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An awakening through higher light emissions is occurring for many upon the planet. The higher light of your true selves is descending into the spheres of life as you know it upon your Earthly plane of existence.  The dimensional manifolds are unfolding shall we say and allowing for more light to penetrate your beings.  As you become aware of this light, feeling it from within, you will awaken dormant codes that have been accessible to you, even though you were not aware of them.  Many have triggered certain codes however many have needed to wait until the light quotient was appropriate for them.  There is a nuance of energetic frequencies that can distort one’s field.  Be aware of the lower vibrational frequency hacks upon your fields and learn to disengage from them.  These lower frequency bands can create an electro static energy that sits within your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies amplifying the negatively charged emotions and thought forms.  Allow yourself to discern between the higher light frequencies and the lower level frequencies.  Step into the light of your truth and you shall automatically be able to disengage from the power outlets of these lower bandwidths.

Quite often when you feel as though you are stuck and not moving forward you are within what we would call a pause moment. These pause moments are necessary to allow integration of light packets of wisdom.  These light packets of wisdom, when integrated, will be cognitively processed and understood.  If you rush through these pause moments, without reflection, you may very well miss the scenery.  Stop and smell the roses, a perfect analogy for this.  Take a moment to appreciate the beauty in your journey.  Acknowledge the process and trust in it.

Let go of your perceived pathway. Many of you are finding that what you have manifested and put out there in accordance with what you wanted your life path to be is being rerouted shall we say.  The route you have chosen may have taken a varying tangent leaving you a little dishevelled.  This may cause frustration in some of you as you thought you had control of the situation, of where you had planned to be or go and of what you planned to do.  Letting go of the third dimensional control steering wheel can be frightening for some however we say to you that your higher dimensional self is waiting to take over the navigation.  Allowing for higher self to be the captain of your vessel and of your journey will allow for greater space.  Greater space allows for higher dimensional gifts, tools, abilities and talents to come through.  These gifts, tools, abilities and talents are already within you however they have been hidden beneath the third dimensional synthetic netting.  The third dimensional synthetic netting can be seen as a web of control by those that choose to obtain control over others.  Free yourself from the sticky grip the netting/webbing has upon you and feel yourself lift into higher light.  Just as a fish will swim away freely when released from a fishing net, you too can swim freely into the higher light of your truth.  Imagine that you have lifted this net from your shoulders and feel the lightness within.  Being freed from this net/web of control will bring new light to what is or what is not important and what to retain or let go of.

We give the metaphor of the hermit crab:


As the hermit crab you have a shell you call home and as you grow bigger you let go of the old shell and go in search for a new one. You do not have to search far as you had already done your research and found a couple of potential shell homes.  Now that you are bigger you find the potential homes and try them on for size so to speak.  You sidle back into the first potential home and settle for a moment to feel the energy and the fit of this new shell.  The fit seems fine however you feel that the energy within it is not right for you so you try the next potential shell.  This one feels a little more spacious and you know it would have more room for growth but it feels cold.  It does not feel like a warm and cosy home.  You try the third potential shell home and as you sidle your way into it you have a sense of home immediately.  It feels warm and cosy, it fits and yet has enough room for growth and expansion, and it feels light and easily manoeuvrable.  This is perfect and so you begin the process of unpacking and settling in.

As you unpack you notice that there are certain items in which you no longer care for. That seems strange to you because as you packed up all your gear from your previous shell home you were certain you wanted to take those items with you into your new shell home.  Yet now that you are in your new home you don’t feel the items are necessary so you discard them.  You place them outside for any other sea scavengers to take.  You allow them to be taken by those in need and feel a sense of release when they are gone.  What you find though is that the more you begin to unpack the boxes the more you realise you don’t want to keep.  Why is that?  Why is it you do not want all of these gadgets and items that you have enjoyed for so long?  You take a moment to contemplate this and you come to the conclusion that they no longer feel right to keep.  They no longer resonate with you.

We give you this analogy so that you become aware of what is occurring at the moment. You are being taken into the higher light bodies and there is going to be a lot of items you packed away that you no longer need or choose to keep.  These are energetic, physical, mental and emotional items.  Letting go is your ticket to having a clean house.  Letting go is the broom that can sweep away your unwanted items.  By allowing the higher aspect of self to unpack your bags and boxes you may find that you are able to throw the bags over your shoulder due to the lightness of them when before you could hardly lift them.  We give you this so you can begin the process of getting rid of all unwanted items whether they are physical, emotional, mental or energetic.  The cleansing takes on a whole new light.

It has been the net/matrix of control that has kept humanity bound to the synthetic rather than the organic. Computer games and devices have replaced the playground games and equipment.  Swinging on a swing on a computer device does not give the same sensation as swinging on a swing in the playground.  Walking on the grass in a computer game does not connect you to the earth the same way as a stroll in the park.  Your connection to Mother Earth (Gaia) is important and all the tribal peoples across the planet will tell you this.  As goes the Earth goes humanity and vice versa.  The very landscape of the earth is reflected in your body.  The water element represented in the body as arteries, veins and cords carrying bodily fluids are the oceans, rivers, creeks, tributaries of Gaia.  The earth element represented in the body as the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin are the mineral, crystal and plant kingdoms.  The air element represented in the body as the breath, burps and flatulence is the air and wind gusts upon Gaia.  The fire element represented in the body as the Kundalini energy, the electrical brain synapses and currents are the central core of Gaia, the volcanoes, thermals etc. of Gaia.  The etheric represented in the body as the auric field, toroidal field are the aethers of Earth, including the ionosphere, magnetosphere and celestial sphere and Akash.

Humanity has littered, poisoned and destroyed, with a multitude of synthetic substances and equipment, many of these elements of the earth and this is reflected in the human body. The waters are littered and poisoned with chemicals, plastics, toxic and nuclear wastes.  The forests, jungles, and ground have been raped and excavated then covered in synthetic substances.  The air has been polluted, smog ridden and tic-tac-toed with chemtrails.  The earth has been affected by the hole in the ozone layer allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate causing internal and external heating.  The aethers and the Akash, which hold the memories of eras, incarnations etc., have been affected with many mind/body mutable frequencies.  All that has had a detrimental effect upon the body of Gaia has had a detrimental effect upon your human body.

It is not until one takes responsibility of what goes into the body, how to balance the body and how to remain grounded and connected that they are able to rise above the net/matrix of the synthetic. Connect with the higher aspect of self and allow the flow of the divine particles of light to cleanse and purify.  Open to receive the cleansing light of your true divine self.  Connect with nature.  Assist Gaia in consciously being aware of her needs.  As you connect with Gaia you connect with all across the globe.  You are a ‘one’ humanity regardless of skin colour, nationality or religion.  Respect the earth and yourselves.  And so it is…

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