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There is an attribute of higher frequencial understanding that brings one into alignment with one’s own higher self.  This attribute can be determined as the trigger, if you like, that sets in motion the actualisation of expansion into the self.  When this trigger is activated one begins to see things differently and one begins to want to know more.  It may be that they are not quite sure of what it is exactly that they would like to know more of, however, they begin to question, they begin to ask, they begin to search.  And we say to you that what they search for is the greater expression of the self.  It is their own Divine light that they seek, however, due to the education one has received over aeons of time they believe they seek for something outside of themselves.

The light of your truth, the true essence of your being, your Over Soul Self is the grandest expression of Divine light and love and this is what you seek.  This Grandest expression of divine light and love is the same light and love of the One, of the Supreme Creator of All that is and even though you believe that the Creator, Source or God is outside of the self you will eventually come to a point of realisation that you are indeed one and the same.  This realisation may take many years and it is not to be looked upon as an arduous task.  It is a wonderful journey of opportunities, depending upon how one looks at it.  It is a wonderful opportunity to understand the self, to grow into the divinity that you are.  You see most of humanity believes that you are upon the Earth as a human being having a spiritual experience when in fact it is the other way around.  You are divine spiritual beings of love and light having an Earthly humanoid experience and in your choice to do so you are experiencing, expanding and understanding the many facets of the self.

It is that which you seek, the many facets of the self.  As you walk upon the Earth in your Earthly physical forms you are having other experiences elsewhere.  Some of you may be having many Earthly experiences at the same time, some of you may be experiencing life upon another planet within another solar system and you are also experiencing an expression of the self as light, in light body, not having a physical form at all.  In fact there are many levels, many expressions of the self that one may be having at the same time you are having this incarnation upon Earth.  You are much more than you ever believed yourself to be.  You are much grander than what you have been educated to believe.

We ask that in this month of March you take a moment to allow these words to process and be open to that which we have said.  The month Of March is in fact a month of activation, it is a month of actualisation of the many manifestations you have created.  March is a month that brings with it the energies of the Equinox and within those energies are creator streams of stellar light codes, of cosmic rays that will enhance that which you are willing to know.  It will also enhance the negativity of that which one chooses to reside in so we ask that you be mindful of your thought patterns, of your actions, as this month will manifest, or begin the manifestation energies of that which is foremost in your focus.

WE ask that you begin to understand that within these light packets, these light streams, these light blasts, that you receive from the cosmos are encoded geometries that act as keys to unlock the encoded sacred geometries that sit within your energy fields, or your energy aura.  These encoded light geometries, when activated, will bring much change and this change can be perceived as something other than it is.  There will be much clearing of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies and when this occurs one can assume that one is sick, or that one is lethargic or that one is miserable.  We ask that you understand that when this clearing takes place it is merely to allow more of the refined higher light frequencies to into your humanoid form on all levels.  There must be room created to allow for these new frequencies and so it is out with the old and in with the new so to speak.

Listen to the body and if one is in need of rest then we urge you to rest.  If one is in need of solitude then take the time out to be with you.  Whilst you are with you breathe deeply and ask what it is you would like you to know.  Take a moment to allow more of you to re-merge and re-blend with the you that is in your current incarnation.  It is the multidimensional you that is waiting patiently to re-merge and re-blend the various facets that are residing elsewhere.  When you are able to open to this, to allow this and to receive this one will be amazed at the difference one will feel.  The density that has made you walk around in as though you are wearing boots of brick begin to feel much lighter.  The more outmoded energies that one is able to allow transmute one will feel lighter and more open to receive more, to receive more light, to receive more of you.

You seek the greater expression of the self, dear ones.  It is not someone or something outside of the self that you seek.  They are no grander than you, in fact you are all one so therefore they are an expression of the one light, and expression of the Light of The One.  When you finally have that penny drop and you come into the full understanding and comprehension of this you will be amazed at the changes you will experience.  These changes are waiting to be manifested and the grandest version of you is over lighting all that you do.  The Light of your true essence is waiting patiently and when you turn to you and say “Ok, I am ready now to express more of me” you will immediately feel much lighter, you will begin to see change and feel change within and without.

These are very exciting times and we are here with you assisting you all the way if you so choose to have our assistance.  We wait patiently as your guides and teachers, your guardian angels or whatever other name or label you have given us.  However, we say to you there is no greater guide for you than YOU.  Open your arms to receive the grandest version of the Greater You and you will be doing exactly what you came here to do.

Feel the love we have for you.  Feel the love that you have for you.  Take this love and allow it to fill your heart space and in doing so it may nudge out the old outmoded energies that lie there allowing for more of this love to fill the crevices.  Feel this love expand within the heart space, feel it expand from the heart space through every cell in the body, through every cellular memory, through every atom and atomic particle, through your DNA and RNA, through every system, every organ, through every aspect of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.  And when you can do this you will be amazed at the change in you.  You can do this as often as you like.  It is not that you need to do it at certain times or in any certain way.  Listen to you guiding you and you will know when, how and how often to do this.

Then grandest version of you, the Divine you is waiting to open the communication channels with you.  Stop for a moment, breath, feel and listen to the stillness of you.  We offer you our loving embrace and shower you with Grace.

And so it is…..


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