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Moving into the heightened energy of the 11:11:11 was like walking through a hot desert feeling as though I had no compass to navigate my way.  Illusions appeared providing the opportunity for discernment.  Any walls/structures I gazed at seemed to shimmer as waves of frequency and light just like a heat mirage in the desert.  Initially I was confused as to what this represented; however, it became very clear that it was showing me that many walls/barriers/obstacles that we (humanity) have erected are being dismantled. Remaining open to receive the new energetics was highlighted by the necessity to let go of/release that which has been lingering causing inner turmoil and conflict.  On release of that which no longer resonates within, a new heightened sense of awareness ensues allowing introspection with clarity.   Energy transfers/downloads were occurring daily and often.  Today, the 12th November, already shows signs of change/shift and a settling into the new.  The following communication was received yesterday 11th November, 2018 – 11:11:11.


As we sit in this energy of the 11:11:11 gateway the sacred codes within you are able to be fully activated so that you may realise your true divine purpose and mission.  These codes are unified in a field of collective light.  You are all here as the gateway/portal to the higher refined frequencies of light.  You shall stand as the open doorway.  Indeed you may be waiting for the doorway to be opened not realising that it is you that opens the doorway.  You do not have to wait for it to be opened unto you.  You are able to open it yourselves.  Are you bold enough to enter through that doorway?

There is an exploratory energetic occurring upon the planet now.  Those that are aware of this energy will use it for their highest expressions.  Those that are unaware of it will not understand how to use it for their highest expression of self.  This is called exploratory because those that do not know of it, nor how to use it; will be in what you may call an explorative stage.  They will explore, within this energy, the ins and outs of duality so to speak.  They will be taken to places that reflect that which they may not like within and yet they may explore with this energy and express outwardly.  There is much that can ensue from and through this energy and we say to you that there will be those that choose to explore this energy for reasons not of light.  This is appropriate and in alignment with the Law of Free Will.  You all have the free will to make your own choices without being influenced.  Being at peace with these choices is paramount in finding equanimity within.

Imagine that you are walking a tightrope.  You have a bar that provides balance; you wear particular shoes that help you to grip onto the tightrope.  The bar is very long and helps with balance as you hold it out in front in the palms of your hands.  If the bar were to be removed you would only have your arms to balance your physical body with.  The bar helps with the equilibrium and is a tool for balance shall we say.  Imagine that this tool is not really a bar at all; rather it is a rod of light, appearing as a bar.  Imagine that you are able to take this bar of light you are using for balance and turn it upright and draw it inside your body like the shushumna channel that runs through the body from the base of the spine to crown of head.  You stand on the tightrope now with the bar of light as the shushumna light channel in your spine.

Imagine the tightrope is not a rope at all; it is a rope of light.  Within this rope of light there are algorithms, equations, and fire letters etc., similar to the bar of light.  They both hold these light encryptions.  Imagine the bar of light has been superimposed over the shushumna channel and has interlocked with the tightrope light holding you firmly grounded upon the tightrope.

Let us say that the tightrope represents the life upon earth in the current incarnation and the bar of light represents the over soul self.  The codes within the bar of light and the rope of light energetically lock into each other, activate and illuminate the qualities within that awaken the remembrance of the true divine purpose and mission.  Each of you has these codes within and each of you has the opportunity to activate, awaken and illuminate these codes.  Through exploring the energetics of these codes within inspiration will come to you, and from the most unexpected triggers or place.  These will guide you to your true purpose and mission.  Trust in what presents itself to you through this exploratory energetic light; trust in the synchronous meetings with others, the ‘being at the right place and the right time’ synchronous moments.

There is a great shift occurring due to this exploratory light and the encoded light of the 11:11:11.  The life you have chosen can be activated into a higher light frequency if you choose for it to be so.  The opportunity to choose the light is always there even for those that appear to have little or no light within.  There is always the opportunity for the light to be explored and experienced, to balance your lives using this light, the One light of all that is.  You can use this light to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and the lives of those around you.  This is a collective awakening, a collective remembrance, unifying all in and through the One light of all that is.

The representation of the bar of light and the tightrope is a sound analogy.  Some may fear walking the tightrope as it may bring to the surface many hidden fears, worries, or concerns.  Some fear balance and harmony in their life.  Some do not believe they are worthy of such balance and harmony.  We each have inner fears to deal with, whether we choose to bravely walk the rope or not is a choice that can only be made by you.  We bring this to light so that you can understand that everyone has the opportunity to walk this path (rope) or not.

When one chooses to walk this path and embody more light, to move into the highest octave of being, one will surely experience that which may throw them off balance.  This is what has been referred to as the mirror effect.  You see reflected in the mirror what you may not wish to see about yourself and yet it gives a wonderful chance to address it and bring it into harmonious balance and integration.

The exploratory energy, this refraction of light, is creating a space for many to enhance their inner light quotient.  Opening to receive this light will highlight the jewels of wisdom hidden within the inner landscape.  The jewels of wisdom offer a grand opportunity to unburden you from the heavy bags, the heavy weight of fear, shame, guilt, doubt, hatred, anger etc.  It is necessary for all to unburden if you choose to walk the tightrope with ease and grace.  When we all choose to walk this path together we bring harmony to our external reality as well.  Not only are we affected but so too is the planet herself and all creatures upon/within her.  So let us all be curious, and inquisitive enough to explore our inner landscape and awaken the unified codes within.

And so it is…

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