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There is a shift happening as you know, however the energy is ripe for much change.  When one has chosen a spiritual path one will be given new coordinates if you will.  These new coordinates can present as something to fear if one is not truly able to let go and trust.  These coordinates are new for indeed you have not felt the likes of the energy that has set the coordinates.  Everything is energy and the new codes, the new algorithms that present as this new energy are taking many out of their comfort zone.  What was once familiar territory feels like it is a maze that has never been worked out.

Imagine you have been skipping through a maze made of hedges in a beautiful garden location with ease and all of a sudden something has changed the pattern of the maze.  You begin to walk the already trodden path, enjoying the little flowers blooming in the hedges and all of a sudden you come across a thick hedge in front of you that was not there the other day.  This has thrown out your inner compass and you turn around with a baffled and confused look upon your face.  You retrace your steps knowing that you will have to begin again.

This is what is happening to a lot of people at the moment.  The already worn path, the already familiar path seems to have shifted beneath their feet and they feel lost and confused.  Many are feeling as though they are suspended, in limbo if you will.  This is across the board whether it is with work, with living arrangements, with relationships, with financial situations, with soul purpose alignments and even within the self.  The planet is undergoing a shift, a bifurcation if you will, shedding the false matrix.  This is much like a snake shedding its skin.


(Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin. As a snake grows, its skin becomes stretched. Unlike human skin, a snake’s skin doesn’t grow as the animal grows. Eventually, a snake’s skin reaches a point where further growth is not possible. –

New growth is required and this new growth can be in alignment with the false matrix or the higher vibratory organic crystalline matrix.  There is a choice and the choice you make will be in alignment with your soul’s choice to follow a path of service to others (what is termed positive polarisation) or service to self (negative polarisation).  This is not positive and negative in terms of good and bad, it is merely an energetic construct.  Positive polarisation, that is light charged with love, or negative polarisation,  that is light with little momentum of love.  It is a soul’s choice as to what path they choose to follow.

We would like to come back to that place of limbo we mentioned.  In some ancient texts limbo can represent a state or place in between the material world and the ethereal world. It is seen as a state or place of waiting for something to occur.  It can represent a place for the lost and forgotten material objects or a space of feeling lost or forgotten.  This place is where a lot of people are finding themselves at the moment and as new cosmic energies flood your plane of existence it creates this junction point.

(I was shown an image of where two rivers meet and the water appears as though it is two separate bodies of water that do not merge)

Rivers that meet

There is a confluence of energy occurring as the high vibratory cosmic energies meet with and merge with the lower vibrational frequencies of the earth’s sphere and matrix.  Just as in the images of the two bodies of water meeting, they appear separate bodies of water butting up against each other, however, under the surface there is a mixing, a melding taking place.  It is a gradual process.

Imagine if you will that you are a molecule of water in this merge point.  You are a molecule of water from the river that appears to have brown murky water, happily floating about in the familiar flow of the river when all of a sudden you come up against this push-pull energy where the clear blue water of the second river flows in.  You are caught in this push-pull energy and you feel as though you are neither in the murky water river or the clear water river.  You feel a little tossed about, as though you belong to neither body of water.  You have the choice to back pedal and remain with the other murky water molecules or you have the choice to merge with the crystal clear water molecules.  For some reason you intuitively know that if you choose to merge with the crystal clear water molecules then you will take on the physiognomies of the clear water.  You are also aware that this is a process of metamorphosis.  The catalyst, (your intent),  for this metamorphosis is your choice to stay in the murky river or to meld and merge with the crystal clear water and surrender to the ebb and flow of this new river.

You may be finding yourself in this place of limbo and all is well with this if you are willing to let go, surrender to it and float along with the ebb and flow of the higher light frequencies.


However we say to you that if you find yourself in this place of limbo in an agitated, frustrated, confused, fearful state then this will influence the process and the outcome.  The catalyst is the intent, however, if the intent is murky or clouded then the reaction will be different.  Just as in chemistry, the chemical reaction will be different depending on the catalyst used.  The reaction will have an effect upon the process of the metamorphosis.  It could be a process of ease and grace or a process of turmoil and discombobulating sequences.  It is important to be aware of your reactions throughout this period of time if you choose an easeful process.

These are exciting times we are experiencing and although it may seem as though you are being tossed about in the eddies of the confluence of the rivers there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.  Set you intentions upon an easeful transition, a graceful metamorphosis.  See the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to butterfly, of the human physical vehicle, to the much lighter and brighter lightbody vehicle.  This is not to say that you will turn into a ball of light and disappear from the planet.  This is to say that you will be able to walk upon the planet as though you are so light your toes barely touch the earth, as though you are gliding and not walking.  This is metaphor to represent the body vehicles that have chosen to do the work and to unburden, to release, the limiting heavy belief structures, that have opened to receive love, that have assimilated and anchored in more of these high vibratory cosmic light frequencies.

Do not think that you are alone with this.  If you require assistance then seek those that you resonate with and they may help with this transition period for you.  You also have assistance and support from your higher guidance matrix, your higher self, or true self.  Trust that you are supported and loved.  All is well.  And so it is…

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