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Before I impart the most recent communication I would like to explain a few things first. Recently when communicating I have been receiving the same sort of information over and over.  I have mentioned this before however over the Christmas period I decided to down tools and allow myself to experience the love and laughter of family and friends.  During this time I personally experienced many changes within my physical vessel.  I have always been able to pick up on the slightest alteration to vibration within my body and to say that the vibrations have changed is an understatement.  Years ago (7 or so) the vibrational resonance was such that it felt like it was occurring within the body and outside of the body at the same time, buzzing and giving a droning effect much like the sound and vibration of one of the many drones that are becoming popular.  Now the vibrations within the body are speeding up to the extent that when I am experiencing something I do not get the droning vibrational feeling I merely shudder and feel as though my very cells have exploded outward.  When I feel this I immediately see myself as so much more than the physical body and the expansion I feel does not take me out any further than the structure around it me it makes me feel as though I am the structure.  If I am in a room in a house then I am the room, the house, the yard, etc. 

Expansion on many levels is occurring. This expansion is allowing the divine aspects of self to integrate with our physical bodies.  It is now that we become aware of that which we have chosen for this incarnation.  We are allowed to remember who we are and what we have chosen.  This is not to say we have not been allowed this in the past.  This is a divine timing thing and we will all be moved into other vibrations within the self when it is most appropriate for us.  We will literally feel and experience the higher dimensions of self. 

While we are in rest mode our higher self/selves are busy. This is always the case when we sit within a pause moment or what some term as a ‘down tools’ moment.  It is through these periods of time that the slate is wiped clean (symbolic death of the old) to prepare for the next stage (to make way for the new).  There is much change and adjustment within family units as the change in us affects all within the family whether we realise it or not. The children will pick up on this more and more and they may mirror to you what is out of balance within. 

This time is about letting go of the imbalance and loving the self for the truth of who we are. All of the things done or said that were not in alignment with love can now be balanced and transmuted.  I had a lot of time to reflect over the Christmas break and although what I received seemed to be very repetitive it is of the utmost importance that we begin the process of allowing the orchestration of our divine plan to blossom.

flowerings_76_by_love1008I envision for you all that 2017 be the very orchid of orchestration that aligns you with the higher aspect/dimensional self. Below is the communication I received today.  It came through with a love a mother has for a child.  Open to receive and you may feel this love expand through your cellular structure.  Enjoy.


Love is truth, it is the true energy, it is the true light, it is the true Source of All That Is. All that is was consciously created in through and around love.  There is no creation that was not first consciously conceived of without love.  There are however many man-made creations that were created with an emphasis on energy other than love, although in a sense love is still the binding force.  How much it binds is determined by the intent and focus behind the creation.  Each of you, as mentioned, is love.  The inner truth of who you are is love.

All that have chosen to incarnate upon Earth have chosen to drop down through the dimensional layers to experience an illusion of separation from love, a separation from the truth of who you are and from Source Love. This experience was chosen so you could assist Earth (Gaia) in her planetary ascension and to learn, grow and expand your own consciousness.  By choosing to experience an incarnation that offers the perceived belief that one is separate and on their own in the world they live in they can then make a choice to return to the understanding and knowing that they are indeed not separate and that we are all one.  It is very hard for those of you that have chosen to incarnate and are having difficult passages throughout your incarnation to believe that you could choose this.

Time is speeding up and the world in which you live is changing. The planet herself, for she too is a beautiful sentient being of love, is ascending in vibrational frequency.  What does this mean?  There is a lot of talk about ascension and what it is.   Ascension is the process of realising that you are more than you think you are and allowing that more to take residence within the physical form.  Many have ascended over the various eras upon Earth however they ascended to be examples for others to follow.  Humanity has chosen to be incarnated at this time to ascend en masse and whether you believe it or not you are all receiving the refined light of love that comes directly from Source energy.  Never before have you been able to ascend as a collective and although there will be many that will be what is termed the first wavers these will lay down the templates for others to quickly follow.  Ascension does not mean sparking the ‘chariot of fire’ and riding off into the sunset.  Choosing to ascend collectively means to remain upon Gaia and assist her as she is also changing and so too are all the plants and animals, elementals and all that inhabit her sphere.  All are raising their vibrational frequencies.

This was the divine plan for Earth and now you are at the beginning of a new beginnings year 2017 (2+0+1+7 = 1). Some of you can feel the change, some cannot.  It matters not whether you can or can’t.  You are all experiencing it to some degree.  Your cellular structure and your DNA mapping is being reformed or restructured by the new silica crystalline light.  Your light bodies are being fine-tuned and turned on so to speak and some will find that they will indeed begin to shine brightly.  The body vehicles will feel release and purging, so too will the planetary body.  Much of this is not new to you however for those that are finding this all new and too much to believe you are entitled to deny the changes if you wish.  However we say to you that before incarnating you have chosen to experience this as a collective and to assist with the transformation of self and planet you can give the intent for the change in the highest and best way for all.  This will ensure that that transition is as balanced as possible to not only yourself but for all including animals, plants, etc. and Gaia herself.

We bring to your attention the new understanding of what you can do to assist in this changeover. Intent and focus and love are the tools for manifestation.  Manifestation is happening at a faster rate and one no longer has to experience incarnation after incarnation to balance karma.  The new babies are being born without the need to balance karma and those that are aware of this karmic balance within will be able to move through the challenges with ease and grace.  Manifestation can occur immediately, if one truly believes it can.  Instantaneous healing can befall one if they are open to believe in what they perceive as unbelievable.

This leads us to the very subject we would like to speak to you about today. Mystical Experiences (ME’s) can happen if one opens to receive them and allow them to be recognised as such.  Many times in your lives you may experience coincidental things happening when in fact they are not coincidental at all.  There is an elaborate tessellation of interwoven synchronicities that take place that are perceived as coincidences.  These are ordained threads of intricately woven manifestations of one’s focus and intention.  ME’s are the results and expressions of the higher dimensional self working with and through the boots on the ground self.  ME’s happen all the time and every encounter you have is an intricately woven prearranged design to allow the interplay of energy of giving and receiving.  When you begin to see the synchronistic ME’s in your life you will be aligning with the higher dimensional light body self.  It is the higher self that is the orchestrator and reality planner for your current Earthly incarnation and when you can let go and allow the higher dimensional self to be the conductor of your symphony then you will flow through all changes and challenges with ease and grace.  Engage in the mystical you.

There is a lot to be said about going with the flow. Many have spoken about this and this flow is perceived as outside of the self however the flow is self flowing with self.  The higher dimension self already flows with the undulations of love, of Source energy.  Flow is about releasing the perceived identity of self (the physical/emotional/mental and etheric bodies of form) and being taken upon the currents of transformation into a lighter body of existence, the light body.  Many fears about loss of identity can arise as many are only able to identify with the physical form.  What a person does as a career path, how they have achieved or not achieved in life, how successful they are and how they want others to perceive them are all forms of identity.  When one lets go and allows the true self of light and love, the higher dimensional self, to flow in through and around their bodies and spheres of life they can experience an internal conflict and anxiety.  This anxiety can cause all amounts of physical sensations and perceived symptoms.

How difficult is it for you to let go of who you thought you were and allow the true self to shine through? This question is asked so that you may look deep within and ask yourself to show you the truth in the answer.  Are you afraid of change?  Are you afraid of your own light?  Are you afraid of losing your identity?  The highest light and love, Source and the higher dimensional self can assist you with the answers so that you may transmute these fears and anxieties.  Be open to receive and allow ME’s.  Be consciously aware that when Mystical Experiences materialise they have happened because you have designed them that way and that they are not coincidences.

Trust in the power of the love and light within and allow yourself to feel the love and light swelling within. This swelling feeling is creating balance not only within the physical structure but also within your sphere of life.  This sphere will then merge with other spheres and so on creating an increase in light and love globally.  The planetary sphere will then expand and merge with other planetary spheres within the Milky Way galaxy.  These galactic spheres will then expand and merge with universal spheres and universal spheres will expand to merge with super-universal spheres and so on.  There is no beginning and no end to how the transformation you experience will affect All.

ME’s are obtainable to all of you and they are free. They only cost if you put a value on them or redefine them as something outside of yourself happening only to those that deserve them.  Each and every one of you deserve ME’s and when you open to receive them without placing limitations upon them or boundaries around them then they will bring a renewed empowerment and acceptance of self.  You are the Mystic, create your own ME’s.  And so it is….


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