knows and you trust in this.  Now we ask that you imagine that the speaker is from another galaxy and is speaking a galactic language.  It is not one you have heard on Earth for it is galactic.  It is a galactic language of light, sound and colour and you hear the clicks and whistles, tapping and rumbles through the voice.  You see the colours emanating from the speaker and you actually see the formulae and algorithmic patterns floating around him within his light body field as he stands before a curtained backdrop upon the stage.  Although you see this you do not fully comprehend what is being said or what the patterns mean.  This is a universal cosmic dance you are waltzing within and your DNA is galactic, universal and cosmic.  Does your DNA understand the language being spoken?  We shall leave this up to you to answer in alignment with your truth. 

We ask you to take an interval to allow the speaker time to have a break. The speaker returns after a short break.  This speaker is introduced again but this time he/she is introduced as someone that has been brought in specifically for this conference.  As the speaker sets foot upon the stage you instantly feel a connection.  This speaker does not even open his/her mouth and yet you understand fully what he is not only saying but about to say.  This speaker is communicating to you telepathically.  You fully understand him/her, you feel the energy and you listen with attentive alertness.  You look around the room and you realise that every single person in the room is chatting and is speaking across tables, to the person beside them, to the table behind them.  No one is looking at the stage and you feel that this is quite rude.  You turn to ask the person beside you why no-one is listening to the speaker. The person beside you tells you that they are still having interval and the new speaker has not returned yet.  That cannot be right.  How is it you can see and hear and fully understand this new speaker?  He/she is pacing from one side of the stage to the other has he/she shares the knowledge and wisdom they have come to share?  Why is it that you are the only one that can see and hear this speaker?  You already know the answer.  This speaker is you.  It is your higher self, your multidimensional self.  He/she engages your attention and you are so drawn to him/her that you cannot divert your eyes.  He/she captivates the audience and his/her audience is you.  You are the only one he/she wishes to speak to and with.  Are you willing to have a two way conversation with him/her knowing that everyone else in the room cannot see or hear him/her?   

Of course you are. You are different to many in that you are willing to have communication with him/her at all times.  In fact you are willing to fully merge with him/her.  Let us say that he/she invites you onto the stage.  Are you nervous or do you get up there as quickly as possible?  Do you practically run up there as this excites you?  Do you have fear or doubts?   

This is what you have been waiting for. Are you able to rush right up to him/her and embrace in a hug of gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom they have come to share with you?  Are you willing to feel the connection and the love you have for him/ her that you didn’t know you had?  Are you willing expose/open your heart to feel the emotional embrace?  Can you stay in this embrace but for five minutes of your day breathing in the light and the love?  The embrace is gentle but firm.  The embrace is strong but soft.  The embrace instantly fills you with light and love and you feel as though your knees are about to buckle.  You are supported in this embrace and you feel safe.  The embrace holds you upright and you feel as though your body is lengthening and expanding 

 You turn to look out toward the people in the audience to see if they are witnessing what you are experiencing and you realise that you are no longer in the conference room in front of an audience.  You are in a landscape environment, one of which you have never seen before.  You feel as though you are on top of a mountain and yet you sense you are the mountain. 


Why is it that you sense this?  This triggered a memory within your DNA that is a representation that you are so much more than you ever imagined.  You are as big as a mountain.  You are even bigger than the mountain.  You are as big as the world, the galaxy, the universe and cosmos.   

You have the sensation that you are being guided to stand tall and to push your chest out when in fact as the mountain you realise you have no chest. The sensation you feel is the light from within filling you, expanding and extending beyond what you thought were your limits.  The light is dismantling your self-imposed limitations and reconstructing them for you.  You push this light outwards and you see the patterns that represent the self-imposed limitations being transformed into light.  This is done on the out breathe and as you breathe in you breathe in the new light into the heart of your being.  As the mountain you know that as you bring this alchemically transformed light back in you are automatically grounding it within your very essence, within your heart space, and within the Earth body.  These new light formulations and codes are anchored within the Earth and you notice that she shudders as she accepts them.  You hear a faint thank you whispered through the music of the cosmic dance. 

You are all your own motivational and inspirational speakers. You are all your own guru.  You are all mountains.  You are all the music and the cosmic dance you energetically flow with and to.

There is a universal movement occurring and this movement is the dance of the cosmos. This dance involves all and whether you are aware of it or not you play a lead role in this dance.  Go within and recognise the dance of the cosmos within you.  This dance is graceful.  This dance is energetic.  This dance is full of light.  This dance is you.  Dance with yourselves.  Imagine you are dancing in a room that has the lights turned out.  You cannot see anyone else in the room and this enables you to let go and fully get into the flow of the cosmos.  Feel the release from the trials and tribulations of your life.  Let go and be light.  And so it is…


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