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We welcome in this New Year with you all with much Love.  2014 has been quite a trying year for some and although it had its down moments it also had its up moments.  We ask that you focus upon these up moments and ask yourselves what it is about these moments that made you feel up.  When you reflect upon these moments you will be surprised that often times it is because of the way you handled yourself throughout the situation that was presented to you.  Many up moments can be seen as an outside influence making you feel happy, however, we say to you that it was you that put yourself into the correct place at the correct moment to experience that which gave an experience of upliftment.  It was also you that reacted in this uplifted way to the situation.

We remind you all that you are all co-creators of your own life and we ask that you reflect on that which made you feel uplifted as you venture into this new year.  In order for you to have an uplifted experience you must first realise that you and only you can create that feeling within for yourself.  You can react in a multitude of ways to any given situation you find yourself in.  What you do not realise is that sometimes you forget you are in control and therefore drop from an uplifted state to one of sadness, anger, despair etc.  To be presented with a particular situation that is not at all appealing, and quite fearful, one can certainly allow the fear to take hold and therefore fall deeply into a lower vibrational emotional state.  If one is able to hold one’s head high and know from a deeper level that you will get through the situation and you trust that all will be well regardless of the outcome then you shall find yourself in a much higher resonance.

We understand that it is difficult to trust sometimes and we understand that many of you do not even know how to trust.  Trust comes from the knowing that not only you, your physical self, but also your Higher Self is with you at all times throughout every situation you find yourself in.  Not only that but you can find it much easier to trust when you know that you also have the support of your spiritual support system.  It matters not what you choose to label your spiritual support system, whether it be Angels, Guides or Teachers, it matters only that you choose to allow them to be present with you and to allow them to assist you in all matters.

Sovereign beings of Light you all are and you yourselves are your own guides and teachers.  When the understanding of this occurs one can find much peace within all situations.  It is a difficult concept for some to understand that what one experiences in one’s life is chosen before incarnating.  Now we realise that this may go against many teachings, many beliefs, however, we say to you that your Higher Self, your Divine I Am, has orchestrated with you what it is you are to experience.  How you respond to those experiences is entirely up to your physical self.  We say physical self, however, we ask that you understand that your physical self comprises of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the etheric body.

Through the mental cognition process and the emotional response process and the physical system the reaction to any given situation is, shall we say, recorded in the etheric field.  Should one react with fear then this fear, this energetic signature of fear, is stored within the etheric field.  Over time should this fear be layered upon layers of accumulated fear it will eventually crystallise or manifest within the physical body.  This manifestation may initially present itself as a small niggle of discomfort.  This niggle burrows its way into your focus and, like a parasite, draws from you all of your attention.  The more attention it gets the more powerful it becomes.  The more powerful it becomes, the more fearful you become and so the cycle continues.

We have told you many times before that your bodies are intelligent.  The very cells in your body speak to one another and they are all aware of what is happening within the body at the same time.  By speaking with your cells you are able to start a communication between yourself and they and when you decide it is time to listen you will be amazed at what they can tell you.  We bring to your attention though that you are to be discerning of that which is occurring within the body and should anything present itself that you are uncertain of then it would be appropriate for you to have a medical opinion.

It may be that you are certain that there is nothing wrong with the pain you are experiencing in your heart, however, due to all of the signs given to you it presents as a heart attack.  It would be most appropriate for you, even though you are certain there is nothing wrong, to have a medical check to ensure that is the case.  Should the results confirm that there is nothing wrong then you can be rested and assured that all is well.

Now we come the matter of the fact that if you were certain there was nothing wrong with you and after getting medical attention you were informed that you needed treatment or an operation do you go into doubt, fear, anger, abandonment issues, or all of the above.  You were certain nothing was wrong and in your mind’s eye you think you have been proven wrong or that you failed in some way.  What do you do?  There are many ways to react to this situation and one of them, as an example, is anger.  You focus upon this anger and it compounds, layer upon layer, within the etheric body, which then, over time, manifests as something else within the physical body.

We ask you all to be aware that there may be moments that a situation will present itself to you and you feel it is all an untruth.  To walk upon the Earth as a self-master one must be open to receive, fully, the messages from the higher self as well as the intelligent body and the cells.  You must remember that we have said that you are the co-creators of your life and that the Higher Self, your Divine I Am, has already arranged with you the experiences you are to have.

Now we mentioned earlier that there were many ways to react to the situation of where you think you were proven wrong.  How do you know that it was not orchestrated by your Higher Self to experience the heart treatment or operation so it could mend the rift between yourself and your mother and father?  How ironic would it be that you would experience this heart treatment and/or operation only to have the love and support from your mother and father returned to you, the very cause of the compounded layer upon layer of abandonment issues?

Spirit works in mysterious ways dear ones and this is where the trust must come in.  The trust that you, your own Divine I Am presence, knows what is for your highest and best at all times.  Open your heart centres to receive the love you have for you, from you, from your Divinity.  Allow your heart to be filled with this love, with this light and you will feel that trusting in you is not at all that difficult.  You will know that you are divinely guided at all times, it just takes a little practice at experiencing it and feeling it.

Understand that you are all given the opportunity to expand your heart portal, your heart chakra, to take in more of this divine love and light.  Your bodies are being refined so that this love and light can enter and be integrated with ease and Grace.  Giving your self permission to receive allows the process to integrate quicker and more smoothly.  You are becoming much light and you have all heard the expression that you are Light Beings, and so it is you are.  Shine that light, your divinity, from within.  Allowing yourself to trust allows your light to shine ever more brightly.

We love you and we love the light that emanates from you for we see the truth in this light.  It plays across the wavelengths of frequencies much as the Aurora Borealis dances across the skyline at the North Pole.  Each of you offers a unique energetic signature and each of your light frequencies creates a symphony of harmonics, the colours of which are so resplendent you would be in awe with the beauty you are.

In the frequencies of Love, Light and Grace it is you we embrace.   And so it is…



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