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Awakened awareness, knowledge and wisdom are available for all. Those that seek to expand their consciousness, their conscious awareness, will find that as they move into higher understandings and higher light frequencies they are then equipped to assist others. It is also important to understand that with higher conscious awareness, enlightened consciousness, comes great responsibility. One of course has free choice as to how one can use the newly integrated knowledge and wisdom, however, one will find that should one use it out of alignment with love then one will be putting themselves in a position that creates a backward slide if you will. There is no forward or backward, past or future, there is only now so it is difficult to put into linear terms what it is we mean.

We shall again use the snakes and ladders game to give a metaphoric representation. As one plays the snakes and ladders game they are able to move up the ladder rapidly increasing their position on the board, bringing them much closer to the final position on the board and at a much faster pace. However, if one lands on a snake they then slide down in position to a lower level further from the final position on the board. It is that you do not actually slide down the snake but rather you stay there on the top of the snakes head unable to move until you can align with love. It is like that with consciousness, awareness, great gifts etc. If you choose to use them out of alignment with love then you will find yourself stuck in an energy that is not conducive to progression. You will only become unstuck when you choose to turn to love, to the light.

Dear ones it is important to realise that the only person that can make these choices is you. The only person responsible for the choices you make is you. You must choose love and light over darkness, fears and doubts if you choose to progress to the final position upon the board. There truly is no destination per say, or shall we say no end to the game. It is just that in your current incarnation upon earth you may finally reach the final position on the board, which represents your achievement of all you came here to do and then it is as if you have mastered what you came for and choose to move on, taking up once again, your mantle in the heavens, so to speak, in preparation for your next incarnation. Again the choice is yours. Of course you may get to a place of enlightenment where you choose not to come back to the earth plane but rather commence your work within the galactic realms. There is so much available to you all and all that is required of you to move up your ladders is the intent to do so.

Those that choose to reach higher levels of expansion, or shall we say more expanded awareness as higher denotes above, have the opportunity to do so now. The frequencies upon the earth are of a certain level that is enabling the shift into crystalline consciousness. The crystalline grids of the planet have indeed been activated and all upon the earth are realigning with and re-adjusting to them. With this new alignment, or shall we say crystalline enhanced alignment, the DNA is being enhanced, quickened or bio-chemically shifted into activated 12 strand. More expanded awareness is being felt and experienced. Much like the walls or the membranes that have kept you feeling separate from the self and separate from Source, are now being dissipated. There are blurred lines happening and many are not privy to what it is that is happening or why they are experiencing out of the ordinary phenomena.

For those of you that are more consciously aware and have a greater understanding of what this shift is doing not only to the physical body but also to the emotional, mental and etheric bodies, we ask that you offer a hand to those in need. Help them to have a greater understanding of that which is happening within their sphere of life.   Assist them by offering tools that have assisted you. Nurture them, and hold them, offering support through this enlightened activation stage.

There is to come more energy influxes that will create much upheaval for some. These energy surges, these gateways and portals will be most noticed in the time around your July full moon, the 8-8 gateway which is the 8th August and also of the blood full moon in September and the Autumn/Spring equinox. Around these times energies will become quite intensified and if you have the opportunity to assist others in understanding that these energies will indeed create opportunities for them to shift, change or clear out that which they no longer choose to hold onto then we ask that you be as kindly and supportive as possible.

We are all one, we are all one people and when you come to an understanding of this you will see that by helping others you are in fact helping yourself and helping all. It is like the pebble in the pond where the ripples spread far and wide. Your kindness, your compassion, your love will spread. It is a light so bright others will see this, be attracted to this and they will choose to have more of what you have, more light and more love. There is an infinite supply of love and light available to you from the Creator of All That Is. You are a piece and part of this Divine love and light and you are able to shine so brightly if so choose to. With your love and light you are able to create the most wonderful experiences and wonderful situations. You are able to shed light and love upon others to help them see clearly.

We are with you combining our love and light with yours, as we also bring through the Divine love and light of the Creator. Can you imagine how brightly your whole planet would shine if we, as a people, could offer and share more love, more light, more kindness, more compassion? What a spectacle you would be when viewed from the heavens. Your galactic families will be witness to this and will rejoice in seeing the change you have manifested upon the earth, within the earth and within the self.

There is much on offer to you in the way of energy. Choose what it is you wish to take on board, choose how much of it you would like to integrate. There is no right or wrong. There is only truth, your truth, as to how aware and how light you choose to be. You are fully supported regardless of your choices and we will always shower you with light and love. It is up to you to open your hearts to receive this light and this love. It is also up to you to allow this love and light to be integrated and to allow the changes within to occur.

We offer much love and light to you all as we hold you in our embrace and shower you with Grace.    And so it is….


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