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We are with you again this day dearest one. We do not stray far from you. We are with you at all times and we are definitely here to assist all of humanity on their awakening path. Many are beginning to realise that there is indeed more to them. The light has been lit and many are beginning to turn their faces to the heavens and ask what it is that makes them feel a connection. This has increased tenfold and for every shining light upon the planet, Gaia, we see this as a spectrum of light dots, beams and rays. It is beautiful and the light expands and merges with other light dots, beams and rays and it truly is becoming a light show for all to witness. We are certainly enjoying this from our standpoint.

When one turns their faces to the stars, to the heavens and asks to know more one is triggering within them the activation of their ascension process, the activation of their DNA and cellular structure. This activation enables the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies to undergo processes of change, clearing and cleansing. Situations, events or happenings occur that allow you to address deep hidden fears, anxieties, pains and sufferings and allows for them to be healed and transformed. You have much help and in order to have these healings and transformations it takes but to ask for assistance and you shall have it. We cannot interfere without your permission. Allow us to assist you in lifting you out of the old methods, the old patterns and the old programs to greater heights and greater light. We are your spiritual friends, family, guides and teachers and we offer you this support as you move through these cleansing and transformative energies.

Much is taking place beyond the veil, behind the scenes if you like, that you are unaware of. There is much activity within your skies and many of you are feeling the light blasts of energy that have been raining down upon you. These light blasts of energy are assisting in the balance not only upon the planet but also within. We have been showering you with many light blasts of divine feminine Mother love and this has been stirring many feelings within you. There are many men among you that are finding it difficult to integrate these very loving, nurturing, splendid divine feminine energies as they have been entrenched in the heavy masculine dominant energies for lifetimes. Many women are also finding it difficult to integrate these divine feminine energies of unconditional love, self-love, self-acceptance and self nurturing as they have been so entrenched in self-hatred, lack of self-worth and disgust in the self. These upheavals are causing much distress and imbalance and so we say to you all that in order to retain balance it can be as simple as stepping out upon the grass in nature, taking several deep breaths, grounding into mother Earth and asking for balance. It is as simple as that. Do not be surprised if you see a butterfly or dragonfly for these are representatives of the spirit world and offer you confirmation that all is well.

Having this opportunity to transcend all that no longer serves you has been the greatest gift bestowed upon you for you are able to move through this transfiguration within this life experience rather than having to come back life expression after life expression to move through a karmic cycle of understanding cause and effect. You have all been given the opportunity to move out of karma, although we do not mean entirely that cause and effect are null and void. It is that one will be able to see clearly the cause and effect and experience it in the here and now. So with this we say to you to be mindful of what you say to another, how you treat another and how you even look at another. It is also important for you to be aware of what you say to yourself, how you treat yourself and how you see yourself. With these current energies that are upon the planet you will attract to you that which you put out so be very mindful of your thought processes as these will be magnetised to you. If you have kind, loving and light filled thoughts then you will receive these in return. If you have nasty, vindictive, gossipy thoughts then that is what you will attract to yourself. Understand that everything is energy and this thought energy will sit within your bodies’ energetic structure and manifest into physical form somewhere within the physical body. For example hatred toward another will in a sense bounce back to you and sit within the physical body, usually within the liver, the skin and the energy pathways causing energetic blockage. The more hatred that is sent out the more it will layer upon that which is already stored within the physical vessel. The more this forms layers the more energy blockages are caused and when the energy is blocked and cannot flow freely it will manifest in the body as a physical ailment of some sort. This is just one model to explain how very important it is to be mindful of your thought processes.

It is time for you to start to love the self in ways you have never understood before. It is time for you to know how to love the self in a light sense rather than the typical physical expression of love. In your society it was deemed you were on yourself or up yourself if you loved yourself. That is not what we refer to here. The love of the self we speak of today is the love of acceptance of the self, of understanding of the self and the coming to terms with the self and what you have or have not achieved in your life so far. Accepting who you are and being comfortable with whom you are and loving the fact that you can walk around feeling at peace with whom you are is not self-aggrandisement. It is self-love on a more profound level. Accepting and acknowledging that you have made mistakes and can see that by choosing to change certain aspects of the self, allow you to love the fact that you have made the effort to change. This is not being up your self or on yourself. This is seeing yourself in a different light and loving yourself for being brave enough to make the changes necessary that are going to create peace and happiness in your life. Creating peace, happiness, balance and harmony within ones sphere of life and loving life for that which you have created is not self-aggrandisement, egoistic or being up yourself. Love is who you are, it is your inherent nature so we say to you how can you not love yourself, or others for that matter, if you are love. Being love, talking love, walking love, looking at another in a loving kind way and sharing love is who you are. Believe in this and begin the process of sharing this love not only with your self but with others. A simple smile as you walk past another in the grocery store is sharing love. The offer of a helping hand to the elderly as they walk across the street is sharing love. The choice to break the silence and enter into conversation with those in the elevator that are all so serious and quiet is sharing love. There are multitudes of ways to share love and by sharing love you are being love. What goes around comes around.

Many of you are starting to get this, to grasp this concept and to integrate it into your lives. Imagine how bright, how light and wonderful your world will be when all come to this understanding. It is not far off and we are all so very excited about this. We see you all from a different perspective and you will begin to see yourselves from this same perspective as you move into Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is not to be mistaken for a religious concept. It is the inherent gift of the Creator in you, expressing through, you as you walk upon Gaia. That spark of Source, that spark of divine love and light that is within each and every one of you is being ignited into this new expanded awareness of the self so you can see yourself in this higher light perspective, so that you can walk with others in this greater expanded awareness. This is the love we speak of, the self-love you are beginning to understand. Stepping into the new enlightened body of light and being able to express and experience from this new body of light is opening to Christ consciousness. It is your birth right and we ask that you claim it now. And when you do claim it dear ones can you imagine how much you will glow with divine golden light. You will be a spectacle beyond your imaginings. We are all looking forward to the light show, the fireworks display, as that is what it will be.

Feel love, know love and be love. Walk upon this earth feeling love, knowing love and being love and Gaia will be lifted into greater heights and greater light for when she transforms so do you and vice versa. You are all connected in intricate energetic ways and when one chooses to change it affects all, including Gaia. This is what is known as the Golden Age, which is when each and every one of you is glowing golden with this new understanding and expanded awareness of the self, Christ consciousness. You all chose to be here to experience this in your current life expressions and it is an exciting time for all.

Be kind, be gentle and be loving not only to yourself but to all fellow humans. If you find it difficult to share love with another for acts they may have done to you understand that they too have that divine spark within them so we ask that you send their spark a little of your love to ignite the light and love within them. You do not have to try and change them. This will naturally happen if you are able to send their spark love, unconditional love. Being able to do this will lift you even higher for you will be seeing things from a greater expanded perspective.

You have all the support you need and we are assisting you all in these very turbulent energetic times. Claim your birthright and walk in the light, the love and the truth of who you are. And so it is…


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