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Words are never enough to fully express that which we wish to express.  Your language, over aeons of time, has lost the full integration of the feeling experience within the words expressed.  Many have lost the ability to communicate on an intimate level, and by intimate we mean a close, all-focused connection.  You see many of you will listen to another only half-heartedly and this is where we ask of you to please return your focus to your heart centre when speaking with another.  By focusing within the heart centre we turn our conversational experience into one of presence and attention.

That which has be termed the third language of light, or light language is exactly that which we speak of.  It is a whole experience of communication which is felt on all levels.  It touches one so deeply they feel it within the cells of the body.  When you read something or converse with another offering full focus and attention then the words read or hear will be felt in such a way one is able to experience connectedness.  This connectedness then enables one to realise that there is so much more to them and to the person they converse with or to the words they read.  Many offer wonderful readings, wonderful channellings, and unless you are willing to be open to receive the truth of the readings or messages then one will merely fob them off as nothing more than words on paper or mumblings from someone they perceive as not right in the head.

Many are quick to judge another for that which they express whether it be in the written word, whether it be in their art, whether it be in their music or any other creative experience they have.  Do not be quick to judge another, for you truly are judging the self.  You may not fully comprehend what this means, however, we ask you to look upon that which read, or witness with an open ability to allow.  Just allow it to be and you will feel the truth in it.  How many times have you looked upon a photograph of animals with their offspring and you immediately have the “oooh” experience of love.  You feel this love for it is portrayed within the photograph.  You feel this love for it is who you are.  Love is all there is and this is what is felt within the third language of light.

It would be wonderful for you to be open to feel this when reading that which another writes, or paints, or photographs or converses to you.  Allow yourself to feel this language of light and love and you will be amazed at the lightness you begin to feel in the self.

Of course we say to you that there are many that choose to write or to display or to converse that which brings fear to your heart.  We ask you to be discerning when reading and when viewing or conversing and trust in your truth, trust in the feeling of love and light within.  It is important that you take only that which is your truth from that which you read or see.  Another’s truth is not your truth.  Be true to you and feel and know that your own Divine I Am will let you know what your truth is.

We understand that many will read these words and take them on board as their truth, however, there will also be some that will choose to disregard this and that is fine.  We ask only that you feel these words we share within your heart space and know that they come from the deepest place of Love and that you feel this Love well within you, within every cell.  Feel it and know that you are ready to receive that which your Divinity has placed before you to experience.

Have you wondered lately at why it is you are feeling very erratic, very scattered, very emotional, sad etc.  All of these feelings are welling within the many and presenting to you an opportunity to bring into balance that which is out of balance.  Within your energetic field, your light body, the structures that you have that have blocked you from being able to know what it is you are showing yourselves to bring into balance are being dishevelled.  Because of the lighter frequencies, the influx of fluxing energies you are
experiencing from your 11:11 (11th Nov) these structures and blockages are presenting themselves and many are not aware of what they are or the feelings they are having.  Know that it is you, your Divine I Am, that is creating an opportunity for these to be transmuted in the highest and best way.  Give the intent for your Highest Soul Self to transmute these structures that have blocked you from re-aligning with the templates and sacred geometries within your energetic field and you will find that the emotional rollercoaster you have been on will become once again steady.


Many of you will experience many wonderful shifts and clearings of the old energies and structures that allow you to experience a more balanced, gentle experience.  We ask that you be gentle upon yourself for this clearing process will undoubtedly bring up issues and feelings that you previously buried hoping they would never surface again.  If you have not been willing to face these feelings before now is the time to do so knowing that you can face them, accept them for what they are, allow them to be felt then transmute them completely knowing that you free yourself from the binds, or chains, that have kept you down.  Release these now and imagine they are being cut away and imagine yourself rising high above them for that is what you are experiencing.


You are literally raising your vibrational frequency.  When we say this it may not be fully comprehended.  The process of raising ones’ vibrational frequency is the letting go of old outdated energies, old lower frequency energies to allow more Love and more Light to enter.  This light dear ones, in true terms does not actually enter for to use those words denotes that the light comes from elsewhere, however, this light is within you, it is you.  All that is the Light of the One is already within you.  You can be nothing other than this light.  Yes we have said before that this light can be dimmed, however, when we say you are raising your vibrational frequency it is the illumination of this dimmed light that is occurring.  This illumination is you turning your own light up in brightness.  This brightness is the illumination of the Love within.


We put this in very basic terms for you to comprehend that which we say, however, we ask that you feel this in the Light Language rather than just reading these words.  We ask you now to take a moment to feel the Love that you are, to feel the Love that you ijpart upon yourself and feel yourself brighten from within, from within your Sacred Heart space.  Feel this Light, this Love, expand out from your heart, feel it touch you on the inside within your rib cage area.  Feel it expand further out in whatever way is true for you.  Feel it expand out from your physical body into your energetic field, your light body.  Feel is expand out from your energy field out beyond the room you are in, then out beyond the house you are in.  Expand out further to feel the Divine Heart of Mother Earth and out beyond the Divine energy of our Sun, Sol.  Feel the galaxy, the universe, the universes beyond universes.  You are One with everything and this is what is meant when we say to you that you are all connected.   Now bring this feeling into your heart space and feel the lightness that you are.  Feel how buoyant you are.  This, dear ones, is what is meant by bringing Heaven to Earth (and what is meant by you are all One).

You are all able to walk upon this beautiful planet in this feeling of buoyancy.  We share this with you so you may choose to walk consciously, aware and awake, upon the Earth and throughout your days knowing that you are so much more than you thought yourself to be.  You are Love, you are Light and why you have come is to shine this Light ever so bright.


We Love to share these messages with you as we Love for you to be aware of who you truly are.  This is your purpose, to fully grasp who you truly are and to walk your path in your truth taking every moment of every day in gratitude and love, happiness, joy and a feeling of completeness.  It gives us great pleasure to be able to assist you with this for we are all One and when you feel this great love you have within you, the Love of self, we feel it too.


And so it is – In Love, Light and Grace it is you we Embrace.


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