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It has been quite an intense period in regards to the energetic events that have occurred over the last couple of months. In September we experienced a partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon), the Equinox and the Full moon Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon).  The total Lunar Eclipse was the fourth in the Tetrad which has occurred only twice previously in the last century in 1949-1950 and 1967-1968.  Along with these celestial events we can throw in the Gamma Rays or what has been labelled “Wave X”.  Scientists believe the Gamma Rays are due to a colossal explosion light years away and we are now receiving these waves of photon light.

The Schumann Resonance of Gaia (Mother Earth) has risen in vibrational frequency due to the influx of these rays, waves, photonic light and Gaia passing through the photonic belt (an event that occurs every 26,000 years). Master crystals within the Earth are being activated and in alignment with cosmic crystalline emissions and light waves Gaia is expanding into higher crystalline resonance, recalibrating to the higher crystalline matrix/grid (from the electromagnetic third dimensional matrix). The effulgent light incursion has had a monumental effect upon our physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.  The changes are epic and having an influential effect upon our disconnected 2 strand (carbon based) DNA returning it to 12 strand (crystalline-silicon based) DNA.

This recalibration of our DNA that we are experiencing is what is shifting our bodies from heavy dense three dimensional bodies to higher light fifth dimensional bodies (light bodies). There are many that are unaware of the changes that are occurring within, on and around (celestially) the planet let alone within their own biochemistry.  We are literally morphing into what has been termed Christ Consciousness, the profound expansion into the awareness of our true Divine Self or I Am Presence, the illumination of the truth of the divine spark of Creator of all that is within.  It has also been referenced as the rising of the kundalini energy through the crown chakra to sacred heart/sacred mind merge.

In order for us to board this flight into higher light we must be willing to let go of the baggage that weighs us down. We also need the correct boarding pass in order so that we will be taken to the most appropriate destination amongst these increasing energy fields.  Each and every one of us is able to board the flight (ascend) if we so choose however we will be unable to if we choose to remain connected to the dense vibrational frequencies of the third dimensional matrix.  It is here within the third dimensional matrix that we are restrained, bound by programmes, limited by beliefs and controlled by egoistic ‘power over others’ agendas.  When we make the conscious choice to look at what limits us etc. and choose to release them we are then able to change our perceptions and morph or expand into Christ Consciousness awareness.

It is this change that we are all experiencing now on some level. However we experience this is perfect for us and is guided by the higher aspect of self, our Divine I Am presence.  Change has many facets to it.  Change is vast and in some cases it can be vaster than we could imagine.  This in itself can be hugely fearful for many.  Quite often we place expectations upon change, how it is going to happen, when it is going to happen and the outcome of it.  We are being guided not to expect anything but to just ‘be’ and allow the changes to occur when and how they are meant to.  Give intent for the transmutation of the old to make way for the new energies and upgrades.  When we are able to allow change in such a way we realise that we are not really changing but rather we are expanding our awareness and awakening into truth, into the truth of who we really are.

According to change is: to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. Therefore we cannot change into something that we already are, divine beings of light.  We can however expand our conscious awareness of our divinity and comprehend the complexities of our Divine I Am presence.   Yes we will experience many shifts/changes to and within our physical, emotional and mental bodies which will be felt in myriad ways.

Depending upon our belief systems, programmes, archetypal behavioural patterns we perceive things in certain ways. When we can allow this greater expansion of awareness we will begin to see things in a greater light.  Again this can be perceived as a change in our awareness however we already hold this awareness and understanding within us, within our DNA and so it could be seen as an enlightened field of perception rather than a change.  We cannot change from not having something to having something when we already have it within us.

The question we must ask ourselves is ‘are we ready to experience the expanded conscious awareness of the truth of who we are’? When we give intent for this we are moved into the higher light resonance and our understanding of things expands.  We move from the understanding story itself to the understanding of the esoteric story and then on to the transcendental mystical story.  Grasping the higher perception, the esoteric, we can learn to express in enlightened ways.  We already hold the light codes and templates within our DNA and these are being unlocked due to the increase in emissions of cosmic rays, waves and packets light.

Imagine you are in a dark room and there is a box that appears to have a light inside it. As your eyes have adjusted to the darkness for so long when you open the box you need to look away for a moment to allow the eyes to adjust (recalibrate) to the higher refined light.  It is the same for the human vessel.  When we allow this light to shine from within and master our thoughts we will be as the masters that have walked the Earth before us.  Like a moth drawn to a spotlight people were drawn to them.  Most did not understand why they were drawn to a master however it was the light codes that are held within our aura, etheric bodies and DNA mist that magnetise us to those that are able to assist us in unlocking the templates.

With the unlocking of such templates our physical vessel will experience recalibration. Neurological pathways will adapt to the higher frequencies affecting our nervous systems.  It is as though we are being rewired and quickened or much like a computer is downloading we too are being downloaded (or uploaded) with more of the truth of who we are, more of our own unique harmonics.  Vibrational shifts can be felt physically.  Third eye (pineal gland) activation moves to a whole new level.  Heart portal openings, sacred heart/sacred mind merges are all part of moving into fifth dimensional frequencies.

We will have ‘aha’ experiences that may be perceived as big and of course it will be big if we listen to ego mind and attach drama and bigness to it. Doing this places us outside of our truth where we are coming from an ego perspective rather than a truth perspective.  This is the change, the change in our perceptions and our perspective of things.  To assume that experiences are big, dramatic, small etc. places us in the experience of contrast.  Contrast was created so we could undergo many duality lessons.  Duality is third dimensional and although, due to these higher light frequencies, most have moved out of third dimensional duality into fifth dimensional awareness, continuing the habitual judgement of contrast pulls us back into the third dimensional experience.  The release of judgement and the release of contrast enable us to maintain an expanded awareness, a fifth dimensional overview.

Accelerated expansion can occur if we give intent for it and it will only ever happen at a rate we can tolerate, unless of course we ask for this out of alignment with our divine I am. If we choose to ask for more than we can handle then we create imbalance within and without.  We are the creators of our reality.  This imbalance will place us in contrast situations within the third dimensional dualistic energy constructs that give us the opportunity to return to balance, becoming masters of our thoughts, actions, deeds etc.  Indeed we must be careful what we ask for.

Permitting all situations, events and happenings to flow into our sphere of life without placing judgement upon them we will then be able to stand firmly grounded in the fifth dimensional, higher light, experience of self. This is the conscious expanded awareness that we are of much light and that we are so much more than we thought we were.  We are Christ consciousness, we are masters, we are multidimensional ascended masters and we are our Divine I am presence, at one with the Divine I Am presence of all.  This is a higher understanding, a transcendental mystical understanding, to grasp and accept and when we can get to this place of acceptance we will be able to fully express the full embodiment of light consciousness, or Christ consciousness.

This is a process, an ascension process, each of us will experience in our own unique way. We do not need to analyse it or try to understand as it will happen how it is meant to happen and in the highest and best way for all.  Trusting in the process is in itself a process.  We all have free choice to go through this ascension process and regardless of our choice we will never be judged for it.  Those that judge you will be coming from a place that is not truth.  Aligning with our inner knowing, our intuition will ensure a smoother transition.  Enjoy it and ask that you experience it with ease and grace and it shall be so.

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