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Welcome greetings to you all. There is much we would share with you this day, however, we shall share that which we feel is important for you all to be aware of at this time.  We use reference to time only for your purposes; however it is in this moment that we share.  There is no time and many of you are truly feeling the effects of the timeline shifts.  There are many that wonder at where their day has gone as it seems to fly by without obstacles.  Those that find they have obstacles in the way are provided an excellent opportunity to address the energies that may still need a little push in the clearing out direction.

We have said this many times before and we shall say it again, however we shall only touch on it briefly. It is important to the human vehicle, the incarnated physical expression of self to clear all unwanted energies, all disharmonious, unbalanced energies in order to align more deeply with the truth of who you are and with the new higher vibrational frequencies.  There are many subtle energetic plays happening all around you and when one is out of alignment, or out of balance, then one will find oneself being pushed or pulled in all directions without any clarity or focus.  There is no right or wrong to the process of clearing unwanted or unbalanced energies.  Whatever you feel is right for you is appropriate.  We have given simple tips on how to release unwanted energies and although you may be thinking that you have tried this and it hasn’t seemed to work we say to you that just as a muscle needs conditioning to become strong so too does the intuitive muscles, the acceptance muscles and the allowance muscles.

One can strive and strive to clear that which is unbalanced however if you are unwilling to accept the new to replace what has been cleared then the old energies may indeed creep back in. When you allow yourself to receive the new energies, without conditions, then you will become more attuned to the self and more aligned to the Divine Love and light.  All that you are is Divine and when you allow yourself to be Divine and allow yourself to receive the energies that will assist you in coming into the cognitive understanding that you are indeed Divine then you will find inner peace, self-love and joy.  There is not one Master that walked the Earth that did not have to work upon their self.  All had issues arise that allowed them to understand more of how the little self, or ego self worked.  When they understood this they were then able to bring themselves into balance.  It is a conscious effort to have mindful approaches to everything you do, everything you say and every action you take.  When you are mindful you can see the cause and effect of all actions.  When you see the cause and effect of all actions you can choose whether or not to carry out said actions or to alter the course of your actions, your thoughts, your looks, your words spoken etc.

All of you are becoming aware of the higher light. Many of you will find it difficult to accept this higher light and we have mentioned this before.  It may cause chaotic reactions in some and it is up to the master you to choose how you react or respond to the chaos that may cross your path.  When one is able to be non-reactive then one truly has become at peace within.  This is a process and when one can allow themself to react or respond, without placing judgement upon the self one will align more profoundly with the higher aspect of self.  It is very easy for you to become quite disgruntled at the self for your reactions, and your responses because you believe they are not what they should be, or that you should be better than that.  It is not about shoulds or shouldn’ts.  It is not about being right or wrong.  All that matters is that you are consciously aware of your reactions.   What happens in the moment is appropriate so you can learn and create a greater understanding from the experience.  It is not for you to put yourself down, it is for you to pick yourself up by acknowledging and congratulating yourself for becoming more consciously aware so that next time you can react differently if you choose to.  And if next time you react the same way do not berate the self.  Simply acknowledge it and become aware of how you reacted.  In a short period you will find that this will balance out, when the applicable muscles have been conditioned, and you will not even be aware that you are not reacting at all.

It is a mindful process of expansion and awareness, of awareness and expansion. When we become more consciously aware we expand beyond the confines of the preconceived ideas and the limitations you have placed upon the self.  And when we become more aware of the preconceived ideas and limitations upon self we expand in conscious awareness.  It is both, it is circuitous.  There is a great deal happening upon the Earth at this time that is giving everyone the opportunity to receive and grow, to allow and expand.  Open your arms to receive what is the most appropriate for you.  Open your heart to receive the highest and best for you and for all.  When you can open your heart to receive miracles can happen, if you allow them.

A very simple tool you can use is to sit out upon the grass, or somewhere you can be in the sunlight, and place your hands just slightly behind you. Push your chest forward, pull your shoulders back, lift your chin to the sun and ask to receive the light from the sun and to receive the light from beyond and behind the sun.  The light from beyond and behind the sun is metaphor for receiving the light from the Great Central Sun, which is metaphor for receiving the Light of the One.  Breathe this light in and allow.  Simply sit and allow.  On every in breath feel, know, hear, taste, smell or see the light breathed in through your heart space.  On the out breath allow the cares, the worries, the self-judgement, the self-limitations, and whatever else is appropriate for you, be released and transmuted by the light.  Do this simple exercise as many times as you feel necessary so you may start your day afresh.  Each of you will be different as to what you choose to release and when you choose to do this exercise.  There is no right or wrong, there is only you with you.  When you can accept this and be at peace with being with you then you will find balance within with ease and grace.

You may wonder at our statement there is only you with you. We ask you to look at this deeper and know that you, the boots on the ground you, is working with the higher aspect of you, of the soul self.  You with you.  If we can look at this even deeper we can see that the higher aspect of you, the soul self, although an individuated aspect of The One, is part of the One light and therefore it is You with You.  This may be hard for many to understand for you may still be perceiving separation illusion.  That is fine.  There is no right or wrong.  The illusion of separation has been appropriate and it is ok for you all to consider that maybe, just maybe, there really is no separation.  You truly are all one.  We truly are all one.

You are moving into this phase of enlightenment where you are one voice, one unit, one community, one people. This is the awareness that you, as humanity, as a whole, can change the energetics of the planetary grid system.  When you can become aware of the impact this has upon the Earth, upon the peoples of the Earth, upon the plant and animal kingdoms, and upon the Elemental kingdoms, then you will be able to create the most amazing life experiences not only for yourself but also for your children and their children and so on.  This is unity consciousness and this is where you are heading.  “All for One and One for All” as you say.  We would like to add also that this will eventually move out into the galactic understanding that we are all one, one planetary system within the galaxy, within galaxies, within the universe, within universes, within super universes etc., etc.  All that reside upon your planet will soon realise that you are not alone.  These are exciting times and there are many that may have all of their preconceived ideas dashed so to speak.  This will create a wonderful opportunity to release these dashed feelings or transmute them in the highest and best ways for you.

You have help and you have those that are skilled at energy work that can assist with the release of old patterns, belief structures and systems. Seek them out if that feels appropriate to you.  If not we ask that you consider taking a moment or two each day to connect with you and to become more consciously aware of your thought process, actions etc.  Do this for you.  If you find moments where it all feels a little too hard then call upon your angelic help and they will be there in a heartbeat.  They are already there and they will embrace you and grace you with love.  Be open and allow dear ones, it is your birthright.


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