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Expressing our truth, regardless of whether we deem it positive or negative, is important for growth and understanding.  We experience moments of cloudiness, of doubt, of losing the self and quite often it can be in alignment with cosmic energies.  The self, the true self, can never be lost though.  In our busy lifestyles, situations, and the circumstances we find ourselves in we can often feel lost, alone and discombobulated.


All of this is part of our growth and expansion as we come to learn more about ourselves and our place in this expression we have chosen to experience.  It is important that we acknowledge and accept, these feelings as it is part of the recognition, the clearing, the processing, and healing we create for ourselves.  Trust in what is presented to you to be cleared, to be recognised.  We can then choose to clear, to balance, to integrate or to deny.  Whatever the choice, it is all still part of our experience, the expansion and growth.


Distorted thoughts and feelings towards our self can have an adverse effect upon our clarity, focus and overall physical and mental health.  Due to the energetic soup of confusion, distorted thoughts and feelings that comprise the collective planetary consciousness field it is often difficult to discern if it is our thoughts, or those of others that we are picking up on.  Discernment is an extremely recommended practice in these often chaotic energies.   Finding stillness within, connecting to the true self and being open to receive guidance, regardless of the external influences, would be of the highest alignment throughout at this juncture of time/space.



There is a ‘bubbling up’ effect occurring where many things are being brought to the surface.  In the global sense this is represented in the bizarre weather conditions and in the personal sense this provides the opportunity for the many things we have buried deep within, the things we do not see, or do not want to see, to sense, know and to feel what we have maybe not felt before.


This concoction of energy may not make the most palatable soup for some.  Our soup may initially be appetising, however with the bubbling up of unknown/hidden energy the soup can turn sour, so to speak.  By recognising that which is bubbling up, and by clearing/cleaning this before the bubbles break can allow us to re-integrate our truth and rekindle a relationship with our self/higher self enabling us to see, with clarity, what is appetising to our soul and what isn’t.



These bubbles can symbolise illusory masks we wear that prevent us from acting, moving, speaking, sharing and being in alignment with our true divine selves.  These masks can be so ingrained, so attached to us that they can feel as though they have grafted to our skin, into every fibre of our being distorting our personal autonomy, and our personal and spiritual integrity.  The external environment can provide energetic overlays that coat our masks in a multitude of fanciful and false ideals making them appear elegant, exotic and beguiling.  Discernment is key here and so too is being willing to see truth.


Choosing to remove the masks can bring up fears and anxieties.  Removing the masks can be symbolic of losing our identity.  Because we have placed so much faith in these masks to hide our true identity we actually identify ourselves as our masks instead of our true divine selves.


Removal of the masks is a process and one that can be with ease and grace if we choose for it to be so allowing for re-calibration and re-configuration to occur gently and effortlessly.


What bubbles are surfacing for you?


What masks are you wearing?


Are you ready to remove your masks?


I know I am…


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