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As I was welcomed into the energy of this communication today I was shown a beautiful staircase. It was made apparent to me that the following visualisation could be used as a meditation.  As you read these words imagine the images as you are reading and allow yourself to be taken into the images.  There is no right or wrong to how you do this for it will be a unique process.  Take the time to assess what comes up when you find yourself stuck upon a step.  This can present as a wonderful opportunity for balance and integration.  Enjoy the process and sit within the energy when you have finished.

We shall call this visualisation “The stairway to heaven”.

12313443433_89c0c754ff_zThere is a staircase leading up through the clouds. Although you are unable to see the end of the staircase as it is shielded by the clouds know you are to step upon the staircase and ascend.  You have no hesitation doing so and you begin the ascent with ease.  It is not long before you come to certain steps and find that you are stuck there.  Something within guides you to acknowledge what you sense.  By clearing, balancing and integrating that which is presented to you upon these stairs you are able to begin your ascent again.

Some of these stairs will be easily navigated and others will seem to keep you held there until balance is restored. When you get to the cloud cover you realise that the cloud cover is merely a screen of sorts.  Within the cloud cover is a portal to another dimension and when you reach the threshold of this you find that the step you are standing on becomes a little shaky.  It is vibrating and causing you to concentrate more so you do not fall off the staircase.  When you become accustomed to the vibrational frequency of that step you realise you can continue up the staircase.

You find that you can now move more freely up the stairs, however, when you are stopped at a step due to an imbalance you find that you must dig deeper to return to balance. As you move on up the stairs and balance and integrate that which is presented, you appreciate that you feel lighter and lighter.  You see yourself as a human being ascending upon a stairway to heaven, so to speak.  However as you get higher and higher, and balance and integrate, your human edges seem to oscillate causing you to appear blurry and shimmery.

The atomic particles within you vibrate and oscillate at such a rate that your human form is becoming more formless and filled with light. You are now like a plasma mass of light energy.  Through conscious intent you are able to create the form you wish to be.  Your consciousness aligns with this higher, lighter, near formless you and you realise that you begin to see things from a vaster, more expansive perspective.

You are now a plasma mass of energy floating in space and when you look upward in the direction of the staircase and realise that there are no longer any steps for you to ascend upon. Around you there are many other variations of plasma energy and you realise that these too are spiritual beings just like you are.  They are family, your soul family, and welcome you into their embrace.  When you feel their embrace you do not feel separate, you feel united.  You recognise this feeling as unity consciousness, as a unified field of light.  You realise that you are all one.

If you are using this as a visualisation it is recommended to descend down the staircase and feel connected to the ground beneath your feet. Take a deep breath and release it slowly knowing that you are firmly grounded and present.

As you ascend the staircase to heaven your light quotient will modify. You are being re-encrypted so to speak.  You have come to Earth in the current incarnation with a specific blueprint.  This blueprint we speak of is both the physical anatomy/biology/DNA blueprint; and also the divine blueprint of your chosen mission or pathway.  This can alter depending upon where one’s energy is at and through the gift of free will.

Each of you have incarnated with specific instruction sets (blueprints), in alignment with your birth astrology and ray/rays or light that will best suit what you have chosen to do/achieve.

Rays of light 3

Let us say for the moment that prior to incarnation you have chosen to expand your conscious awareness and understanding of compassion.  In order to achieve the greatest experience for rapid expansion you have chosen to become a teacher for disability children.  This feels right for you and yet you are unsure why.  It feels right because it is encoded in your blueprint.

And so you follow your heart and attend the necessary courses to become a teacher. However, somewhere within the first years of study you realise that this is not feeling right for you anymore.  This is not because you are going against your blueprint it just doesn’t feel right for you at the moment.  You sense this as being appropriate for you and so you choose to alter your study course to best suit what now feels right for you.  You realise that you may indeed return to teaching disability children, however, for the moment you continue along another path.  For the purpose of this metphor we shall use journalism as the intended course.

Although it was written in your blueprint to be a teacher you have strayed, shall we say, and graduated as a journalist. Years of journalism takes you across the globe visiting many different countries and many different communities.  It is not until you attend a particular community that has quite a few children that have been affected by war zones and are now disabled that you get a tugging feeling within your heart.  Whilst covering this story your heart sings a new tune and you feel the pull to become, once again, a teacher.  You deny this feeling and continue as a journalist only to realise over the years you are placed in synchronistic situations that make you realise your heart yearns to be a teacher.

Of course you have free will and if you choose to continue along the path of journalism that is appropriate for you. If you recognise that becoming a teacher is what your heart desires and choose that pathway then that too is appropriate for you.  There is no right or wrong and there is no judgement.  Your soul has guided you to many opportunities and synchronicities that allow you to make a conscious choice.  Your choice is in alignment with free will.  Although your divine purpose and missions blueprint was encoded with the keys, codes and triggers that support the chosen experience of becoming a teacher you are able to re-encrypt your blueprint to suit your allied career path.

This is but one example, one model, which supports re-encodement/re-encryption. We bring your attention to the re-encryption of the DNA blueprint that is taking place within many across the planet.  Your DNA is conscious and it is expanding to create new experiences in the ascension process that is occurring within Gaia and humanity.  Through your conscious choice you are able to make an informed choice as to what level of expansion you wish to attain.  You may have chosen before incarnating that you are going to re-encrypt your DNA to access the higher spiritual dimensions.  However, the physical, external experiences you are having are so enjoyable that you choose to remain within the lower dimensional planes.  We speak of dimensions as levels of consciousness within the time/space dimensional planes within this local universe.  Whatever your choice it is appropriate for you.  Your blueprint is not set in stone and you do not have to ascend or expand if you choose not to.

Your soul will present to you opportunities to expand your consciousness and this allows you to make a choice. Choosing to incarnate and experience within polarity, in alignment with free will, permits you to make choices regardless of what the choice is.  Your heart, your soul, will guide you to make the choices that are oriented around your blueprint.  Again we say to you that the choice is yours.  There is no judgement.  There is only love and support.

In this year of 2017 there has been an increased influx of cosmic energies that apportion new light encodements which you are able to access, accept, assimilate and integrate. Your bodies/DNA are able to hold much more light and through your choice you are able to anchor that light, and the higher light of your soul self, into your physical form and ground it down into the crystalline heart of Gaia.  You are bringing heaven to Earth.

This is the process of ascension and it is because of this process many of you are having rapid expansion. In order to be able to tolerate the changes that are occurring within, and without, you are recommended to address all limiting beliefs and structures, and archetypal programming.  This can be difficult for some and it would be recommended to seek help from those that are able to assist.  Not carrying the emotional, mental and physical baggage will enlighten you.  The lighter you are within creates a matching frequency to the higher light of your divine self enabling transition to be easeful.

Your higher self/soul self/divine self will guide you if you allow. Make the choice to enhance your communication with that higher light aspect of self and you will find the most wonderful synchronicities occurring in and around you.  The more you recognise these synchronicities the more in alignment with the higher, lighter self you will be.  You have the gift of free will and it is your choice as to how connected with your higher aspect of self you will be.  There is no judgement, only love, support and acceptance.

You are always loved, supported and accepted. Your choices are just that, your choices.  Our support will always be there however through your intent we can become far more involved in your life experiences.  When we (your guidance team) are given permission to do so we can present more synchronous events for you, we can alert you to trigger experiences, we can telepathically communicate with you.  We hold you in our loving embrace and endow you with Grace.  And so it is…

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