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We welcome you this night. You who are the forerunners for the new Earth are doing your jobs beautifully.  Many of you have been busy with many preparations for the higher levels of light.  Many have been busy on themselves.  Many have realised their creativity has been unleashed and are busy in that field.  Regardless of what it is you are doing, or what it is you are not doing, the level of light has certainly overtaken the level of darkness that was upon the Earth for so many of her years.  All of you are to be congratulated for your efforts.  More and more of you are opening your heart centres and allowing your true essences to shine forth.  It is advisable to remain balanced and to integrate the new energies of your true authentic selves.  This will allow more of the refined light to enter.  Not only will it enter it will then fix itself to you, where as in the past it may have stayed for fleeting moments and be gone again.  Know that it is here to stay now and that you may use this new level of light in the most constructive, loving ways for all upon the planet and for the planet herself.

Many will find themselves in situations where an opportunity presents itself. These opportunities are endorsed by your own higher self.  You have chosen for these doorways of opportunities to be presented so you can walk through them.  You have the choice to walk through them or to remain on this side of the door.  It must be a choice you make and it must be for the highest and best reason.  Should a doorway of opportunity present itself to you, ask yourself, “Am I willing to walk through this doorway, knowing that what lies beyond is for my highest and best”?  If this is easy to answer and you venture forth then you are to be congratulated for you have reached a high level of understanding with, and of, the self.

If you hesitate and choose not to walk through, that is fine also. You are not judged for your choice.  We have mentioned before about these opportunities that will present themselves.  We reiterate how important it is for you to realise that they have been prepared for you by you.  Know that you are doing what you do best, connecting with the higher aspects of the self.

Go within dear ones and feel the love that is centred there. As your sacred heart opens the love expands and expands.  This love is all encompassing.  This love is all there is.  Expand this love out from your heart centre.  Expand it out to beyond your body, to the walls of the room you are in, to the outer suburbs of your city or town, to the eastern, western northern and southern shores of your country.  Expand out further to encompass the entire world, the Milky Way, the planets and universes.  Feel yourself floating in the love of the Omniverse.  You are one with all that is.  Feel this.  Know this.  Bask in the sublime glory of this for this is who you.

When you are ready, return to your heart space, centre and ground yourself. This expansion exercise can be done many times over and the more you do it the more you will feel the oneness of all that is.  Your connection to the oneness will feel stronger.  It has always been there and can never be broken regardless of your feelings of being separated.  You are never separate, never were, never will be.  You are all of this one Source and you are all connected.  You are all a unified field of the Creators Divinity.  What a gift?

Minds, bodies and emotions are experiencing many ups and downs. It is a rollercoaster ride for many of you.  Ride the highs and lows and realise that this ride will eventual stop.  Until that is you board the next ride.  You all chose to be here in this ascension phase of Earths evolution.  You all put up your hands to be here.  It has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey has it not?  You have all achieved so much and for that you should be proud.

It is now very important for you all to realise that the ability to create and manifest in the new world is far greater and easier. It is very important to monitor your thoughts as that which you focus upon will be brought to you.  It is as if you magnetise to you with much greater strength that which you focus upon.  Be mindful of this and keep monitoring you thought processes so that they remain balanced and of Love and light.  It is much easier now for all of you to create that which you desire in your lives.

What is it that you desire? Where is it that you desire to live?  Who is it you desire to spend your time with?  What is it you desire to do with your time?  Ponder these questions dear ones for you are able to bring into manifestation your desires.  Spend time each day going within and focusing on your desires.  If these desires are in alignment with your higher self and are for the highest and best for all then you will be amazed at how quickly they become a part of your life.  It is exciting, is it not?  You are all able to bring your desires to you.  Begin this process now and learn how easy it is.  Share with others how easy it is and they too will begin the process.

Dear ones you have been working very hard on bringing this ascension into alignment. Many, many life experiences you have had along the way.  You are able to reach into these life experiences and retrieve any of the gifts, tools, abilities that you had.  They are all sitting there waiting for you to retrieve them.  You may have been a singer in a previous life experience and so it is you choose to sing in this life experience.  If you have a desire to sing then there is already a potential for this.  It is your desire and intent that will reconnect with these gifts, abilities and tools.  Whatever it is you desire you are able to manifest.  It is that easy.

How wonderful it will be for all of you when you are able to be in alignment with what makes your heart sing. How much more at peace will you all be?  We are here with you to offer our help and support and do so with much love.  Of course you already know that we are unable to assist you unless you give permission for this to be so.  It makes our hearts sing when we are asked and called upon.  It is our desire to be of assistance to you, to help you, to guide you.  Ask and you shall receive.



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