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When I communicate with beyond the veil I know I communicate with many and that whom I speak with is a collective, a council. I can feel the energy of the spokesperson that represents the many and it is appropriate for me to feel this as each and every one of us has a unique energetic signature. If all came through at once, speaking at the same time, it would be like trying to receive a message whilst sitting in a stadium full of excited football fans watching the world titles.  There is never a moment when we are with only one other from beyond the veil. We are with many, our councils of light.  It is always impressed upon me in these communications that although I am speaking to a representative of a collective I am speaking with all through ‘The One’ (Source). We are never to underestimate who we are what we represent for we represent the many as we walk upon Gaia as the boots on the ground intermediary.

Who we are spans greater dimensions than we know. What we represent is the love, the light, the truth and compassion of ‘The One’ and as we have chosen to be incarnate upon the Earth now we are seen as forerunners, light workers, beacons of light (or whatever label we choose to place upon ourselves).  All of us that have incarnated upon the Earth in the now are here to assist in the ascension of Gaia and all upon it.  All that we are is with us now and is about to reveal itself to us, the ones that choose to have this revelation.  It is never a matter of when this will be revealed in regards to our linear perspective of time it is more a matter of how it will be revealed to us.  There is no time, however if we choose to place limitations of time upon when this revelation will occur we can sometimes become despondent.  We must trust that it will be in the most appropriate divine timing.  This unfoldment of the truth of who we are has already begun and when it begins to sink in, or when we cognitively process this, we will begin to question the truth of who we really are.  Many are already questioning this now, hence the need to know more, to seek more knowledge, to expand further, to take in more light etc.

In order for us to take in more light and anchor this upon the Earth we must be clear physically, emotionally, mentally and ethereally. We are unable to hold this higher light, if our vessel is already full of old baggage.
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If we clean out the baggage hold within the vessel we create space to allow the already inherent light packets of wisdom to open, to expand within.  When this happens we begin to feel the changes occurring internally and externally.  When we are clear and in balance we will breeze through these changes with ease and grace.  If we still have baggage in the hold the light will bump into this baggage and create enough friction to bring it to our attention so we can release it, or take it out of the baggage hold.  When we are in balance we may not experience much at all and our three dimensional linear minds and our ego begins to think that nothing is happening, that we are not changing at all.  We must trust and know that change is occurring, to go with the flow of it and allow it without trying to analyse the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of it.  When we can allow this flow to occur we will begin to receive much more information.  Our greatest guide of the greatest order is in fact our own self.  We must trust in the information that presents as it comes from that higher aspect, that over soul aspect, of self.  ‘Go with the flow’ is my favourite motto at the moment.

Going within is what we are all told to do however initially we do not really understand what this means. Going within is where we find the packets of light Intel, the knowledge and wisdom we already hold but where and how do we hold it within.  We are told to be in the now moment and this is also something we initially do not fully grasp.

Within the now moment of time there is a molecular structure to the way things work. Now is where you will find you.  Now is where you will be with ‘The One’, with all.  Now is who you are, who we are.  Being in the moment right here, right now is all that really matters and when we can process what this means we realise that we are in the ‘now moment’.  I hope the following metaphor will give a clearer picture and help you understand this better.

Imagine that you see before you a rollercoaster ride. Although you can see the many twists, turns and loops of the ride from a distance you begin to feel excitement build within as you wonder what it would feel like to board the ride. Now some rides only accept those that are of a certain age or certain height or both.  Although you are well over the limitations of height and age you feel a pang of sadness for those that are not.  You know they will have to wait patiently until such time that they are able to board the ride.  Each ride is unique, each lifetime is unique, not only because of the layout and design of the ride but also because of the energy we are in as we board the ride.  If we are denser and heavier with all the baggage then we shall experience the ride differently to if we were much lighter and free of all baggage.

Does this sound familiar to many of you/us that have been waiting patiently for something within, something that we don’t even really know what it is that we are waiting for? This is where divine timing sets in and until such time as our ‘height and age’ are in alignment with the plan, set out by ourselves before incarnating, we are unable to ‘board the ride’ or access the knowledge and wisdom within.  The energies must be in alignment and the sadness we feel is the knowing that although we have something within that wants to burst through we must wait patiently for such alignments.  We must also clear the baggage to allow these alignments to slot into place.

So we step into the rollercoaster car and we sit patiently waiting for others to be settled into their cars. There is no seat beside us; it is a car that caters for one passenger only.  When we get into the car the safety bar is placed over us and we feel secure knowing that we will not fall out as we go around the bends, turns and loops we saw from a distance.  When the ride begins the car jolts and shakes a little.  It takes a little time to settle into a smooth flow upon the tracks.  Up ahead there is a steep climb and the car begins to jolt and shudder a little as it climbs.  When we reach the top of the incline we begin to feel a little anxious and excited about the coming decline and the twists and turns of the ride.  The car flies down the slope and is immediately flung around the first bend.  We are rocked from side to side and forward to back within the car and although we know the safety bar is pulled down over us our anxiousness begins to rise.  This turns to an excited adrenalin rush as we whiz around the twists, turns and loops.  When the ride is finished we smoothly return to the docking area and exit the car on the other side of the track.  We are feeling light headed, joyous and we are buzzing from the adrenalin rush.

Of course we want to do that again and so we line up for another go. The ride this time seems to take on a whole different feel.  We no longer have the anxiousness or concerns for we know we are safe and we know that the bumps and jarring we felt in the first ride is no longer as obvious.  This time the ride feels much smoother and the twists and turns we traverse around, the loops that we soar through, do not give as much of an adrenalin rush as previously experienced.  We feel familiar with the ride and because we are ready for the twists and turns and we know we will breeze through this without the anxiousness.  We are prepared this time around and we have this prior knowledge and wisdom within so we are able to brace ourselves as we go around the twists and turns.  We can easily go with the flow of the ride with much ease and grace and much joy knowing there is nothing to fear.

The above metaphor is representative of the life experiences we have when dropping down into the third dimensional reality of Earth. We know what is to come every incarnation for we have prepared for it.  We hold the knowledge and wisdom of the previous ride/life within our DNA and we are able to draw from those experiences to smoothly traverse the ride/life expression we are having now. We can then understand that we must allow our bodies to morph with the car and rock and sway in alignment with the centrifugal forces at play.

Each life expression we have becomes easier if we choose to learn from the experiences we have. All experiences we have ever had, all life expressions we have incarnated into upon Earth are within our DNA.  They are already within us.  This sits within the DNA, all (what we term past, present and future) life expressions are with us in the here and now and are easily accessible.  Going within means knowing that we hold this knowledge and wisdom of all life expressions in our DNA and accessing it.  To access it we need only think it, imagine it, create it.

Every time we think of a place, be it a beautiful beach, a wonderful garden or your own home, you are there in that place in the now moment.

If we put our focus upon the layout of our home or our kitchen area we place ourselves in that room in the now moment.  When we imagine we are taking a cup out of the cupboard or opening the fridge we are in fact doing it in the now moment.  Thoughts are energy and what we think creates a reality for us in the now moment.  That is why it is so important we be mindful of our thoughts and align them with love.  Energy out is energy back.  We have all heard the term with goes around comes around and this is true of all thoughts, actions, deeds etc.

Our imagination, or what we term imagination, is in fact a higher dimensional consciousness expression. We can use our imagination to create our world.  The energetic imprint we use to create with our imagination can in fact manifest instantly in our world.   That which we imagine, wish for can be created.  The linear thinking we have followed for aeons is conducive to the belief we are limited.  We have been led to believe that our DNA is only two strand when in fact it is much more than that.  We have been led to believe that 97-98% of our DNA is junk and that we use only about 2-3%.  Using our imagination we can in fact illuminate and activate the higher frequency DNA.  We are moving from 2 strand DNA to 12 strand DNA and there will be some that will move through 33 strand DNA.

Imagine a DNA strand and imagine the rungs of the DNA, like the rungs of a ladder, are strategically placed in a pattern. We do not need to know what the pattern is, what it represents of all the little bits and bobs of it. This DNA strand twists and turns and loops around much like the roller coaster ride we just experienced.  We can feel the twists and turns and loops as we imagine it and we can also imagine that there is more than one strand.

When I imagined my DNA strands I could sense that there were many more than two strands. For some reason the number 33 kept jumping out at me and I could sense these strands were not physical rather they seemed to shimmer and morph, shapeless and yet shapely.  They overlapped in some places and one strand became two and sometimes three strands in one.  They seemed to intertwine holographically, light layer upon light layer.  I sensed it was a big rope of DNA but it is not a rope it was more like an articulated, knitted or crocheted tubular design in which the threads of the DNA strands were interwoven strands of light filaments.

We are preparing our physical bodies to hold this level of light and although many will be able to do so many will choose not to and this is appropriate for them. Only those that make the conscious choice to do this and to do the work to clear out the baggage hold will be able to hold the higher light frequencies and access the multiple strand DNA knowledge and wisdom within.  When changes occur to our physical vessels we will indeed feel it.  It is a quickening of sorts, a restructuring of our electrical pathways, synapses and energy meridians, nadi’s and so forth.  Resisting this quickening and the changes it brings will create many more twists and turns on your ride and will generate more friction, bumps and shudders.  Change is underfoot and we are all experiencing vast change now whether we are aware of it or not.

When one is ready, when the student is ready, the master appears. The master is the masterful self, the self that has experienced many different life expressions. When we have a cognitive understanding of these many life expressions we are able to appreciate that we are a multidimensional being of light and that we have ascended multidimensionally.  These multidimensional selves are merging with us in the here and now and when we are ready to receive this level of understanding then we are taken into the next level of master ship.  The master appears and the master is you.  The masterful you wishes to be the guiding light for you in the here and now upon Gaia.  Giving permission for this opens us to receive the higher light packets of wisdom from self, allows us to go within to retrieve from our DNA what we require to continue our ascension path, our rollercoaster ride.

The changes in our physical bodies, our emotional balance, and our demeanour will be noticed by others. Those with eyes to see will see and know for they will see the sparkles of light emanating from us.  We will be sparkling so to speak, much like a star sparkles in the midnight sky.  A star gives the illusion it is twinkling and that is how we will be seen and felt.  Our light will be moving, morphing, for it will be vibrating at a faster rate.  Our light filaments, our DNA crocheted patterns of light filaments, will be ecstatically twinkling so to speak, like a sparkler that is used in festive occasions.


The sparkles are varied in size, colour and intensity and this will give the image that we are a moving, morphogenic field of light. Those with eyes will see this and those without will see us as we have represented ourselves in physical form.

When this morphogenic field begins to quicken with more light we will indeed feel the rapid changes physically, emotionally, mentally etc. We will notice much change and there will be moments where we will feel this as we have never felt before.  We must trust that higher multidimensional self knows what is appropriate for us to experience and not fear the change.  The DNA mist around us comprises of not only the humanoid form DNA but also the many forms you have incarnated into across the many universal terrains.  And so we may even pick up on some of these universal terrains and this is because we are so connected now to our multidimensional ascended master selves.  It is all within our DNA mist and we will morph into, with, around, and through these fields of light.

We are being prepared so we are able to accept what may appear in our sphere of life in any moment. When we receive an image that is out of the ordinary (or what we term out of the ordinary) we are not to dismiss it as though we have made it up.  Accept it and acknowledge it for it represents more than our linear expression is aware of.  It is the multidimensional aspects of self talking to us and sharing with us.  This is where we should take our rollercoaster ride for this is where we will see the most amazing sights, feel the most amazing feelings, and know the most amazing things.  What comes into our field is to be acknowledged, accepted and allowed.  There is no need to analyse it just allow it to flow through, around, over and in you.  Do not compare it to yesterday’s light fields or what tomorrow will bring.  Do not compare it to what others are experiencing for each of us is unique and we have our own pre-designed rollercoaster ride.  If we can go with the flow and be in the now moment all will be well.

Listen well to your physical vessels. If they need a rest take a moment to rest. The multidimensional aspects of self will be sitting in the cars on the rollercoaster with us.  Enjoy the ride, I know I am.  I choose to go with the flow regardless of what comes my way.


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