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World events are taking a turn and there will be much upheaval in these coming months. The upheaval will disclose much of what has been intentionally hidden from all of humanity.  When disclosure of certain things happens the world will be in a little disarray.  Many will feel as though their seeming structures have crumbled beneath them.  We ask that those that are in the know assist those that will have moments of disbelief, despair, disenchantment and all sense of self being stripped away.  The ones that are here to assist others, the mapmakers or wayshowers, will be presented with many opportunities to assist.  We ask that you no longer hide yourselves, rather step out from the shadows you have kept yourself in and share your truth and knowledge with others.

Energetically you may be feeling a little discombobulated within.  It is as if your many balanced emotions have suddenly become toppled one way or another and you have needed to rebalance.  Why is it you wonder that you have to keep rebalancing?  You wonder why what you have cleared seems to resurface all the time.  We say to you that the more of the effulgent cosmic light frequencies that are infused into your beings are bringing to the surface imbalance.  You may feel that it is the same imbalance over and over however it is different octaves of frequency of imbalance.  We suggest that you acknowledge the imbalance and choose to balance it.  Giving intent for the balance will allow the higher aspect of self, the lightbody self, to restore balance.

When you are able to completely surrender the physical, emotional, mental and etheric self to the lightbody self, to the higher soul self, then giving intent for balance to be restored will be so. It can be no other way for as you move into the higher planes of the 5th dimensional self balance can be immediate if the heart is pure and you are open to receive the self.

Divine feminine is singing her song to you. She lovingly opens her arms to receive you and although she is aware that balance is required she is still waiting for you to have a closer, more personal connection with her.  For so long you have quelled you creativity.  For so long has the divine beauty within been crushed and repressed.  Express now dear ones the divine qualities of inner beauty, of inner strength and courage, compassion, creative expression, love, nurturance grace and joy etc.  Walk tall in the inner beauty that you are.  Pull your shoulders back, lift your head and breathe in your inner light, your inner beauty.  Allow this inner light to lead your way.  Express through balance.  Divine feminine and divine masculine within are awaiting the balance that is required to allow you to wear your light body of Christed plasma light frequencies.

This is available for all who choose for it to be so. Do not fear this.  If fears present themselves to you then go deep within and ask what the fear is.  Give the intent for this fear to be balanced, to be transformed and it will be so.  All that you are wishes to align with you and to express through you.  You are all feeling this pull.  You are pulling yourself closer to you and you are being pulled closer to you.  This feeling that you have is getting stronger and stronger and although you may deny it you will not be able to fully turn your back on it.  It is time to accept your truth and your love for you, for self.

Walk this rainbow bridge. The rainbow bridge is the connection of you with higher you.  This rainbow bridge is the crystalline structure of your consciousness expanding into self.  It is the symbolic representation of the awareness of and into the Christed consciousness expansion.  This is merely an extension of the Creator of All that is within you.  There are many extensive expressions of self and although you may feel that you are the only you we say that you are so much more.  You are, as we have said many times, multidimensional.  You have had many expressions of the Creative self upon this Earthly plane and many in other dimensions and fractals of space/time, no space, no time.  We bring to your attention that indeed there are some that are experiencing their first expression upon the earthly plane whether that is by choice to experience the lower third dimensional frequencies, or by choice to be here from higher dimensions to assist in the ascension process of Gaia and all humanity.  It matters not how many life expressions you have had upon the Earth, it matters only that you lovingly put your hand up to be here in this current expression to assist in ascension.

And for that we thank you brave ones for it has been a difficult task for you to feel so separated from self. More and more of you are feeling that pull back to self.  This is becoming stronger and stronger and it is unavoidable.  You have permission to accept the highest amount of your own divine love and light that you are able to carry within and upon you as you walk the Earth.  The more divine love and light you hold and anchor into the Earth the more light Gaia receives and this assists her in her planetary ascension into a divine star being.  She is here to ascend also and to become a solar star, a celestial body of light and all of you chose to aid her light body emanation.

Under the watchful eye of your heavenly brothers and sisters, whether these are angelic family or galactic family, you are being assisted and guided. There is a unity consciousness and you are all a part of it for the unity consciousness is the cosmic mind.  All of you are able to connect with cosmic mind and when you do you will never feel alone again.  How can you feel alone for we/you are all one?  There is no separation to consciousness.  There are different vibrations within the one consciousness however there are no gaps between these varying octaves of vibrational frequency.

Open to receive communication with these higher cosmic emanations, with the celestial beings. Open your heart to beat with the truth of your own cosmic expression.  Open your eyes to see your truth.  Open your ears to hear your truth.  Allow your words to speak their truth. This is important for all of you now and the more you give permission and intend for it to be so it will indeed be so.

We have so much love for you and we offer you our loving arms for support. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to receive this.  Allow the light of your truth to shine brightly for all to see.  Do not fear this dear ones.  We know this can be one of the greatest fears held within many that walk the Earthly plane.  We say to you that it is time now to let go of that fear.  Transmute it and walk with your own inner light guiding you every step of the way.

In love, light and grace we hold you in our embrace.


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