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Upon the planet there are many alignments taking place.  These alignments are within the very surface of the Earth.  The planet is cleansing, it is bringing to the surface much of the collective energies of discordance and imbalance.  The tectonic plates are shifting and the sub-strata is coming into alignment with the crystalline energies.  There is much on the internet that can describe these alignments with the crystalline energies, however, we bring this into your awareness so you are aware that not only is the planet shifting but your biology is also shifting.

The human template is moving into alignment with these crystalline frequencies and this is causing circuitry lapses and energetic changes.  It is as if a current of electricity is coursing through your body that tingles and lights up the neuro-fibres of your being.  It is as if one is coming on-line so to speak and we give you the metaphor of the fibre optic lamp that illuminates the nylon fibres and electrifies the tips giving the appearance that there are many tiny lights swaying and flowing in alignment with the air currents.  To look at these lamps is to experience a beautiful display of light filaments bringing much pleasure to the senses.  It is as if you are in fact the fibre optic lamp and the necessary filaments within are being fired up to align with these new higher fifth dimensional crystalline frequencies.

One can use the metaphor images to enhance one’s own transformation into these frequency shifts.  Imagine that the fibre optic lamp is within you and with arms outstretched breath in the divine light and love of the Creator to fire up and activate the electrical impulses that illuminate the fibres.  Feel these fibres within your being come to life.  Feel the tingles and allow these tingles to spread throughout the entire body vehicle.  Feel these tingles in your head, in your scalp, and feel them flow down your neck and your back.  Feel them flow through your arms to your fingertips, tingling and tickling them.  They flow freely down your chest, your torso, hips, legs and feet.  Feel them flow out of the souls of your fee and the ends of your toes down into the crystal heart of Mother Gaia.  Feel the connection of the crystalline heart of Mother Earth and your own crystalline heart.  Feel the warmth, the love, the vibration, the compassion, the nurturance enveloping you like loving arms.  Breathe in deeply and allow yourself to be still in this loving embrace.  Feel the Grace of Divine Mother wash over you as she envelopes you in her loving arms.  Open your heart to receive this love wash.  Allow it to wash away your cares and worries and with a big breath give gratitude for this gift of Grace.  Take your time as you bring yourself back to yourself.   Notice the energetic lightness you feel.  Be the balance and the stillness you feel and you will notice within your days that you are more at peace, more loving and more understanding.

We share this with you this day as there are many that are feeling the pressures that present themselves in your daily lives.  These pressures are many and it may be work related, finance related, emotions related, emotional neglect related, stress related etc.  There are many varied forms of worries and cares, stresses and concerns.  We wish to alleviate some of these for you and bring you into alignment with the truth of your being.  There is a trend occurring within certain circles of your internet sites and social media sights and that is the offering of this service or that service for a considerable amount of money.  This is not only in the spiritual network but also in the business sector.  We ask you all to be discerning of that which you read and that which you exchange considerable amounts of money for.  Dear ones, be vigilant in your filtering of all that you read and all that is offered.

There is no greater guide for you than your own being, your own Higher Self, your own Divine I Am presence.  You are the perfect guide, teacher or guru for you and we ask that you begin to search within so that you can let go of all disbelief of this.  Yes there are many master, many ascended masters that can provide very enlightening information and guidance.  We do not say not to listen to them and not to follow these teachings, we ask only that you connect with your truth to ensure it is right for you.  What is right for you may not be right for another and vice versa.  Connect with your truth daily and make every decision come from your truth, your inner knowing, and with your sacred heart centre.  Feel the tingles of your truth within.

Every day you connect with your sacred heart brings your closer and closer to you.  It is not that you are separate from you, it is bringing you closer to the knowledge and wisdom of you and the understanding and awareness of your grandness and divinity.  We are here to assist you in your acknowledgement and awareness of the Divine God or Goddess that you are and of the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine being that you are.  It gives us great pleasure to see one connect more deeply with one’s self.  It fills our heart with much love and we offer this love to you.  It is reciprocal and never ending.  We place no conditions on the love we have for you and we place no expectations on what you should or should not be doing.

Thank you all, for the allowing us to share this message with you this night.  It has sparked within us a feeling of warmth and gratitude.  Much love to you all.  In love, light and Grace, we hold you in our embrace.  And so it is.


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