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There is an influx of energy that can be seen as though it is stirring the pot so to speak.  There is a lot of chaos amidst the structure upon the planet and this is due to polarity.  It is part of creation and yet the balance of polarity is to be brought to light.  We have a choice to align with negatively, inorganic, broadcasted energetics or to align with the positively, organic grounded energetics.


When we choose to consciously partake in our own evolutionary process, to commit to our spiritual and consciousness evolution, we will undergo, and experience, a multitude of shifts, exchanges, transfers, downloads, sensations and happenings that we may or may not be aware of.  In order to experience these shifts, happenings, feelings etc., we must be ready to do so and will only experience them when we are ready.



If we are not ready it would be like letting a 2 year old ride the motor bike instead of the three wheel trike.  Moving into the next octave of being will bring with it transfers/downloads etc. of some energetic resonance.  These frequency exchanges have an amplified effect upon the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


All exchanges/transfers can be received subtly without the one receiving it even being aware of it occurring.  Many will experience shifts this way, quietly, subtly and without impact at all.  This is the way of it and it is appropriate for them.  Some that are a little more tuned into the energetics at play may experience the energetic shifts, downloads, transfers etc., as sensations within, and without, the entire body complex.  As these shifts occur one may experience them as what is known as ascension symptoms.  These symptoms can range and vary depending upon where one is in regards to the alignment of self with greater self.


Some of these symptoms can present as:


  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Body aches
  • Dizziness/vertigo
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches/migraines and head pressure
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Sleeplessness
  • Feelings of deep sadness, loss, grieving
  • Skin rashes
  • Buzzing sensations throughout the body
  • Kundalini energy experiences
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of focus/commitment
  • Seeing/sensing/feeling energy, colours, shapes, patterns
  • Seeing/sensing/feeling multidimensional colours, energies, animals, beings



When we can experience these happenings, from that place of neutrality, as the truth of what they are and consciously let go and allow them without judgement, without attaching to the story/drama, then we are able to receive the energetics in the highest resonance fields.


Everyone will receive the new amplified energetics if we choose to and are open to do so.  How we receive them will depend upon our perspectives and our conceptualisation of what is happening.  Allowing, receiving and going with the flow is the most aligned option, knowing that it is important to be discerning of the energetics at play.



As we receive these energetic shifts, transfers etc. we may find that windows of opportunity open for us and the more openings we have the more flow will occur.  It is like a house with many windows that are closed.  All of a sudden the windows start opening of their own volition and the air/wind flows freely through them exchanging the hot stuffy air inside the inner dwellings with new fresh pristinely clean air.  This, in and of itself, lifts the soul.


We bring to your awareness the fine point, the nib, of the quill.  The ink flows freely from the quill nib; however it is necessary to keep the quill nib clean, sharp and precise.  It is also important to ensure the ink well remains clean and the lid replaced when it is not in use to ensure the ink does not dry out and become congealed.  When the quill nib is dipped into the ink the quill will hold the precise amount of ink to write with, the quill representing ancient wisdom from old.


It is important the ink well, metaphor for the body, is kept clear of excess toxins.  It is also just as crucial the emotional/mental bodies are cleansed of past trauma’s and imbalances as the ink in the ink well is about to undergo and change in its composition.  Depending upon where one is on their spiritual evolution will determine how the ink looks, what its consistency is and what coverage it has.  Instead of it coming out matt black in colour it may come out crystalline and multi-coloured, and maybe glistening with a shining metallic embossed effect.



In order to allow the ink to flow freely, without it congealing it is imperative we be creative with it.  Draw, Play, fiddle, doodle, paint and be artistic an imaginative.  The more we use it the more ink will be replenished in the ink well.  Be committed to ensuring the new ink, in the pristinely clean ink well, works with you and for you, creating whatever it is you wish to create.  The ink, as metaphor for creative medium, does not have to be limited to drawing, writing, painting etc.  It can be metaphor for the smooth voice that croons through the lips.  It can be metaphor for the musical instrument that is melodiously plucked.  It can be metaphor for the tools that can repair and restore all things old, not having to be limited to furniture.


The more we roll the pen nib over the paper, and again this is metaphor, the more flow and the more ink will be generated.  It will come from our never ending ink well.  Creative abundance is available to all and listening to our heart and choosing what it is we would like to creatively play with will ensure we experience richness in our lives.  It can be anything we choose.


Be sure to choose what resonates with our hearts’ desire and not with another’s hearts’ desire.   Be sure to listen to your heart and follow your dreams, not the dreams of another for you.  Trust in your heart.  Trust that your heart will guide you.  Your heart is your moral code compass and will allow you to sense, feel and know love again in ways you had either forgotten or never experienced before.  The love of self is heightened when we do this without judgement, without comparative competitiveness.


Where we are going with our spiritual evolution is not where anyone else will go.  Every path is unique.   Our journey is our journey.  It is not like others and it may or may not lead you to do the same as others.  It would be wise not to be hung up about thinking that I should or should not be doing this or that.  Trusting in what we get and allowing our creative ink to flow is most aligned for us all right now.


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