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Freedom of self is attained when one can truly love one’s self unconditionally. As one evolves on the Earthly plane one begins to realise that they have had many incarnations in which they have experienced duality.  They also begin to realise that whilst having these many incarnations they have stepped through the veil of forgetfulness in order to experience within the lower vibrational, denser energies of the 3 dimensional Earthly experience.  This frequency level is lifted now and all who walk upon the Earth are embracing the lower sub planes of the fifth dimensional frequencies.  When this occurs one becomes more interested in self and more interested in their truth.  Questions such as “is there more to me”, “what am I here to do”, “who am I really”, “how can I know more” arise and this is conductive to resonating to these higher frequencies.  Experiencing the illusion of separation from self one is able to then return to self if one chooses to do so.  As soon as one gives the intent to remember their truth one will be guided as to where one needs to be, who one needs to meet and when events unfold.

Trusting in the guidance you receive from you is paramount to your releasing of the old energies of duality allowing you to be freed into your divinity. One of the hardest things for those of you upon the planet is to believe that you are your own greatest guides and teachers.  That higher aspect of self is the greatest guide you will ever have.  Although you may feel that in truth our Creator, God, or Source is the greatest guide we could ever have you indeed know what you have experienced and what you choose to experience because our Creator gave us the opportunity to express free will.  Although all is known by our creator we still have the opportunity to create whatever it is we choose to create in our world, in our Earthly expression.  It is because of this free will that you are your greatest guide for it is you that decides your next move.  Oh our Creator can see the potentials that are there however until we make the choice the outcome is not set in stone, so to speak.

All of you that are upon the Earthly plane are here to experience a most rare opportunity to ascend with Gaia into the higher dimensions. Your choice to be here in these now times was so you could be of assistance and to further your experiences so you may assist others upon your return in your next incarnation etc.  It may also be that you choose to incarnate elsewhere and the knowledge and wisdom you gather here will be held for all eternally within.  That is why you are your greatest guides and teachers.  Your knowledge and wisdom is vast for you have had many incarnations.  Those reading these words are the ones that have indeed had many incarnations.  Your soul, your higher aspect of self, has guided you to read these words in the hopes that you will begin to see synchronistic events happening within your life.  There may be one word, two words, a sentence or even a paragraph within these words that resonate with you and synchronistically you, your higher aspect of self, has guided you to read what it is you needed to read.  Trust in this guidance, trust in you.  You have chosen to synchronistically place yourself in this position, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally.  You are reading these words because you guided yourself to do so.

It is through the light language, the language of love, that these words spill out upon the paper. The channel feels this love, this light and often finds that her breath is taken away whilst doing them.  She sometimes sobs with the emotion of love for it is so grand and can be felt.  Open your heart centres to feel this love connecting with you.  This love is the love that comes from not only those of us here in the higher realms but also from Source, God, Creator and also from your own divine I Am presence, your highest soul self.  Open to receive this love now.

Imagine if you will that you have upon your wrist a very large clock face, a very large watch. You see the little hand is almost on the 12 position and the big hand is just about to tick over to the 12 position as it is only one minute from midnight.  You wait patiently and although you know what one minute feels like because you are within the timeline of Earth you feel that this minute is taking such a long time.  For some reason you feel that when the clock strikes midnight something profound will occur.  Much like Cinderella you watch the clock carefully, waiting patiently.  You do not know what is going to occur, unlike Cinderella who knew her coach would turn back into the pumpkin.  You wait patiently and still the minute hand does not move.  What do you need to do to get the minute hand to move?  As creator of your world you realise that you need to give intent for something to occur.  You need to let go and allow that which to occur to be in alignment with what your highest soul self deems appropriate for you.  Are you willing to trust in yourself and let go and allow that which to occur to occur?  Or do you fear the unknown and the reason the minute hand has not moved onto the midnight position was because this fear prevented it from doing so?

By trusting in yourself and trusting that whatever your highest soul self brings to you will be for your highest and best and will allow the minute hand to move. As humans who have incarnated many times upon the Earthly plane you tend to believe that bad things will happen, that when the clock strikes midnight something scary will happen.  You may even believe that even if something good happens at midnight you do not deserve it so you block it from happening.  What do you need to do to let go and allow?  These are questions that will arise for you dear souls for in this new energy, the fourth year of the new Earth, you will find that many questions will arise, many opportunities will present themselves to you so you may be able to release that which prevents the minute hand from ticking over to midnight.

You may release the old so that you trust yourself and if you are able to truly let go and trust then wondrous events, happenings and situations will arise for you to experience the most appropriate alignments of energies. If for some reason you only partially trust and let go you may find that you experience events, happenings and situations over and over until you are truly able to let go.  Allow yourself to remember your truth dear ones for the energy in the new year of 2016 is providing the catalyst for your return to your truth.  Often when we speak of these things many get disheartened and say “well that will never happen to me”.  You have just created your world, a world where good things will never happen to you.  It is important to be mindful of your thoughts.  We have said this before, many times, and now you may understand this a little more.

As one let’s go and allows their light to shine their awareness expands and they begin to remember, they begin to understand more. With this heightened awareness comes trust, with trust comes heightened awareness.  In order to trust one must let go and in order to expand one must trust and let go.

We welcome you all into this new energy of this new and exciting year. We open our arms to receive those of you who wish to accept our assistance.  As we have said your greatest guide is you however you have many spiritual friends, guides, teachers and family that are waiting for your permission to assist you.  It is a fun journey we share together and all of us here are excited for the potentials we see are truly amazing.  The light that shines upon the Earth, within the Earth and around the Earth is because of you.

You have chosen as a collective to ascend into higher awareness, higher frequencies of light, together. It is a mass awakening that is happening and although there are many that may choose not to awaken there are so many more that have chosen and will choose.  Of course there will be many that shine their light to assist others to see more clearly and these ones can help in your return to self.  Trust that you will be brought into alignment with those that resonate with the energies you are either at or require to allow you to expand further into awakened consciousness.

In these energies of this new year of your 2016 you will find much more information come through about the truth of who you are as a collective humanity. There has been much hidden from you that has kept you in the shadows and now you will be able to access a lot of this information that will illuminate that which you have been prevented from seeing.  You are to realise that you are so much more that what you have been led to believe you are and when you begin to realise this you will be able to trust yourself even more.

We thank you all for the work you have done upon the planet to raise the light quotient that allows for these higher frequencies to be integrated and assimilated into your very cells. Your DNA structure is changing and although this will not be seen under a microscope (yet) it is on a compassionate, consciousness, quantum level.  Assistance in resetting the DNA, freeing the DNA into your divinity is available to those that choose it.  You are the creators of your world and how quickly you choose to expand is entirely up to you.  Oh the Creator, God, Source, knows of the potentials for this and supports and loves whatever choice you make, however only you can make the decisions necessary for your own soul growth and patterning.  Open your arms to boldly receive your truth and brace yourself dear ones for you may indeed knock yourself over with the excited anticipation your highest soul self has for your remembrance of self.  Much love, unconditional love, is offered freely to you.  When you open your arms to receive self, receive this love also.  Allow this love to shift the heavy denser energies of mistrust.  Feel this love move through every cell, every atom, every subatomic particle and all spaces between.  Imagine this love filling you from your toes to your head.  It feels like champagne bubbles of love tingling through your essence.  Accept this love and allow it.  Although you may not know how to allow it we say to you that by giving the intent to allow it you indeed are allowing it.

We hold you in our loving arms of embrace and shower you with grace. And so it is…


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