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What appears to be real is merely a holographic overlay that offers an illusion so you can experience within the polarised electromagnetic energetic timeline/s upon Earth. There are multiple realities and multiple potential timelines.  The timeline upon your Earth has been polarised third/fourth dimensional frequency moving into fifth/sixth and beyond.  Do not get hung up on dimensions, what number you are at or striving for.  It matters not what dimension you are at (in truth there is only one dimension) it matters that you feel the resonance of the vibrational frequencies you are matched with.  You will attract to you experiences that pertain to the energetic match of that which you put out into the aethers.  This is the universal law of attraction.  Energetic frequency matches energetic frequency.  It is important to be aware of this in all thoughts, actions, and deeds and to remind yourself that when you sit within the energetic compilation of love you will draw to yourself more love.

The electromagnetic field, grid, web or matrix that is interwoven within the fabric of space/time of Earth has been tampered with so to speak. There is a control agenda that has infiltrated the souls upon the Earth for many of your aeons of time.  This ‘control over others’ agenda is beginning to collapse, mainly due to the fact that many souls are beginning to feel their truth and stand in the light of their own divine power and true essence self.  When you realise you are powerful and can be freed from the self-imposed limitations that keep you bound in the victim/saviour role or archetype you will be able to rise above the lower echelons of subconscious and conscious control.  There are many tendrils of energy that are not in alignment with love and they twist and coil their way through the aethers.  If you are not aware of the power of the light of your truth, and choose to stand firmly within your light, then these tendrils can lock on to you creating a perceived spiralling downward effect.  This spiralling downward effect can take on the guise of depression, despair, self-loathing, and addictions, self-harm, feelings of being helpless and lost and many more lower vibrational feelings.

By choosing to align with the light of your truth you are able to receive the guidance from your higher aspect of self, your multidimensional self. Allowing this guidance, heeding this guidance and trusting in this guidance will lift you from any tendrils of darkness.  You are your greatest guide and teacher and you can shine a light, your own light, upon which path to take which will lead you to have a more profound, loving relationship with self.  You will create golden spirals of light that take you upward and outward instead of the perceived sense of downward.  Create your own golden spirals through the light of your truth.

There is a lot of emphasis on the energies that you are feeling that come from the refined cosmic radiations. These come in the form of gateways or portals of opportunity and you have just gone through a series of very intense energetic portals.  These include the 999 triple star gate of 9th Sept., 2016, 11:11 star gate of 11th Nov., 2016 not to mention the super moon of 14th Nov., 2016.  There are more to come, one of which is the equinox around your 21st Dec., 2016.  Although these have an impact upon the psyche to a certain extent they provide opportunities to align with self and to release that which no longer resonates with the new you.  Giving the intent for this release and alignment on a conscious level creates the energetic pull of the universal law of attraction and manifestation will come to fruition more potently.  Whilst this emphasis is there in regards to these special markers of energetic resonance, and again we say to you not to get hung up on these, just allow yourself to flow without striving.  Yes give intent however, try not to control the outcome of what you feel or should be feeling.  Just allow your highest guide, which is you, to provide the pathways most suitable to your spiritual pathway of evolution.  You may want more and you may want to feel and experience more; however we say to you that you will receive what is most appropriate for you and in the most divine moment.  It may not be all about you, you may have to be aligned with other energetic matches before being able to see the manifestations come to fruition.  Trust in your own guidance and trust in your process.

Be open to receive. Be open to share.  Be open to love and be loved for in truth that is all there is – love.  We have so much love for you and to share with you.  We embrace you and grace you in love.  And so it is…


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